Monday, November 12, 2012

One Girl From "Pork & Beans Community In MIA/Same Interview: "People Around The World Should Blame American Politicians For Bombing Them" - People In My Community Lined Up Around The Block To Vote For Obama

As I was watching "The First 48 Hours" I learned about "The Pork & Beans Community" in Miami's "Liberty City". Of course I have heard about "Liberty City". I had never heard of the "Pork & Beans Community". I did a search on "The Pork & Beans Community" and came across several news articles about the conditions within and several YouTube videos. THIS POST IS NOT AN ATTACK ON PRESIDENT OBAMA. I told you before - it is best that you look beyond the stage and into the CONGREGATION if you want to understand the forces that bear down upon the Black community and the contradictions that imperil us.

Apparently a foreign film crew came into "The Pork &  Beans Community" to do an interview with the girls, attempting to get their perspective on life.

The same community that the residents say is not safe also seeks to "Vote For Their Salvation".

Figure out WHO are the 'preachers' that are selling them upon this "Social Justice Dream" - while abdicating the focus upon the need to develop a framework for community governance - beyond a community center - and you understand the basis of the dysfunction of communities like the "Pork & Beans Community" in Miami, "The Pittsburgh Community" in Atlanta and "The Hill District Community" in Pittsburgh - just to name a few.

From these women will be born BOTH -  the perpetuation of the status quo AND the future uplifted "Pork & Beans Community" that is built up upon a reformed consciousness and cultural foundation.

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