Friday, November 09, 2012

OFFENSE Over Pat Buchanan's "Racist" Predictions About America's Future Are SUPERIOR To The Focus Upon The ORGANIC COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT Necessary To Prove Him Wrong

UPDATE - It Appeares That I Got "BLAX NEWS'ed" by a satirical web site.

 Even though the comments in the faux article were modeld after views the author believes that Pat Buchanan has - I know that the RESPONSES to the article are in line with the views that many people who's own views are a FUNCTION what what the Right Wing thinks.

Daily Currant: Buchanan: ‘White America’ Died Last Night

At this point I am SUPPOSED to be 'offended' by what Pat Buchanan said in the article above.

Yet I can't get past the "Black Conscious Attention Filibuster" effect that it generates as those who see their "Black Consciousness' as the perpetual fight against "WHITE RIGHT WING RACISM" can't see that for them to continue along this ideologically affirming trek they had to bastardize the DEFINITION OF 'RACISM'.

Racism used to have a two part puzzle

  • Bigotry / Hatred due to another's race
  • The POWER to impose one's views upon this other group
The ironic point about it all is that the COMMANDER IN CHIEF OF THE UNITED STATES MILITARY - is made into a VICTIM OF RACISM.
In doing so by the Progressive Media - this justified their choice to NOT FOCUS upon the IMPERIALIST ACTIONS that the United States has done on Obama's watch - AND - most ironically the FISCAL SITUATION that is one day going to produce equal victimhood to "The Whites", "The Blacks", "The Hispanics", "The Asians", "The Gays", "The Evangelicals", "The Muslims", and any other OFFENDED or OFFENDING group you can come up with.

The SUPERIOR POWER Of The White Right Wing To Draw The Attention Of Those Who Answer When Called "The Least Of These"

Who has the greater force in PROVING Pat Buchanan right than the people who are:
  • AFFIRMING HIS POWER to offend them
  • Unable to calculate the VALUE of the time that they could have been spent doing things more productive than worrying about what he said?

The ironic point is that Buchanan DOES NOT HAVE THE POWER to execute upon the traditional acts of terror suffered by Black people AND do so with impunity - in which the Black US Attorney General - working in cahoots with him would look the other was - as was the case in the past.

Those who have a certain level of consciousness where their enemy sets their pace can't bring themselves to see that:

  • The Schools They Now Control Will Define The Suit Of Scientists To Go To The Moon 
  • Their Competencies At Applying Sound Economic Models To Business Practices Will Define Their Financial Status
  • The Culture And Conflict Resolution Skills Will Define The Peace Within

The Legacy Of "Blood On The Sidewalk"  - Look For The Bullet And Hose Streets Down - BACK IN THE DAY VERSUS TO-DAMNED DAY

A Generation Is 30 Years In Human Terms

In ideal circumstances 

  • The Effects Of Any Inter-generational PAIN Can Be Rooted Out In Three Generations
  • A New More Consciously Directed CULTURE Can Be Planted In That 4th Generation 

Unfortunately when that "PREVAILING CULTURE" uses its PAST OPPRESSION as the source of its PRESENT IDENTITY and the purveyors of CONFIDENCE among the people today levage their claims of PROTECTION against these old ghost - allowing the people to look past the predominate source in their day of the same attacks - the consequence is that the HISTORICAL BURDEN that should have been dispatched so that a more productive consciousness could take its place will endure far longer than the biblical story of "40 Years" in the wilderness as the people are compelled to perform community organizing in order to express their RIGHT TO HOUSING in the wilderness within which they stand.

When they are told that this housing will protect them from the RIGHT-WING ROCKS that are thrown at them - the support to set up camp in the wilderness became near unanimous as they forgot what GOD had told them was their rightful place.



Shay Riley said...

You do realize that The Daily Currant is a satirical newspaper? That Pat Buchanan article isn't real (although given his past side-eyeing comments, one could easily think that it's real).

Constructive Feedback said...

(Wow - She finally made a post over here).

I did not realize that it was satire but my comments remain intact because while they have indeed modeled at least some of Buchanan's views - they perfectly captured the views of those who's own political views are driven by those who OFFEND them.