Monday, November 19, 2012

Nullification Of "Assumed Black Inferiority" For Political Opportunism - The (Ironic) Solution To Bringing The Black Homicide And Violence Victimization Rates Down To Our Population Proportions

The Present Battle For The "Conscious Souls Of Black Folks" being waged as the "False Religion Of Black Americanism" seeks to retain its role as "Missionaries Among The Natives".

The Professional Political Progressive Preacher - The High Priest Of The "False Religion Of Black Americanism"

"Its a trick!!!!  They want to BLAME THE VICTIM as the reason why Black people are seen murdered so frequently on the evening news.

After centuries of oppression and 'The New Jim Crow' - they are cynical in their expectations that after 50 years of the chase for Political Power that we Progressives can turn around the damage that the Right-Wing has caused Black to the CULTURE and CONSCIOUSNESS of Black people and all workers in America and around the world.

We demand JUSTICE and they are going to give it to us.

THIS is the world that they want to return us to.
Don't let them string you up by a tree before you realize that you have been fooled.

YOU ARE A BLACK REPUBLICAN - AREN'T YOU?  Or are you just a Cornel West type of Progressive who hates Obama?"

Rebuttal From Constructive Feedback University : "Study Of 'The Blacks' Doctoral Program"

IF we power with the notion that "ALL MEN ARE EQUAL" and we strip away today's hijacked notion of "Civil Rights Violations", instead mandating that the forces that are the Establishment Powers OVER THE BLACK COMMUNITY be charged with producing the IMPROVED RATE OF BLACK HOMICIDE VICTIMIZATION RATE - reducing it down closer to our population proportions (and NOT be pacified because "WHITE PEOPLE ARE KILLED BY OTHER WHITES AS WELL, so what's the problem?") - THEN we will see that the real problem that the Embedded Confidence Men have with attaining the improved conditions within the communities that they have dominate influence over is that: THEY ARE NOT SUPREMELY INTERESTED IN 'DEVELOPING THE BLACK COMMUNITY" through STRONG HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTIONS.

The are ONLY interested in generating CONGREGATIONAL UNITY - the force that allows:

  1. Them to define the PRIORITY FOCUS within the Black Community as THEY choose the enemies to go after
  2. No One To Get Fired after "Collecting Valuables From Black People" in the past, with the promises of future fortune, only to arrive at that previous "line in the sand" and getting the CONGREGATION to agree that it is necessary to re-draw the line because the RIGHT-WING THREAT was more intense than what was previously thought
The consequence of this entire scheme is that the BLACK COMMUNITY GOVERNANCE CULTURE that is necessary to actually obtain these results gets ABORTED.   The people stay unified in their outward chase.  The Embedded Confidence Men are successful in keeping the congregation together, focused outward so they don't get depressed about their present condition.


The First 48 Hours - The Civil Rights Violation Journal Of Our Time

View more videos at:

The ultimate tie breaker to decide which theory is of more benefit to the Black Community - is for an objective observer to make note of which of these mutually exclusive paths allow 'The Black American" to provide any sort of structural assistance to the REAL "LEAST OF THESE" within the Black Diaspora around the world, achieving a PURPOSE that goes beyond their self-affirming, consumer consciousness that filled the void that was created when "The White Man Stole the Mystical, Magical African Culture" that you always hear the Pharisees talking about.

Until the Black Community is made to agree that the "CONSERVATORS OF THE CULTURE OF DEATH" that KILLS BLACK PEOPLE AS ITS PRIMARY PRODUCT is AN EQUAL THREAT TO THE PERMANENT INTERESTS OF BLACK PEOPLE - regardless of if that CULTURE is....................

  • A Product Of A "Red Neck Klan"
  • A Product Of Poor Working Conditions That Allows Workers To Die 
  • A Product Of "Stop Snitching Street Piracy"
  • A Product Of Military Imperialism That Kills Blacks On A "Humanitarian Mission" - Using Tactics That IF USED IN North Philly To Immobilize The "Somalian Sea Pirate" Who Got A Green Card Into The United States....
Then We Must Accept - THE BLACK COMMUNITY IS NOT WILLING TO DO ALL THAT IS NECESSARY To Normalize Its Murder And Violence 'Victimization Rates' - In Line With Its Population Portions

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