Thursday, November 08, 2012

No Black Progressive Fundamentalist Has Ever Gone On "Democracy Now" And Had A Hostile Interview REGARDLESS Of Their Failure To Develop The Black "Least Of These" As "The Establishment Power"

Democracy Now Asks"  "What Does The Reelection Of President Obama Mean For The Future Of PROGRESSIVE POLITICS?"


  • Do you see CHICAGO today?  Do you see any REPUBLICAN OPPOSITION there?  
    • Are Black Children receiving quality education?  Is There A STATE REPUBLICAN GOVERNOR and a State Republican Legislature that is RACIST and blocking education for Black Children because they know that Blacks With QUALITY EDUCATION might all grow up to be President?
      • I told you about a Black Progressive Fundamentalist elected official there during the Teachers Strike - she walked out of the 400,000 children Chicago Public School system and switched the conversation to a SMALL WHITE city called "Lake Forest".  Despite the fact that they only have 2,500 MOSTLY WHITE students their teachers make over $100,000 per year.  This was SUPERIOR to the $72,000 per year average salary in Chicago - the PROPORTIONAL SIZE differences between these two cities was not enough to discredit her comparison.  There was something SUPERIOR in Lake Forest that compelled her to do what Rev Meeks had done a few years ago when HE threatened to enroll Black children in two other SMALL WHITE SCHOOL SYSTEMS.   IS THERE A PATTERN HERE?
    • The NAACP chapter in Detroit invited the US Attorney General and gave him an award.  When the ancestors of the people in Chicago today lived in Mississippi and BLACK PEOPLE WERE BEING MURDERED - the NAACP was not able to get the US Attorney General to ANSWER THEIR LETTERS as they sought protection from KILLERS.  - HAS a FRIENDLY ATTORNEY GENERAL who is a PROGRESSIVE - made Chicago a SAFE CITY - despite the fact that a left wing Black radio show that I listen to talks about COINTELPRO every damned week for nostalgia purposes?
    • Illinois has BANNED THE DEATH PENALTY - and the NAACP was pleased that there will be no more STATE SPONSORED EXECUTIONS in Illinois.  Is the NAACP competent to stop the "Street Pirate Sponsored Executions" in Illinois?  
What makes you think that a PROGRESSIVE FUTURE in America is going to be any different than Newark, Philadelphia, Baltimore, NYC or Chicago Of Today?

Is there a pattern of ESTABLISHMENT POWER Delivery Of SOCIAL JUSTICE?
OR Do They Practice Establishment Power REPUDIATION?

When Amy Goodman Used To Do Exposes' On CIA Involvement In South America

In as much as it is the case that I prefer "Muckracking Reporting" over straight up biased reporting - I have been watching "Democracy Now" for a very long time.

I noticed that Amy Goodman had a penchant in calling out the American CIA and their "insurgent activities" in South America, Haiti and other areas that she detected them doing "mischief" on behalf of the "Right Wing" American Administrations in power.  All of the popular names in left-wing journalism used to come onto the set and detail how Otto Reich used to be an "Economic Hitman" in South America - working with various right-wing dictators and undercutting various "social justice" governments.

Something is quite strange about today though.
Even as the American CIA has intense operations in Africa and parts of the Middle East - for some reason the passion to keep them in check has been lost by Ms Goodman.

Don't get me wrong - her program at least reports on these points.  This is not the case with the mainstream American press.  But since there are not as many leftist muckraking journalists interested in stringing together a narrative about "American Imperialism" in deference to Obama - Democracy Now has become almost like a "straight news" outlet on the subject.

Rachel Maddow Goes To Detroit To Tell Of The CONSEQUENCE Of Insolvency BUT Focuses Her Angst On The RIGHT-WING State Government, Never Indicting The LOCAL PROGRESSIVE POLICIES As The Source Of The Injury.  The NAACP Awards Her For Her Discretion In Reporting

The Detroit NAACP awarded Progressive Fundamentalist Rachel Maddow NOT BECAUSE she came to Detroit to lobby for the retention of the Catherine Ferguson Academy for pregnant girls.  They awarded her for coming to Detroit and NOT attacking the MUNICIPAL MACHINE that the NAACP approved of for the past 30 years, yet they never saw anything during this time interval that triggered them of problems ahead. 

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