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My Personal Views Of "Dr King" As Expressed Through The Debate Antics Of Tavis Smiley

Please consider this as an intermediate post for the purpose of level setting, on my way to posting my analysis of the conversation between Tavis Smiley and Dr Robert K Ross.

Today -  "Dr King" is used as the reference model for "Social Justice" by various "Embedded Confidence Men".

 This is not my problem though. My problem is with "The Keepers Of The Flame Of 'Dr King' ".

Once they get you to agree that "Dr King" is a worthy reference for all of us to tuck our efforts under - THEY summarily "Put YOU on trial" - with the purposes of disarming you - while THEY deem themselves as "100% King Compliant".

 I have Rev Joseph E Lowery do a permutation of this very trick for more than 20 years. In his case, his goal is to get everyone to collapse their "foolish tent" and come under his big tent of the Democratic Party.

This is nothing more than the "Keep Your Enemy On Trial So You Don't Have To Do A Self-Indictment Of Your Own Sins And Failures To Deliver Social Justice".

I have no problem using (the real) "Jesus" as a reference of perfection. I will NEVER live vicariously through another man. I reserve the right to make assessment of the individual character traits that I find favorable and/or reprehensible in another man. I can only promise to cherry pick the elements that I find attractive and fuse them into my persona.

In listening to a Muslim such as Minister Louis Farrakhan - you notice that they never directly disrespect "Jesus".   They do not honor him as "THEIR God", but as a Prophet from God.
Likewise - I respect and honor Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr as a "great man" but not the center of MY "Black Consciousness".

The actions within "The King Compound" in Atlanta - and those who seek to use his honor as a confidence scheme to apply in the modern day POLITICAL realm has caused me to become clear in what I believe as a means of not yielding to the pressure of a confidence scheme.

Again - I would be more impressed if these people were to set up foot patrols on "Dr King Drive" and enforce certain standards of behavior on these venerable thoroughfares around the nation.

 Putting Tavis Smily On Trial - Watch How He Reacts To Those Who Are A Threat To His Ideology

The video that I posted the other day featuring Tavis Smiley debating Conservative Larry Elder provides the perfect backdrop to analyze the antics of Tavis Smiley (and others) that make use of "Dr King" as a means of avoiding debate and possible indictment regarding their ability to bring forth "social justice" - after having collected the valuables from "The Least Of These" as they've obtained POWER in the political space.

Note: This should not be considered as an endorsement of Larry Elder's perspective either.

While Tavis Smily and Friends make the case that they have a comprehensive platform to address the problems of "The Least Of These" - BUT - they practice "Establishment Power Repudiation" - Larry Elder and "Black Conservative Critics" might be accurate in their criticism of "The Black Racial Services Machine" (which they are a part of) - they also lack the framework to "operationalize" an alternative scheme.

Preemptive Strike:
"Constructive Feedback - Shouldn't we consider YOU in this band of 'Black Conservatives with no ground game?"
ANSWER: Anyone doing an honest assessment of my package will see that I provide an abundance of MODELS and ARTIFACTS that work to analyze the problems with "Black America's Political Salvation Scheme".   I AM NOT TRYING TO forge an "Alternative Movement".   I am working to get the BLACK RANK & FILE to implement a sound "Governance Culture" - better regulating those who have been allocated power and the establishment of  "fire walls" between the masses and the "Confidence Men".

YOU CANNOT be LEAD by a POLITICAL OPERATIVE.   Black people folding our "Community Development Consciousness" into the "American Political Domain" makes us merely "Special Teams" in the "Malcolm X Political Football Game".
WORSE - NONE of what is built up is directly applicable in the larger Black Diaspora.

The present day "Black America" is one grand USURPATION of "The Black Consciousness" - into whatever scheme the loudest, most prevalent VOICES choose to lead our attention span into.
FAILING TO IMPLEMENT A MORE SOUND GOVERNANCE MODEL - will only mean that a grand "Rinse And Repeat" cycle is conducted perpetually - ALL WHILE retaining the popularity and confidence of the masses.

I do not hate Tavis Smiley.
I only believe that he is one of several THREATS to the "Black Community Governance Culture" that I speak of.
Instead of submitting himself and his actions to the notions of full TRANSPARENCY - he instead takes the mantle of "Social Justice" and works to get everyone to fall in line.


  • The Least Of These Are Still In Abundance?
  • They Acknowledge That They Are Now The Establishment Power, Enough To Bring Forth 'Social Justice' But Didn't?
When you look at the above measures - the thing that you must notice is that each requires a THIRD PARTY ANALYST to make such an assessment.

Tavis Smiley (when I say "Tavis Smiley" - I am really saying the Progressive Fundamentalists who think as he does) has no intention of yielding their right to doing a "Black Community Self Breast Exam" - on themselves and their "Social Justice Work".   Thus we must conclude that they are running a POPULARITY scheme, rather than a BLACK COMMUNITY GOVERNANCE AND DEVELOPMENT effort.

Any "correction" will come during one of their famous "Black Progressive televised conventions".   "Progressivism As The Cure" is the unspoken prescription.   The entire conversation ends up being a Political/Ideological Strategy Session.  At no point in time does "Progressivism" have to worry about being fired for failing Black people.

The problem, as they see it, is that Progressivism has been blocked by the Right-Wing and thus they need to double down to allow Progressivism to fully marinade all aspects of this nation.

Thus the struggle continues.

Tavis Smiley's Argument 
Constructive Feedback University Analysis 
DEBATE SCHEME NAME: "White Folks Are Down In The Mud With Us" - You Just Like Talking About Black Dirt More

Problem:  It is an APPEASEMENT strategy and not a SOLUTION strategy for Black people

1:00 Minute Mark Of The Video

Tavis Smiley:
Most Crime Is Done By A Person Of The Same Race 
Tavis Smiley's response to Elder is a DEFENSIVE posture to a perceived "attack" upon Black people.

Larry Elder botched his rebuttal of the argument.  He keys in on INTER-RACIAL CRIME when he should have asked Smiley - IF HE IS SATISFIED WITH THE AGGREGATE CRIME VICTIMIZATION RATE OF BLACK PEOPLE.

When a Progressive makes this argument he wishes to PACIFY the issue.
The major subject under discussion was that RACISM CHASING - the Racial Tribalism executed by those who today do "Systematic Racism Chasing" in order to make a POLITICAL/IDEOLOGICAL Indictment as a means of putting Black people in an "Existential Racially Defensive Posture" - comes at the cost of Black people not "Handling Our Business" and mitigating the MURDER IN OUR COMMUNITY.

Larry Elder focused on "White On Black" / "Black On White" crime - making the case that Blacks commit more crime upon Whites.

The proper rebuttal to this rebuttal from a progressive is to point out that:

  • Black people are only 13% of the US Population 
  • Black people are near 50% of the Criminal Assailants in the US (note Hispanics are considered "White" in crime statistics) 
  • The Black Crime VICTIMIZATION rate is around 42%
  • THEREFORE Black people are OVER-REPRESENTED in crimes - relative to our population ratio
Instead of making an INDICTMENT against The Black Racial Services Machine - there needs to be a GOAL ESTABLISHED.

By 2025 - the 42% Black Crime Victimization Rate is to be brought down to 25%.   Still short of the 13% population rate but far better than today's number.  

I should also note - that in the recent interview with Dr Robert K Ross noted the very same OVER-REPRESENTATION IN CRIME to Tavis Smiley - Smiley was not placed on the DEFENSIVE because it was not delivered as an INDICTMENT OF BLACK PEOPLE (like Elder's comments were considered) but a "Ya'll WE need to do better than this")

As such - we have to conclude that the RITUALS OF DEFENSIVENESS are totally separate from the facts upon the street in Black America.

DEBATE SCHEME NAME:  "Establish A COMMON JESUS Reference - And I'll Will Get You To Unilaterally Disarm As I Tell You Have Much You Fall Short Of 'Jesus'  "

2 Minute Mark

The "Dr King" As The Reference Model Scheme

RACISM = Prejudice + Power

This is an example of what I was talking about above.

Tavis Smiley wanted to use "Dr King" as the point of agreement between himself - a Progressive Fundamentalist and Elder - a Right-Winger.

When Elder called the "product' of "Dr King" "Idiotic" - Tavis Smiley attempted to "Dr King him" - asking "Are YOU calling Dr King an Idiot"?

(I have been debating online since the beginning folks.  I have seen all of these tricks first hand.  "Living Vicariously Through A 'Jesus' Figure" is an important scheme.)

Though this is an old video - the proper rebuttal of Tavis Smiley's RACISM definition (HATRED + POWER) is to observe his SILENCE today as people attempt to make President Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder, and Dr Susan Rice - UN Ambassador as VICTIMS OF RACISM!!!

HATRED / BIGTORY - YES.   Mostly IDEOLOGICAL and no doubt some RACIAL.

It is this POWER DYNAMIC - by which people sitting in the echelons of AMERICAN POWER - can't seem to escape the power clutches of WHITE RIGHT WING forces.

Since we have no evidence that President Obama has EVER been blocked from:

  1. Waging a military strike in the name of America BECAUSE he is Black
  2. Has been able to spend BILLIONS in US Debt money upon that which he prioritizes 
.........the claim that he is a VICTIM OF RACISM is specious.

It is more accurate to say that Black Progressives who LIVE VICARIOUSLY THROUGH OBAMA are OFFENDED by the attacks upon THIS President Of The United States.  THEY reserve the right to label political invective against Obama.  

In truth - since they don't want to indict President Obama for doing things that they had been protesting over (ie: Warmongering) they use the claim of RACISM as justification for putting aside their standards against war because the greater existential threat of RACISM from the RIGHT-WING is larger.

DEBATE SCHEME NAME: "Assumed Black Inferiority As An Indictment Among Unequals"

Black folks who are prejudiced but without power should not be seen in the same light as WHITE PEOPLE who are RACIST.
This is actually Tavis Smiley's "Dark Matter" argument to the one I just set up in defining President Obama's ability to transact violence in the name of America.

I looked at POWERFUL Blacks
Tavis looked at POWERLESS Blacks

We need to understand how ASSUMED BLACK INFERIORITY plays a major role in the consciousness of those who's agenda is fundamentally based upon "The Least Of These".

While there is no doubt that there are but a select few Blacks who possess the POWER that I speak of (even though my debate adversaries will practice 'Establishment Power Repudiation' upon them none the less), the fact is their agenda is to INFERIORIZE the rank & file Black, making it so that NO MATTER WHAT they do which might be EQUALLY DEADLY to the actions done by other people - a person like Tavis Smiley reserves the right to WITHHOLD EQUALITY to these actions.

The sad truth is - that IF BLACK PEOPLE ARE ACCEPTED AS EQUAL - BY a person who thinks as Tavis Smiley does - then the RESULTS that we see within our community must be accepted as a remnant of something that WE are DOING or PERMITTING within our community.

The Progressive wants to be the FIXER / FIGHTER against the system.
The notion that HE IS NOW "THE SYSTEM" within the Black community that is failing to provide SOCIAL JUSTICE - would force him to see that the "red tail lights" in his front window that he is chasing is actually those upon the car that he is riding is as HIS UNIVERSE HAS WRAPPED AROUND ITSELF.

There is no consequence suffered by anyone who INFERIORIZES BLACK PEOPLE - as long as there is some value to be received by Black people a tthe end of the transaction.

DEBATE TACTIC NAME:  "We BLACK PROGRESSIVES PEOPLE Don't Like You Black Conservatives Because You Are Always OFFENDING US"

Tavis Smiley asks if Larry Elder can appreciate why "BLACK PEOPLE" don't like Black Conservatives because they are always talking negatively about Black people BUT can't seem to see the evil in White people.

Again Larry Elder botched the response.

It would behoove Elder to learn the concept of "Dark Matter"

While I do agree with Tavis Smiley - that the collection of Black Conservatives who are guilty of maliciously attacking the Black Community by harping on the NEGATIVE - as showing balance by noting POSITIVE ATTRIBUTES would undercut their agenda - is a PROBLEMATIC disposition.

It is ALSO true that the BLACK RACIAL SERVICES MACHINE (The Black Establishment Power) who performs the "Success Check List Filibuster" - is at least an equal threat (though greater because of their inside, leveraged position).

The unspoken demand is for AN ACCURATE MODEL of the REAL WORLD.   "Good" and "Bad" are relative assignments.  ACCURACY as a pretext for effective change should be the operating mandate.

From my vantage point as an observer and critic of the SYSTEM that is executed by the "Black Racial Services Machine" - I focus on them as the "proxy overlay" to "The Black Community" and the present condition of "The Black Rank & File" as strong evidence of the damage done from their hijacking of the "Black Community Development Consciousness".

The real issue, then is the question of if the Black community seeks to be APPEASED by hearing what it wants to hear that affirms them OR does the Black community seek to be DEVELOPED - allowing a net raise in the average standard of living that all of us live up to?

Today those who appease Black people and have the benefit of their command of the Black Media channels through which to define their "History Lesson" narrative - only need to pump what people want to hear, blame the enemy for the problems and then keep the masses focused on the next interval of "The Struggle".

The bottom line remains - the Black Progressive Fundamentalist is ALWAYS going to be OFFENDED by what the Black Conservative says.

The job of the Black Conservative is to show that the Progressive Fundamentalist and his Allies ARE NOT OFFENDED by the attributes of the Black community that they SHOULD BE OFFENDED about.  They are not because it would produce a SELF INDICTMENT against Progressivism.

Tavis Smiley Agrees With Larry Elder's Illconceived Proposal To Stop "The War On Drugs" And Is Pleased Because Elder Starts Speaking His Language.  From The Perspective Of The Analysis Of The Debate Style Of Tavis Smiley - Note How When Elder Says Something That Smiley Agrees With - The Disposition Changes.

Now lets talk about the claim made by Elder.

The notion that ending "The War On Drugs" will fix the problem because the present "Cure" is worse than the problem is very short sighted.

While I do not deny many of the problems related to mass incerceration - the cost and the destroyed lives - the proposal is fundamentally based upon "Justice Thurgood Marshall Justice" in which the criminal defendant is made into a VICTIM of the system, then released while THE SYSTEM is put on trial as the CRIMINAL AGENT.

Abent in the "conservative" comments by Larry Elder (and other conservatives that hold this view) is the clear statements on the responsibilties of the DRUG USERS and the DRUG DISTRIBUTORS in remaining in the bounds of the law - after receiving a respite from criminal prosecution and punishment based upon these reforms.

Regardless of if hard drugs are obtained from the streets or from a licensed distribtor - the drug's impact upon the human body and psyche is not something that a government fiat can fix.

The magic money theory that claims that the billions spent on the "Prison Industrial Complex" can be freed up as it is rechanneled into drug treatment, jobs and education - presupposes that there won't be some unknown portion of this population (that would have been locked up with the old legal scheme) which are diserving of jail - despite all of the intervention.

In this "People Over Profits" scheme - the very same endless blank check that the US military is provided with today will be applyed to the drug treatment (and health care) channel.

Europe of today shows that "Social Justice" is not free, regardless of what someone tells you in order to disarm you.

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