Wednesday, November 07, 2012

My Analysis Of The "Progressive Joint Venture's" Gravitational Distortion Of The "Black Community Consciousness"

Summary - What Is PLEASING TO BLACK PEOPLE - Per The Present Prevailing Political Conscoiusness - Is Causing Great Damage To The Black Community's INSTITUTIONS.

IRONICALLY - At Some Point The Black Community Is Going To Arrive At The Poitnt Which It Is Forced To Say:  "ALRIGHT -WE HAVE HELPED YOU ENOUGH TO DEFEAT THE RIGHT WING - NOW WE NEED YOU TO DEVELOP US".

At this point where some real DENIAL of the willingness to follow along in PROTECTION of the Black Community's Interests over the Progressive Interests - we will all see that the choice to plug into the "Progerssive Joint Venture" which required the Black Progerssive to adopt the LOWEST COMMON DEMONIATORS in the name of "Diversity" was a UNILATERAL contribution - the motivation against the COMMON ENEMY used as the justification of it all.

Once the PROGRESSIVE ESTABLISHMENT is the ESTABLISHMENT that is failing to provide SOCIAL JUSTICE and is no longer able to execute ESTABLISHMENT POWER REPUDIATION - against the Right Wing - those within the Black community that were complicit in the scheme (The Paid Blacks In The Press being the #1 guilty party) have no one else but themselves to blame for our community's condition at this time

From the Booker Rising Blog:

White Tea:

With all due respect (and I like you) YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT PARTY MACHINEARY but you are not able to discuss the PSYCHOLOGICAL ATTACHMENT that the Negro Voter has with the Democratic party BY PURPOSEFUL ENGINEERING.

I laugh at Raynard Jackson, Lenny McAllister and Michael Steel when they listen to all that is coming their way and determine that THEIR PARTY needs to STOP OFFENDING "THE BLACKS" if they have any chance to WIN.  CLEARLY they never look at the "Anti-Right Wing Blogs That Pose As PRO-BLACK BLOGS" to see the "Keep Your Enemy On Trial" scheme which provides SELF-CHUM to the appetite of the Black Progressive Fundamentalists.

Did you see "The Hispanics"? 
Despite the news that Obama had deported MORE HISPANICS than BUSH - using it as evidence that he is TOUGH ON THE BORDER - - a few months ago Obama did the little policy about young illegals - and this was enough for "The Hispanics" to strongly endorse Obama BECAUSE he is a "friend of Immigration".

What you don't seem to understand, White Tea, is that what we have with "The Minorities" is COMPROMISED INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY in the name of the PROGRESSIVE COALITION.

As an observer of the fraud that is the LEFT-WING PRESS (MSNBC, AOL, NY Times, WasPo) I have to give them credit for INCUBATING a corrupt BLACK PRESS operation.   They KEEP THE RIGHT WING ENEMY ON TRIAL.   With the BLESSING of the EMBEDDED CONFIDENCE MEN - when Black people LOOK PAST the condition of our schools, our public safety, our economic development to FIGHT THE RIGHT WING - they are being PRO-BLACK.

I don't have to RESPECT my enemy to RESPECT his knowlege of the psychology of his target constituency.

MY POSITION from a perspective of a BLACK COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT FOCUS is that - in as much as the AMERICAN POLITICAL DOMAIN is a seperate and distinct entity from Black Consciousness - I WOULD PREFER THE MONOPOLY MAJORITY OF BLACK PEOPLE WHO VOTE FOR THEIR SALVATION to remain as DEMOCRATS.

Ironically, sir, AT SOME POINT "The Blacks" are going to be forced to look past their SELF-INDUGENT happiness in seemingly achieving SUCCESS BY DEMOGRAPHIC ATTRITION and NULLIFICATION about what is happening in their community - and instead say "WE NOW NEED THE MACHINE TO ACTUALLY DEVELOP US"!!!

Straight up, White Tea - there is dibilitating FRAUD within the ranks of the Black Racial Services Machine - in which no sense of CORE PROTECTION from POLITICS exists IF the majority supports it (Ie: the lack of a CONSTITUTIONAL DEMOCRACY over POPULISM).

This is the first time that the BLACK AMERICAN has a balance of SELF-DETERMINATION for his own existence YET the EMBEDDED CONFIDENCE MEN know that can CONTINUE to use RACISM CHASING as a means of drawing in "unspecting Blacks".

If you can get past the political dogma - and listen to - Martin Luther King III or Al Sharpton, for example, they are so ideologically corrupted that their normal INDICTMENT against the ESTABLISHMENT because the condition of Black people is necessarily muffied because they desire POWER and CONGREGATIONAL UNITY over PROTESTING AGAINST...................THEMSELVES and what they have built up.

I have no resentment in me on this matter.
I know that TIME is not on the side of this grand fraud.

This is a NECESSARY step that Black Americans must go through - we are going to see when the BLACK RANK AND FILE stands up against the PROGRESSIVE ESTABLISHMENT once they see that the "Anti-Right Wing Chum" that has been thrown up ONLY WORKS in the context of the "Malcolm X Poltiical Football Game" - it can't be transplanted anywhere else in the world. 

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