Thursday, November 15, 2012

Disadvantaged Minority Concessions Fight At The "Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport - Is The Namesake's Widow A "Disadvantaged Minority?" --- Why It Is Important To Make Georgia A "Blue" State To Keep The "Social Justice" Flowing

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The standard arguments that will be heard on "Black Wing Grievance Talk Radio":
  1. "Why NOW are these White Republicans worried about insider dealing on contract deals?  Do you think that Mayor Hartsfield didn't hook his family up with contracts when Black people were shut out?   Don't be fooled by this"
  2. "When you go to the airport and see BLACK OWNED BUSINESSES it has the effect of MAKING YOU PROUD.   It motivates other Black people that they too can do what they need to do to own their own business.  I am not going to let some arbitrary rules about "Disadvantaged Minority" designation set up by the Republicans in the state cause the Republicans to take away this woman's hard earned business."
  3. (Fight The Power - 4pm WAOK)  "I am a Mayard Jackson historian!!!   I can make a list of all of the Black millionaires that Mayor Jackson made at that airport when he stood up against those White folks and said 'There WILL BE solid minority participation targets or not a speck of Earth will be moved to build this terminal complex"

The point that you must understand is that they want you to LIVE VICARIOUSLY THROUGH "THE 1% OF BLACK AMERICANS", their WEALTH adn their POWER .

All the while they get you to FIGHT the RIGHT-WING threat - they never have to answer one basic question:  DID YOUR SCHEME SCALE TO PRODUCE SUFFICIENT EMPLOYMENT AND WEALTH to THE LEAST OF THESE within your community?   OR are you merely working to "Fillibuster" their attention, knowing that they would otherwise come after YOU for 'Taking Their Valuables' based upon the promise of FULL EMPLOYMENT yet all you have created is FOOT SOLIDERS in an endless war against the RIGHT-WING?

The US Military is not the only "fighting force" that counts upon the poor to do their fighting for them in the field of war.
The Black Racial Services Machine not only has them fighting - they have them believing that upon the "VICTORY WON" - the Black Community is going to basque in the pot of gold once the "Social Justice Vault" that the Right-Wing was encamped in front of is taken over and the door is blown off.

This all comes at the cost of the failure to develop a CULTURE OF COMMUNITY GOVERNANNCE.
Despite them taking more seats of ESTABLISHMENT POWER - they are now riling up the forces to FIGHT THE ENEMY IN "GOVERNMENT SEATS OF POWER" and against CORPORATIONS that don't go along with the policies that their political arm has promoted.


It will NEVER become "The ESTABLISHMENT that has FAILED TO PRODUCE 'SOCIAL JUSTICE UPON THE LEAST OF THESE' and thus qualify as a candidate for OCCUPATION.

They have not learned how to have the OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCE by which they PROTEST AGAINST THEMSELVES. 
(Right Rob Redding?)

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