Monday, November 26, 2012

Mass Grave Found In Mexico - Progressive Minister Jim Wallis Is Silent Because It Happened Across The Border And Not At The Hands Of His White Right-Wing Christian Brothers Who He Uses The Plight Of The Mexicans To Attack Them

The INDICTMENTS That You Are Fed About YOUR ENEMY Seem To Be Curiously Framed And Engineered By Your FRIENDS In The Media

Its Almost As If Modern Day Mexico Has More Lynchings Than Did The Classic Southern, Post-War Confederacy.

Why Does It Feel As If The CONFEDERACY Is SUPERIOR In The DEATH That It Rendered - According To Certain Propaganda Sources?  

Its Almost As If Sojourners Believes That The STATE DEATH PENALTY Within The MAN MADE BOUNDARIES OF THE UNTIED STATES  Is SUPERIOR To Any SYSTEMATIC KILLING  BY NGOs That Take Place On The Same Land Mass But Happen To Be Outside Of The Man Made Border Of The United States

The American States On The Southwestern Border Of Mexico - Where Jim Wallis' "JESUS" Has Set Up His "Border Patrol" Against The Evil Deeds Of WHITE RIGHT WING CHRISTIAN Enemies To "Social Justice" (From Sojourner's Magazine)
The Mexican State Of Chihuahua - Just Across The Border From The USA - The Seen Of The Latest Mass Graves.

UNFORTUNATELY - Despite, From A GEOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVE This Is The Very Same Land Mass As The Above Map - Jim Wallis' JESUS Doesn't Have Sufficient Credentials To Go Across The Border To See If The Mexican Gangs That Dumped The Bodies Into The Pit After Killing Them CONFISCATED ALL BOOKS THAT CONTAINED THE MEXICAN VERSION OF HOW THE BORDER WAS REALLY ESTABLISHED "To Contain JESUS From Walking Across" To Render The Healing And Protection Of SOCIAL JUSTICE

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