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Martin Luther King III - A Black Son Who Grew Up Without His Father's Guidance - But Attempts To Live The "Dreams Of His Father " Not Realizing That He Is The "Anti-King" Who Is Silent On War Because He Likes The Domestic Social Justice Doled Out By The Warlord

  • In 2008 upon the election victory of Senator Obama I recall seeing Martin Luther King III on television proclaiming "The shutters will be removed from the US Justice Department CIVIL RIGHTS DIVISON
  • On election night 2012 - as I kept the television off, following through on my plans to develop a "Key Performance Indicator" model for THE (REAL) HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY - BY MANAGING the unchecked access that the "BLACK RACIAL SERVICES MACHINE" has to the Black Community's Conscious Nucleus - I read the words of Martin Luther King III - on an Obama Fist Bump Black Press marketing oracle known as "Jet Magazine".

Mr King III made the statement, reTweeted by Jet Magazine:

"Prior to Obama's election, our country was failing miserably"

Constructive Feedback University analysis - "After 50 Years Of Collecting Valuables From The Black Congregation, Based Upon The Promises Of Development And "Social Justice  - the scheme still works brilliantly on the front end, in the name of 'Congregational Unity'.   It is the actual delivery of the resultant promises that has failed BLACK PEOPLE miserably but has been a boon for the 'Paid Blacks' in the media that orchestrate the protection racket.  They have it so that the Black Rank & File is fearful of asking 'Where Is Our Money? because they fear that the handout of  'In-Store Gift Cards' would bankrupt' the team, causing a loss in favor of the enemy.  Thus they are compelled to LOOK PAST THE LOCAL 'MISSION ACCOMPLISHED FAILURES and focus on giving analysis of the Right-Wing Enemy - the same people they want to send Black kids to go to school with".

I noticed that Mr King III is not predisposed to give such assessments upon the development condition of the Black Community that today has so many of his "favorable people in power" that actually received affirmation from Black people about the job they are doing. 
Today's Black Vote is an OPPOSITION VOTE - in the grand struggle against the "Right-Wing".   Mr King is not likely to do a summary statement about Detroit, Newark, Philadelphia or Chicago for he likes the establishment power in these cities and thus sees no need to "upset them" with the truth about our people's condition within.

A careful review of the antics of the "Civil Rights Pharisees" will show that as they practice the Progressive Fundamentalist scheme of "KEEP YOUR ENEMIES ON TRIAL SO YOU DON'T INDICT YOUR FRIENDS" - the Black Rank &  File must accept that in as much as they will never step upon the "ingrown toenails" of their joint-venture members YOU - the "Least Of These" are forced to carry their water.
Atlanta "Social Justice" Campaign Headquarters 2012

  • There are no amount of Black people - one murdered right outside of the "Obama / John Lewis Headquarters" in Atlanta - that will cause a bigot that has fought bigots to label this a CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATION.   That Black man that got shot was a part of a "Self Embarrassment" against the community so he was not afforded a "Hoodie March" let alone a "Telephone Pole Memorial" that might remind the masses of people who visit the "King Compound" that INDEED a "Ninja Got Kilt" in the very same place that the "Atlanta Race Riots of 1906" took place but this was not a reenactment by the Civil Rights Pharisees.  For this you must wait until they restage the "Moores Ford Bridge Lyching" from the 1940's - and make sure you tell them your dietary preferences at the "Picnic" that follows the lynching - where the Black actors always survive the "attack" by the White folks.
  • There are no amount of public schools, who's names have been changed - stripping racist founding fathers off and replacing them with "Civil Rights Heroes" but which fail to educate the Black and Hispanic children inside - that will cause the modern perversion of "The Civil Rights Struggle" to proclaim that their slate of candidates running the municipal services are EQUALLY CAPABLE of failing the Black community by failing to educate Black children.  Instead they know that by placing the STRETCH GOAL of having Black kids bused out of their "community schools" and into White schools is NOT A SOLUTION - but when the WHITE FOLKS resist this plan - they understand that THE BLACK CONGREGATION will be riled up and give the favorable people in power more of a forbearance.  BOTH sides of the adults (the parents and the school leadership) agreeing to not "Snitch" on the other's complicity in the present state of affairs.   But indeed "Education Is The Great Equalizer" - said the reverend at the church of the "False Religion Of Black Americanism". 
  • With the set target of eliminating the "Black Unemployment Rate" that has been double that of WHITE FOLKS - the claim that "Racism" (and I just read from Media Matters - "The New Jim Crow" policies) as the cause of this gap - we now see, based on a careful surveillance of the "Black Racial Services Machine" that the INDICTMENT of this gap in employment is reserved for "presiding enemy forces".   When a "March On Washington For Jobs And Justice" - that was traditionally directed at the government was thought up during our present times - the crafty planners saw the need to turn it into a "Occupation" - targeting corporations/banks and Republicans - who had blocked a $384 jobs program from the favorable President.  Even though the program promised only 2.5 Million jobs for an unknown period of time - in the context of a $1,200 billion budget year deficit - the Black Racial Services Machine was compelled to look past the fact that while 4 million Blacks were unemployed and 14 million total Americans were unemployed and 25 million Americans were unemployed and/or working part time but needing full time employment - blaming their right-wing enemies for the present high rate of Black unemployment.    They could not bring themselves to see that since the 1960's "The Blacks" have been "handing over their valuables" - fusing the "Black Community Development Consciousness" into the "Malcolm X Political Football Game".  Yet as the government jobs that were said to be the channel created to avoid the RACISM in the private sector were cut due to shrinking tax bases - the Black Racial Services Machine counted upon the "Paid Blacks" who work for Corporate Media Conglomerates as journalists to not tell the Black Rank & File that CORPORATE EMPLOYMENT is indeed long as those who pay the "401k matching funds" see VALUE in your services.  

Maybe in the next 4 to 8 years the notions of credibility and integrity will be promoted rather than being driven by "Offendedness" as a means of manipulating Black people?

In the present consciousness of the "Civil Rights Pharisees" they see a BLACK MAN being burned by a Southern Pro-Confederate force and they get defensive as they "Live Vicariously" through him.  The "WE Are In The White House" meme.

If "Assumed Black Inferiority" was not such a valuable tool for the Progressive Fundamentalist Intellectuals - they would make the case that these "People Of Color", outside of the United States - are burning the "FACE OF AMERICAN IMPERIALISM", that has violated the "Moral Principles" of Dr King.

When his son - and other high priests in the "False Religion Of Black Americanism" remain silent because they don't want to "give ammunition to their American Right Wing Enemies" they show that - when their "Moral Authority" is actually tested - that no one that uses their "Moral Authority" to INDICT THE RIGHT WING government officials in America will bother to notice that the US GOVERNMENT IS STILL DOING THE SAME THING, the main variable for their MORALITY is the presence of an IDEOLOGICAL ENEMY.

Thus they have no credibility beyond their proximity to the Right-Wing.
What is so in a "Mission Accomplished City" where they are the establishment power - is also the case when they scape to "Nationalized Social Justice":  Progressive Fundamentalism is INORGANIC.

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