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Kulture Kritic (File This Under: "Constructive Feedback University Could Not Have Found A Better Specimen To Track" )

Editor's note:
The following specimen was one of the driving reasons why I founded "The Constructive Feedback University".   If upon reading the arguments of some people I did not have a more academic outlet for my frustrations - I might go violent and be the victim of a "Justifiable Homicide" by the law enforcement authorities.

DO NOT let the "livery" of certain blogs and news casts fool you.

DO NOT allow their "self-created" names to trick you into believing that they have substance.

DO NOT substantiate someone else's "Correctness" based upon THEIR alignment with what YOU believe.  You had better have some immutable inferences that are your guiding light and have the transparency to do a 'Self-Breast Exam" to affirm that YOU are looking at the proper reference as you seek affirmation.   Some times the reason why "You Never 'Get There'" is because you have the same maps distributed among many people but THEY ALL are representing a terrain that is not the terrain that you are traveling within as you seek your destination.

Let me explain.
You know that "Malcolm X Political Football Game" reference I keep making?   
The one that surmises that a "Negro" can be made to support just about anything that he used to vehemently oppose IF.............................a certain force of "Confidence Men" frames "the struggle" that he is engaged in properly?  

This is how I look at this current "fraud and hokum" that is being transacted by the "Dung Producing Party Animals" that are engaged in the debate over Libya.  NO - not the "NATO Lead Coup" in Libya - the "3AM Booty Call - ANSWERED" by General Patreaus.  Libya was a "Mission Accomplished" until 4 WHITE FOLKS Americans got killed in a CIA outpost.

When I see so-called "Black Conscious" people look past the painful truth and join in the fray of the "Attack on The Black President and his Black UN Ambassador" - it is all par for the course.  

SYSTEMATIC RACISM CHASING - meant to show that "Nothing has changed in this nation with regard to race relations" is nothing more than a fraudulent political disarming scheme used to divert the conversation from the REAL ISSUE.

To be clear - the Political Right Wing was "down" with the hit upon Libya.  Their arguments against the Obama Administration, while not "bleeding with the RACISM that MSNBC wants you to believe" is NOT based upon honor and transparency in regards to the best interests of Black people or the continent of Africa.
The most despicable forces in the fray (in my opinion) are the Black people that "play through" the fake foul, unable to define their personal limit that serves as the boundary of what they would not do for THE TEAM.
(And she has a Help Hunger In Africa advertisement on her web site)

THE IRONY OF THE YEAR (as she focuses on fighting against the domestic REPUBLICANS as they attack The Black Female to get at the Black President  the US Ambassador to the United Nations:

What black Americans don’t seem to grasp is that what’s best for America isn’t usually what’s best for the African diaspora. As the author makes abundantly clear, most African-Americans aren’t thinking geopolitically, and can’t think outside of their blind adoration for Obama.


My Response

Dear Kulture Kritic:
I recall running across your blog a while ago but, to be honest with you I don't recall the sentiment that I was left with back then.
Let's try to frame your argument - by placing it upon the BIGGER PICTURE.
1) Last year the United States and NATO (using 5 African Colonizers" ran an International Coup" in the African nation of Libya.
1a) Just as Belgian King Leopold II justified his invasion of The Congo 100 years ago as a "Humanitarian Mission" (look it up), so too did the American President justify his actions
1b) While progressive icon Ella Baker focused upon east Africa during her day to protest against the Italians attempting to colonize Ethiopia - no progressive wondered if the Italians had a more honorable agenda in 2011.
1c) Just as the iconic Patrice Lumumba was not actually KILLED by the American CIA forces but was handed over to "the natives" to do the actual execution - so too was it the case that American aircraft tracked Gaddafi's convoy, firing upon it and allowing the "natives" to do the actual killing.  We have have advanced from the still pictures of Lumumba's capture and today we have full motion video in HD that no American killed the deposed leader of Libya
INDEED things have CHANGED
2) Fast forward to September 11, 2012.  4 Americans were "MURDERED" in an American counsel building.   The very same American news media that told us about the "Humanitarian Mission" without investigating the veracity of this claim - told us that a YOUTUBE VIDEO was the motivating force around the "Murderous Attack" upon the American property.
3) We found out that the 3 Americans, besides the Ambassador, were CIA AGENTS embedded in the African nation of Libya.
Kulture Kritic - as a long time watcher of "Democracy Now" and Amy Goodman - for some strange reason the scrutiny of the CIA's insurgent action that was seen when Democracy Now covered - right wing governments in South America or the CIA antics in Haiti OR when Margaret Thatcher's son deployed a group of mercenaries to fly from South Africa to some unknown destination in West Africa.............there was a sudden lack of INTELLECTUAL CURIOSITY that fell upon Democracy Now and the "Muckraking" Progressive Press on the subject of the CIA's role in Libya and the drone bombings by the CIA in Yemen and Pakistan.
Indeed things have CHANGED.
If only it ended there.
4) We see that in the time in which the consciousness of  "Real NBA Ex-Housewives Making Love And Hip Hop In Atlanta" has dominated our culture - it took a "3AM BOOTY CALL" by the 4 Star General - CIA commander before the AMERICAN PRESS found something interesting in the American Foreign policy - TODAY.
INDEED things have CHANGED.
Now, KK, let us return to Dr Susan Rice, ambassador to the United Nations.
Do you notice that in your set up to the story your definition of a RENEWED OBAMA is characterized in his fight against REPUBLICANS.
It seems that for you the "Fight Against The American Republicans" trumps any capacity or concern that you have that the AMERICAN GOVERNMENT might be doing the very same things that you likely found imperialistic and reprehensible when there was unfavorable leadership.
I might even be made to wonder if you have adopted the logic:  "Since there are no Anti-War/Anti-Imperialistic Protest Marches" - that nothing that the US Government is doing now is OFFENSIVE to my Progressive Sensibilities" - therefor - the lack of other people in good standing PROTESTING must mean that all is well on the home front.
I am struggling to figure out why "President Obama's promised COVER FOR DR SUSAN RICE" was enough to appease you?   Does the fact that Fox News is driving this story BUT MSNBC is spiking affirm or tarnish the veracity of the entire issue?
My project, by the way, is the 'LOOK BEYOND THE STAGE' where Obama is standing and TURN TO LOOK INTO THE AUDIENCE (of Black people) and note how our community is NOW reacting to the exploits of the US Government - now that a "favorable face" has been affixed to it.
I must assume that you now believe that the American CIA is now a "force for good" around the world and that you have burned your "Confessions Of An Economic Hit Man books" that once was featured prominently on your bookshelf? 

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