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Kudos And Advice For "The Natural Born Conservative" With His Economic Analysis

The Natural Born Conservative: US Jobs Deficit Sticks At 11.6 Million In October

Fellow blogger Larry Walker Jr displays a high level of understanding for economic analysis in his posts.

We live in a world where "two sets of books" are kept:

  1. The books for POLITICAL Manipulation purposes for the masses (on both sides)
  2. The ledger of Painful Truth, viewed by those with a more sober outlook of what we face
The chart above is not a POLITICAL chart, its date range clipped in order to make an argument contrasting "the Good Guy's performance" against "the Bad Guy's performance".    On its face it represents a dispassionate documentation of the truth about our condition as a nation.

Surely companies did as individuals did in the face of the "Great Recession": with grave concerns for our future economic outlook they shed jobs in order to reduce their costs and exposure.   Many of them went too far.  As their outlook improved and real demand justified their decisions - they added jobs.  Their desire to retain certain standards of quality and certainly the push back from the "lucky workers" who kept their jobs but were doing the work of 3 people - all converged to put pressure on the addition of new labor resources.

The jobs lost in one discrete "interval of time" but which come back in another interval of time are NOT "Net New Jobs".   They are but a return to previous levels, just like a blade of grass that springs back after being trampled upon by a footstep.

My criticism and guidance for Mr Walker is that he "De-Obama-fy" his analysis.  Of course it is "fair game" to have "long memory" of what a politician has promised and then counter-check his words with the facts that are exposed over time.  When a new occupant enters the White House Mr Walker's critics will inspect him for his consistency.

At the same time the more conservative position is that THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES does not "create jobs".  My argument is - If we have a more dynamic and decentralized economy (which we do) then it is a tactical mistake to focus on the "central command and control figure" - like the president.  It ultimately plays in the hands of the people who DO WANT a centrally governed economy.

When Obama proposed a $384 billion jobs package that promised 2.5 Million jobs - those who live vicariously through him saw the GOP block the bill and now - GUESS WHAT - their talking point is "IF the GOP did not hate Obama - our unemployment rate would be far better than 7.9%."

Of course they don't and can't talk about the 4 years of $1.2 Trillion deficits that the ill-fated jobs program and other initiatives have generated.
When your goal is VENERATION or DECERTIFICATION - the "economics of scarcity" - in this case the debt situation - gets taken off the table during this "knife fight" between partisans.

I am a critic of economists that use their specialized talents as a tool to advance their partisan interests.  (I am thinking of two right now but it is immaterial for me to mention them).  They understand how to craft an intelligent sounding argument that flies above the head of the "commoners".   Many are not bound by the grand destruction of their past theories.  They merely provide fodder for the present argument.

Despite what many of you might believe (that I am a hypocrite in this department) THIS BLOG FOCUSES ON "THE BLACK COMMUNITY" and the forces that bear down upon it.   
I talk LESS ABOUT OBAMA than I do about the COMPROMISED INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY that those who favor Obama and "Live Vicariously Through Him" enact upon our institutions.   I worry less about Commander In Chief Obama launching what he said was a "Humanitarian Mission" upon an African nation than I do that many JingOists BOUGHT IT and then gave themselves a "High 5" as the "3am phone call" was "answered" to give permission for the US Military and NATO coup.

It is better for Mr Walker to use these economic tools to establish a common baseline upon which all "combatants" can have a conversation.   I don't believe that the "Natural Born Conservative" blog is limited to "the Black Community" - but with respect to how economics (and the manipulation therein ) plays a significant part in the "political discourse" that transpires within our community and its "Perpetual Struggle" - it is advisable that he lay out a a CORE of economic fact and then apply his analysis and editorial in a separate section.

The reason for this is because a Black person who already wants to support "The Establishment Power" and then see so many "Obama references" peppered throughout the "data section" has a high propensity to throw out the entire body of works because they have a low threshold in their choice to see it as a "Hit Job Against Obama".

It is TRUE that our people have compromised our well documented desire for LOCAL ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT. There is no doubt that a long stated goal of the "Black Racial Services Machine" has been to make the "Black Unemployment Rate" EQUAL to that of the National Average.  (Which is, of course different from "The White Unemployment Rate").  YET during these strange times - in which our rate is DOUBLE - instead of grievances about how this gap has been stubbornly persistent we see the official line as being "HOPEFUL AND PLEASED with the TRAJECTORY - THANKS TO OBAMA'S POLICIES".

I am well aware of the far larger slate of Black Progressive-Fundamentalist blogs and "official" Black news outlets that do not even bother to use transparent charts and data tables in that their only objective is Pro-Progressive Fundamentalist propaganda.  

The fact still remains that in as much as Black people are still aware of the TRUTH about our present conditions (in our communities) - as the gap between this truth and what is POPULARLY GALVANIZED within the context of the "Perpetual Political Struggle" (which uses "Keep Your Enemy On Trial To Avoid Indicting The Establishment That You Gave Your Valuables To Before" ) expands - INTELLECTUALLY HONEST BLACK PEOPLE will be seeking out TRANSPARENT MODELS that have been erected - to assist them in constructing a more DEFENSIVE disposition against the EMBEDDED CONFIDENCE MEN that seek to draw our people's "Struggle" into the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" - as they see that we are merely being USED, MANIPULATED and our future development hopes MOLESTED for short term advantage.

In as much as the aggregate national economic stats are really just aggregations of LOCAL ECONOMIC ACTIVITY AND DEVELOPMENT - it is the duty for anyone who claims to be interested in producing ORGANIC COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT FOR THE BLACK COMMUNITY, through the HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTIONS that are constantly fought over via politics to focus on limiting their scope to these local institutions, making sure that they are run with the highest amount of integrity.  

This strategy, compared with the perpetual "Boil The Ocean Scheme" known as "Nationalized Social Justice" has a greater chance of instilling COMPREHENSIVE, ENDURING and TRANSFERRABLE "culture of competency" to other "diasporatic concentrations" of our people - across town, across state, across the nation, across the globe. 

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