Monday, November 19, 2012

John McWhorter's Nighttime Ride Warning Of Racism's Demise Is A Few Months Late

Daily News: John McWhorter: Let’s face it: Racism is dying / Liberals have to wake up to reality

A charitable reading of Dr McWhorter's latest article which tells of the "Demise Of Racism" would cast him as an honest fellow who dared to go against the grain of "prevailing progressive thought".   He uses the example of President Obama's reelection - thus thwarting the planning of "the Republicans who met up in a restaurant in Washington DC on the day that President Obama took the oath of office".

The failure of Dr McWhoter's argument is that he focuses on the FORCES OF RACISM but can't bring himself to go into the "Dark Matter" realm and make note of the more effective forces of the "FORCES OF FRAUDULENT CHARGES OF RACISM" - who's goal is to perform "Systematic Racism Chasing".

The most gross oversight of Dr McWhorter is his failure to start out with the very definition of RACISM.  We were told that it was the composite of:

  • Hatred / Bigotry based upon racial distinctions
  • The POWER to impose these thoughts upon another group of people.
When someone can explain to me how "The President Of The United States" can be a VICTIM OF RACISM, when BY DEFINITION he has the POWER to execute "American Foreign Policy/ Economic and Military POWER" per the enumerated powers of his office.

Dr McWhorter walked up to a door in his argument but failed to open it.   While the Office Of The President - indeed has the powers that are listed above - today we have Black people LIVING VICARIOUSLY THROUGH BARACK OBAMA as the "WE are in the White House" meme is executed upon.    Thus it is not President Obama receiving RACIST TAUNTS - there are Black Progressives who have never had such an attachment to an occupant of this seat of power that they express the "Soft Tissue Injury Of Racism".  No X-Ray/MRI/CT Scan will ever detect the source of this pain.  It can only be relieved when the CONSCIOUS MIND that controls this pain lets go of it because it is a lead weight to their own development.

If Dr McWhorter had more insight he would shift from telling us about the demise of the Tea Party and instead focus upon:

  1. The demise of the "African Nationalist Defense Forces" who got caught with their pants down as the US-lead NATO waged an Imperialist coup upon "The Motherland" - the land that they vowed to give their lives to defend from further molestation at the hands of imperialists
  2. The demise of the FAKE FRONT which is voiced by the outrage that the Black unemployment rate being twice that of White Americans is the result of racism in the labor force.  Instead as the rate fell from 16.x down to 15.x we were told about the "favorable TREND that these favorable presidential policies" have transacted.  We were told that government austerity programs impact Black people disproportionately.  We are never told how the Koreans manage to set up retail outlets that produce jobs and revenues for "their own kind" INSIDE of the Black Community - the claim of "racism" irrelevant to their ability to service consumer demand
  3. The demise of the Civil Rights Organizations as they have transformed into Civil Rights Pharisees.  They still dress in the choir robes and "Jesus collars" that were worn in the past.  Instead of focusing on "Ninjas Who Got Themselves Kilt" and Miseducation of Black people - with in both cases the GUILTY PARTY BEING EQUAL, they now run a protection racket by which they never sue their friends that are in power.   The Black killer of a Black person competes with their notion that there are too many Black people in jail.  Thus, in both cases, their propensity to "Struggle" for the protection of the Black community is nullified by their interests in growing and retaining POWER on behalf of their ideological entrapment.

A recently widowed mother in metro-Atlanta tells her young daughter (who doesn't understand what happened to her father ) that her father "Is In A Happy Place In The Sky" .  There was no KLAN FORCE that rode in to the Black community on horses that dragged her husband out of the house and lynched him.   A STREET PIRATE, who's consciousness and respect for human life was forged from within the Black community, was the force that made this precious little Black girl into yet another specimen who will grow up within our community without a resident father in the house, through no fault of their own. 

The Malcolm X Political Football Game Is A Black Conscious Attention Filibuster Operation

There is no way to consume the products from "The Black Press" and conclude that MY frustration with it is due to:
  • MY "self-hatred" (Of Black people)
  • MY ideological bias (as a covert Black Republican)
If we operate on the assumption that Black People Are 100% Equal - then, the truth is, that the media bias that assumes that "Black people are damaged goods" and thus the dysfunction within the Black community is a matter of the continued manifestation of PAST RACISM.  It just so happens that they are always on the "right side of history" and will produce a fix - as long as we stay congregationally united.

The truth is - that these problems can only be MANAGED and MITIGATED out of existence.   

The problem then becomes - An organized scheme that constantly drives the Black community into a "congregationally unified force" - always striking outward to address problems on the inside - is going to hire PROPAGANDA MARKETING FORCES that promote their narrative.  The goal is to satisfy the tastes of the Black community - never to fundamentally challenge it so that more effective outcomes can be produced.

Until someone captures the damage to the "Black Community GOVERNANCE CULTURE" which is being stunted as our people's attention is being distracted - the scheme of "Systematic Racism Chasing" will continue. 

Dr McWhoter waited until after the election to write this piece.  With President Obama successfully elected - he knew that such a deposit that called out the fraud of "Systematic Racism Chasing" DURING the election would never cut through the propaganda of MSNBC and their claims of racism.

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