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John Hope Bryant - Allied With "The Problem" Rather Than Forcing "The Problem" To Change In Pursuit Of Better Outcomes

(Lifted from Booker Rising)

Let me clarify my opinion before I go on.

I don't have a problem with John Hope Bryant's activities in which he is talking up "the problem" with the economic habits among the poor.  Conversation for the purposes of providing a focus on issues in the course of developing a framework is a good idea.

Let's throw in the construct that you will not hear on other venues beyond this one: ESTABLISHMENT POWER.

While most can agree that former (government) establishment powers have failed to create the environments for success that Mr Bryant has talked about - I am not confident that people will be able to impart upon the GOVERNMENT OF THEIR OWN CHOOSING the label of "The Establishment Power That Has Failed To Develop Them".

With the concept of the distinction between "The Government" and "Your Political Party" (the proxy force that battles with the other 'Dung Producing Political Party' to take over control of the government) having been lost, GOVERNMENT has increasingly become a matter of "POPULAR POWER BY ATTRITION".

We all understand that a pure democracy in which the people in power can do what they choose in the majority leads to oppression.  This is why we are a "constitutional democracy", the process of law creation slowing down the whims of the people.  The point that we don't talk about in the same realm is the idea of the POWER OF THE MAJORITY TO DENY THAT THEY ARE A PART OF THEIR OWN PROBLEMS.  Put two dysfunctional party platforms into one box and allow them to manipulate the people, molesting their grievances into electoral wins - and - "what a surprise" - we have perpetual IGNORANCE produced in areas that both parties promised to provide prosperity and hope.

The problem that I have with John Hope Bryant's viewpoint (with knowledge of the company that he keeps as a multiplier of my suspicions) is that as this "Government Of The People" becomes the "Government That Is Failing To Develop The Least Of These" - his generalizations of "What The Government Must Do" will never reach the point of saying: "YOU harvested the people's hope to get into POWER, the Least Of These Are Still Among Us, therefore I MUST CHANGE MY BASIC ASSUMPTIONS about the problem and change course".

Did you listen to the audio report from "The Gifted Kids" on WRFG (The Progressive Information Station)?   Don't pay attention to the transactional requests that they have made from the society in the name of "Social Justice".   I ask that you focus upon the CONSCIOUSNESS and the forces that told them that they are in a present state of denied entitlement and WHO is responsible for making them whole.

I am not suggesting that Mr Bryant has the mindset of one of these children.   I am suggesting that - In as much as this consciousness will never lead to "Organic Productivity" FROM the people who think like this but wills surely produce a broad scale political coalition, who's bond is strong and who will be loud and activist - Mr Bryant is not likely to be the "Profile #1" - the person who listens to their views and responds like "fingernails upon a chalk board" - standing against such requests BECAUSE such a mindset produces dis-enablement more than grounds for organic competency development THROUGH the "free education" that they desire.   If "Free" was the gateway to a prosperous society Cuba would be Silicon Valley Island.

Speaking of Silicon Valley - a close grouping of highly educated individuals who's goal is to become famous and rich- first by knocking the present kings of Internet commerce off of their perch and then profiting from the "ad spend", subscriptions or the buy out offer.  In pursuit of fame and fortune they:

  • Apply the disciplined knowledge of the people into a productive form
  • They provide a platform upon which 
    • VALUE is produced for the customers
    • REVENUES are collected from consumers 
    • and SALARIES and BENEFITS are  distributed to the workers
    • a Tax Base is developed for the benefit of the cascading government entities from local to national 
The main criticism that I have with the "Gifted Children" is that there is ultimately a disconnection between their drive for EDUCATION and the tie into the course of how their community is to become DEVELOPED.  

When I highlight the present fate of "The SouthWest Atlanta Medical Center" - my analysis details the disconnectedness.   The previous drive to "take over the schools", placing favorable people in power was done for the sake of "dignity" in the curriculum that was to be taught in the schools and "POWER" in having "people who are favorable" in power.  Of course at the time Black people were treated to the notions that:  "By seeing people who LOOK JUST LIKE THEM on the ATLANTA SCHOOL BOARD.......Black students will begin to see themselves in these leadership positions".   This constant gravitational pull in the name of "Congregational Unity" is the same force that proves incompetent when THEY are "The Establishment Power" that logically must be fought against because it has failed to provide "Social Justice" to "the Least Of These".

Since Southwest Atlanta still have a need for health care that is now serviced by a few clinics that have come into the area but emergency care requires an ambulance ride outside of their community - few have noted the disconnection between the schools which are charged with molding our young people into productive citizens and the continuing needs that exists despite the "Mission Accomplished" state.

Since "the Struggle" (and the fight against the Right-Wing) has a stronger pull upon Black people than the normal spirit of protection of one's own self interest (verbalized in "Where Is My Money That I Gave To You?  Somebody Is Going To Get Cut Up In Here!!!") - the investments from the Black community over time with the present failure to abate the need for more health care services at more affordable prices - (and we can throw in the abatement of "racism in health care delivery" because a Black person is providing the care) - is allowed to continue, with no one getting fired for failing Black people BECAUSE the Black Racial Services Machine successfully shifts the indictments UPWARD and OUTWARD - where ever the right-wing enemy now resides.

My criticism of John Hope Bryant is the same as my criticism of "The Black Republican" (I am not calling Bryant a Republican.  In fact I am quite sure that he is not based on his friends).   The Republican is selling his PARTY.  Mr Bryant is selling his NEW ECONOMIC THINKING.  In both cases they want The Least Of These to like what they are selling, to the point that they lose their ability to define the "second hand shake" in the transaction among equals.

After years of "selling" but an insufficient number of the congregational recruits "biting" - they are forced to redouble their efforts - asking the institution that they are selling to REFORM ITSELF, making itself more attractive to the customer base.

John Hope Bryant - What Is The COST To Black People - 100 Years From Now - For Rejecting Your Economic Message

(Note - I am not asking the same question to the "Republican Who Is Black" as we have a problem with "The Black Consciousness" having been hijacked by "The Malcolm X Political Football Game".  Recruiting Blacks into the "SEC" football conference to play the game  is NOT going to fix our problems any more than getting some of the Bloods to join the Crips to equalize their numbers will stop gang wars)

I believe that Mr Bryant's flaw is that he is so intent on SELLING his new vision of how "The Least Of These" should think about their economic governance that he can't bring himself to consider the active forces that are keeping them as they are by usurping their "Black Community Development Consciousness".

With the Presidential Election behind us - is there anyone with a clue that would believe that the ENGINEERING of threats, priorities and promises that filtered into the Black community was ACCIDENTAL?

None of this was accidental.
Forces who know how Black people think and how to place our people on the "Racial Defensive" did so because their job #1 was clear.
Black people are NOT GOING TO VOTE REPUBLICAN!!!!    Black people NEED TO VOTE!!!   You don't get the Black voter percentages up unless you rile Black people up - with the awareness of an "Existential Racial Threat" - the Right-Wing (stealing your right to vote, stealing your health care, RACIST against the Black President).

Now lets move off of Politics and back to the area that Mr Bryant wants to focus upon - Organic Competency Development Within The Black Community - that expresses itself in ECONOMIC ADVANCEMENT.

What if these two worlds collide?  
Since Mr Bryant is ultimately talking about GOVERNANCE/MANAGEMENT over our financial resources and outlook - taking control over what you have in your hands so that it will produce more fruit over time.  

What happens when a competitive set of notions attempt to enter the same time and space?  "YOU are being DENIED your fortunate and your desired standard of living BECAUSE the SYSTEM that was created on your backs to exploit you needs to be reconfigured so that you receive what you have a contractual agreement to receive - in line with this nation's promise"?  

To be clear - Mr Bryant is promoting GOVERNANCE.   The Social Justice meme is promoting GOVERNMENT and the confiscation and redistribution process in the name of "Fairness".

Since, in the interview, Mr Bryant's sensitivities provoked him to tell us that "More White people are on Welfare than Black" - I am not sure that he would be willing to detail the OPPORTUNITY COSTS suffered by the Black community - as a result of shifting our "center of gravity" outside of our community and toward a battle with larger forces who are said to be denying us our grace and contentment.

I don't have the confidence that Mr Bryant will ever reach the point of seeing that these forces that have a strong grasp upon "The Black Community Development Consciousness" - that abdicates its own failures in developing our people, which constantly harvests our community grievances into VOTES for their joint venture - AS A THREATENING FORCE to the DEVELOPMENT of Black people.  A threat that, itself, needs to be MANAGED, REGULATED and CURTAILED from having its unchecked access to "The Black Community Consciousness Nucleus".

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