Thursday, November 15, 2012

Is There Any "Code Enforcement" From Fellow Progressives As "Dream Bling" Is Appropriated For "Cross Marketing" Purposes?

OK, fair enough.

I never begrudge anyone from applying THEIR OPINION in a way that projects their "free speech" rights.

The notion is that Dr King's "Dream" of racial equality and justice ----- is going to be carried forward by President Obama.

For Black people, in MY view, this dream is:

  1. Safe Streets
  2. Quality Education
  3. Thriving Local Economies
  4. Healthy Lifestyles And Relationship Outcomes
  5. Achieving All Of The Above Via Properly Aligned Community "Human Resource Development Institutions"
  6. Through The People Who Will Be The Net Consumers Of This Higher Standard Of Living.

Then I click upon the web site: My True American Dream

And I see that it is a mix of Newt Gingrich and news about a lady who injected "cement into her butt cheeks".

After years of having the (real) "Civil Rights Movement" turned into a political party power movement - today we see the "boycott meme" used - NOT against companies and individuals (ie actors) that have denied access to "Public Accommodations" or physically assaulted anyone BUT as a means of "economic bullying" and thuggism.

The shameful part of it all is that EVEN THOUGH these new targets prove what I have suspected - "The forces of Civil Rights - today only wear the cloaks of their former selves because it still imprints upon the minds of their congregation" - I also have a broader understanding of what is going on because I listen to "Black Wing Grievance Talk Radio".

Those who AGREE WITH YOU, regardless of them being able to succinctly tell you why or even if they arrive in the same place through tortured logic - is the desired outcome.   This also means that if a "Twitter Petition" can be used to direct a mass gathering toward a particular target - EVEN IF this comes at the expense of many "Unmanaged Resources" that the group has walked past on their way to the rally against the enemy - the drive for "Congregational Unity" for the sake of unity means that no one in the crowd will bother to question the priorities.

As a result we have a "Boycott Donald Trump Movement".    Even though Black Entrepreneur George Frazier sent out a message last year telling about the potential contract opportunities that the Killing Of Gaddafii will open up in Libya - no one in his ranks will question how his latest call to "Boycott The Donald" squares with his past support for "US Imperialism In Africa". 

My Choice Is To Not Venerate Anyone When Those Who Animate Their Carcass Seek To Manipulate The Congregation

Although it might be "highly offensive" to some for me to note that the "Civil Rights Heroes" that once kept the Black community safe from attacks now have their names posted atop of street signs that are the crime scenes were Black people attacked by people who's consciousness was formed in these same communities, I use this as a perfect example of the misappropriation and manipulation that I speak of.

When "veneration" becomes a ritualistic exercise to "move the crowd" - then it is incumbent upon those who "keep their eyes on the prize" to turn away from the "hand motions" and rituals of the Pharisees and instead return to their own understand of the community interests, putting the "Tongues Speakers'" interpretations to the side. 

The tales of the "intrinsic dignity" of Black people - that many of us have been inculcated with - has been replaced in my mind by the knowledge of the need to FIGHT to protect such a standard as "The Embedded Confidence Men" have no such intention to uphold anything IF it means a unilateral disarming.

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