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In The Global Warming Induced Super Storm Hurricane That They Admit Is Destroying The Black Male By Sucking The "Social Justice" Heat Out Of Their Bodies .......The Black Progressive Fundamentalist Is Always Quite Pleased With Their Own Rescue Effort Saying "Good Job Blackie!" - Part 1

This post was motivated by my viewing of "The Tavis Smiley Show" - with guest Dr Robert K Ross of the California Endowment.

As usual, as they note the crisis that is engulfing "The Least Of These" in the Black Community - the Progressive Fundamentalists always give themselves high marks on the fabulous job that they are doing.  Then they give a prescription of how the expanded Progressive Public Policy Changes that they are perpetually struggling for are needed to effect the actual fix.

Due to the fact that Dr Ross made mention of Michelle Alexander and "The New Jim Crow" as well as heaping praise upon George Soros' "Open Society Foundation" (There it is again - lurking inside of the Black community's institutions) - I need to take a  quick diversion to get out two diagrams that I have had in draft form.  

Michelle Alexander And The New Jim Crow - My Book Report That Is Late

When I purchased "The New Jim Crow" book and set out to read it, please recall, I told  you that my mission WAS NOT to try and refute anything that Michelle Alexander had written in her "history book" and her narrative of "the problem".

The task that I gave to her was to define how SHE HAS CHANGED since I first was introduced to her (and Van Jones) in the documentary "The American IN-Justice System".   If you recall I watched the DVD that startled me with its "Wag The Dog" outlook.

If logic holds, then, since "The Criminal Justice System" is CREATING CRIMINALS - then as the "Bayard Rustin - VOTE Your Way Into Community Salvation" scheme (by advancing Progressive Public Policy) takes hold - then we should be seeing improvements in these areas that Ms Alexander and other "Prison Planet" people focus upon.

Since the DVD (and even the book) there has been a record number of Progressives that have been placed in power as:

  • State District Attorneys
  • Federal Judges 
  • Local District Attorneys & Assistants
  • Local Police Chiefs / Sheriffs 
  • Municipal and Circuit Court Judges
  • City Councils / Legislatures
  • Mayors / Governors

We even have a Black Progressive US Attorney General, a renewed Civil Rights Division, a Black Director of the US Bureau of Prisons and of course - A Black President

In most of these cases "The Black Vote" has strongly affirmed their placement into these positions of power, and/or reelection.
SURELY we should be able to go out to where actual Black people live and make note of improvement that is commensurate to the "Valuables" and Hope" that the Black community has invested in search for a brighter day when it comes to "Justice System Justice"?

This diagram sufficiently models the construct that I have been carrying around in my head - months after completing "The New Jim Crow" book.

I WILL NOT impart MY OPINION as to IF the book that has been so widely acclaimed by people who I admit to have strong ideological disagreements with AND who hold the dominate position of influence over Black Americans today.

I no longer wish to have a POPULARITY BATTLE with them whereby I am asked to deliver to the Black Rank & File a counter offer that they will accept - all without having to ponder how their PRESENT PREVAILING CONSCIOUSNESS might prevent them from making an objective appraisal - and, worse yet, how it might be part and parcel of the reason why they stay steady and UNIFIED in the course that they are following.

The Agents Of Social Justice Should Not Be Appraised For Their Intentions But By The Valuables That They Have Harvested From The Least Of These AND IF They Are Developing Into "The UN-Least Of These"

The next construct that I need to put forth is the observation that the run for "Social Justice" CAN NOT BE ALLOWED to remain OPEN ENDED lest those who embedded themselves inside of the congregation of "The Least Of These" continue to PRETEND that they are agents of grace and altruism while they people are lulled into blindness to the fact that THEY TOO ARE SELLING a platform of notions that must be vetted - as being distinct from the consumers greater interests of being healed.

Today's Progressive-Fundamentalists know that "The Least Of These" are more prone to feeling wanted and provided with hope.   As the forces that transact upon their emotions de jure - they also tend to obfuscate the longitudinal trajectory that the people are traveling upon.


Just because YOU don't recognize the OPPORTUNITY COST - does not mean it is absent.  

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