Wednesday, November 21, 2012

In The Resignation Of Rep Jesse Jackson Jr (D-IL) - Do Not Watch Him - Keep An Eye On The Black Press Coverage

I take no joy in noting the resignation of Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr from the US Congress amid a cloud of controversy.

While I disagree with his ideological contention that the US Constitutions should be expanded to include certain enumerated "Social Justice Rights" I have nothing against him personally.

 (I would love to see WHO would be held in contempt of the new constitutional right to "Quality Education" in a case where the parents of a particular child are seen to be the key force that is blocking the receipt of 'quality' education.   This merely proves that some things are  a matter of GOVERNANCE and can never be accomplished by legislative and executive fiat. )

Do Not Look At Jesse Jackson Jr - Keep Your Eye Upon The "Black Press / Media / Blogs"

I have already marked up this weeks edition of "The Final Call" (a syndicate of the NNPA).

This edition went out prior to today's resignation.  They had an article predicting it.

The article went on to detail how PLEASED Jackson's constituents are with his representation over the years.  

While the late Rev Hosea Williams proclaimed himself the "only politician to get elected while he was in jail on election night" (for protesting something) - Jesse Jackson Jr who did not have to campaign in this general election win, got over 60% of the votes in his district and thus is the first elected official to win office while in a mental clinic.

The article began to cast the cover of the "Black Progressive Protective cover" - as it made mention of:

  • How the history of the purging, witch hunts and racism suffered by BLACK ELECTED OFFICIALS that the White Establishment sought to run out of power - makes Black people skeptical of any corruption charges filed against Black officials
  • How the news media likes to negatively tear down elected officials and it is wise to look beyond their agenda and inspect the record of a Black politician by your own measure
I did not hear any mention that the "FBI" and "Justice Department" that is focusing on this "Black Politician That The PEOPLE Voted Into Power" - is ultimately lead by another BLACK MAN who is the US Attorney General who reports to a BLACK PRESIDENT who is a DEMOCRAT that many Black people live vicariously through.

The Black Press Will Be In A "Defensive Containment Mode" And Not An "Expansive Attack Mode"

It should come as no surprise to anyone that - per my observations - "The Black Press/Media" is a net corrupt force in protection of the INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY and "Transparent Governance" of the Black Community.    They are merely the "press officers" of "The Ideological Agenda" that is being run "In Black Face".

With the proven notion of "Keep Your Enemy On Trial So You Don't Have To Indict Your Friends" at play in all that they do - they will show no appetite to:

  • Make inferences about this instance of a.....
    • Black 
    • Progressive
    • Democrat
    • From Chicago
.....and then seek to put together a pattern of behavior based upon any one or any combined fusion of these key elements above.

Simply put - THEIR GOAL IS NOT to Protect The Black Community's Permanent Interests".  Their goal is to PROTECT the "Progressive Franchise" WITHIN The Black Community.

It is more likely that a Right-Wing Republican politician or media operative will make some reference to "Chicago Corruption" and then MSNBC's Chris Matthews will lead with the claim of RACISM and then the "Media Matters" Twitter Friends will begin to propagate the same message.

We may hear the compulsory questions of "Why did you go out so CHEAPLY (a $40,000 watch and a few thousands in home remodeling) when the corrupt White people get backed with MILLIONS?"   

Republican Randall Duke Cunningham - Sets The High Bar For Congressional Malfeasance At $2.4 Million In Personal Proceeds Upon His Take Down - Why Do "OUR" People Go Out For So Cheap (Why Do The Investigative Authorities Mess With Our People For Pennies On The Dollar When They Mean So Much To 'Us'?  Don't They Have Better Things To Do Like Focus Upon Wall Street?)

The VOICE Of "The Least Of These" Will Be Lost - "WHY Was OUR MONEY Squandered On Personal Items?  Why Did Rep Jackson Believe That He Could Get Away With It FROM US?"

Yesterday I told you that - When it comes to EDUCATION for Black people - during the time that a "Favorable Person Is In Power" - the typical disposition of "This is not enough.  You have no respect for Black Community Development because (as Tavis Smiley says) ' A BUDGET is a Moral Document' " - we here these same Black press operatives turning on their "Marketing Mode". 

They go beyond the standard "Filibuster Check List Of Accomplishments" - in which they remove the minimum threshold for inclusion in order to make an impression with the length of their list into faux criticism.     "If The Administration had any sense they would become MORE EFFECTIVE AT TELLING THE BLACK COMMUNITY ALL THAT THEY HAVE DONE TO HELP BLACK PEOPLE."  In truth they are merely vying for what was granted to Oliver Willis - an opportunity to meet the President based upon "loyal hackery".

As with the municipal scandals in Detroit (Kwame Kilpatrick)  and Philadelphia (Ron White) - it soon becomes clear that IF the local constituency were the "sole sheriff" that they would opine that the value of the person with power exceeds his indiscretions and thus some mix of "subjective blindness" and the phrase: "WHY is it that CORRUPTION has only now become important when Black people, who have been watching it from the outside for 200 years, are now in the rungs of power?"

The function of the Black Progressive Press is NOT to call out the favorable people in power for using "The people's money" in such a way.  Their role is to get the masses to SEE A PATTERN by which the people that they voted for are constantly under attack - and thus "Don't believe the hype".

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