Tuesday, November 20, 2012

In Africa - The Secessionists Are Not Driven By Racism. The Attack On African INSTITUTIONS By Fellow Africans And Outsiders

Please listen very, very carefully to the words said in this audio report regarding the conflict in The Congo - Central Africa.

The key take away that I captured from the entire conversation is that various forces engaged in Africa work to undercut the INSTITUTIONS within various African nations.   This creates a void in an "Institutional Governance CULTURE" which in turn leads to serial dysfunction in various problem places.

When a government is unable to govern the plot of land under its control - and it fears that its military forces might wage a violent coup at any time - few other institutions that are typically built upon a stable, peaceful environment can be built up.

I typically talk about how chaos is the #1 enemy of female and children in any society - including in America.  When there are no INSTITUTIONS that can even make an attempt at achieving a lasting peace the effect is amplified and indeed stretches across the generational synapses.

Those who practice the "False Religion Of Black Americanism", scheming to achieve some legislative and execute end that they hope will deliver upon some grand promise - are no less prone to disrespect the importance of a "Institutional Governance Culture" that must endure, regardless of the change in dynamics of their location or religious/racial/tribal mix.

Since the Western calendar reads 2012 but the Chinese calendar says that it is 4709 and the Hebrew calendar is 5773 - to me this strongly suggests that the "human animal" is a product of some POPULAR HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE that can rise up and define the "History" that the masses will adopt.

What if this world and the human experience is a series of cycles by which great societies are built up but then collapse under the weight of man's ability to destroy what has been built up?    Should the Black American be more concerned with his INSTITUTIONAL GOVERNANCE CULTURE that he has intact when "The Must Stops" in the system that he had fully engaged his people into?

If we accept that the vulnerability that left the African to the whims of various invaders also translated in the gutting of the native culture that was in place - is there any value for us to consider how TODAY'S aggregate actions in various regions in Africa insure a fate that is little different than the past?

Does "I Know Who Did This To Us And THEY Are Going To Pay" a superior construct to the fundamental need to DEFEND ONESELF - regardless of the treachery or self-justification that these invasive species conjure up as a justification?
Does the fact that TODAY those who practice the "False Religion Of Black Americanism" were seen CHEERING as the USA and 5 African Colonizers, working under the guise of NATO blew up the entire NAVY and communications system of an otherwise sovereign nation prove that RACE is not the key point of distinction but perceived group interests can trump this?  How do you explain the Americanized "Slaves" that traveled on Slave Ships to capture some "African Savages"?


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