Wednesday, November 07, 2012

If Only The White Progressive Cheshire Fox Would Break The Same News To The Black Community About The Progressive Media

A few weeks ago I noted how journalist Elenore Clift said something to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas that she would NEVER say to a "Protected Black".

Today we have AJC''s progressive fundamentalist Jay Bookman who could not bring himself to tell the Black Community about the next swarm of "Paid Blacks" that work for media corporations with the purpose of feeding "The Blacks" self-chum

Conservative media betrayed, failed its audience

And Conor Friedersdorf, writing in The Atlantic, asks why so many of his conservative colleagues were shocked and surprised last night, given that the outcome had been predicted for weeks by polls and expert analysis.
His conclusion: Because under the business model employed by the right-wing media at Fox News and elsewhere, it is more profitable to tell conservatives what they want to hear, not what they need to hear.

Does any White progressive look at "The Grio", "The Root" or "Obama's Rolex Watch With Roland Martin" AND THEN LOOKS AT the CONDITION OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY INSTITUTIONS and then really believes that SLAVERY and JIM CROW RACISM are the reasons for our present condition?

AGAIN - despite the long time definition of RACISM as "Bigotry and POWER" combined - for the first time in American history an AMERICAN PRESIDENT who had no examples of White soldiers refusing to carry out AMERICAN FOREIGN POLICY at his bequest - was said to be VICTIMIZED BY WHITE RIGHT-WING RACISM that looked derisively upon him.

What few people cared to note is that when various Military Operations were carried out under Commander In Chief Obama - THE LEFT looked toward THE RIGHT and demanded that they VENERATE OBAMA AS AN "EQUAL AMERICAN IMPERIALIST".    They gave us tales of Obama's EFFICIENCY rather than debating JUSTIFICATION (Libya, Yemen and Drones)

The Right-wing has little self-perception of where they stand.   As a result they are now debating LIBYA from the perspective of the attack on Benghazi, trying to indict Obama.

FOR ME - I make note that THE AMERICAN CIA IS IN AFRICA but the "Democracy Now LEFT" is silent about this latest episode of American covert operatives in otherwise sovereign nations.

IF Jay Bookman was interested in anything beyond transactional partisanship - he would wonder how the Anti-War left has compromised itself in support of Obama as the face of the US Military and Intelligence operations, failing to see that the US Government is largely doing what it has always done but now it sees how to appease the left.

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