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"Gifted" Black Progressive Students Provide Their Wish List For Social Justice

AUDIO REPORT: WRFG (The Progressive Information Station - Atlanta ) The Youth Speak - Nov 16 2012

Note when you listen to these "gifted" progressive Black students you must do so with the understanding that most of them attend a "Mission Accomplished" school system in Metro Atlanta.  Despite having "Favorable People In Power' after a long political struggle against the right-wing enemy - they STRUGGLE MORE.

National Student Bill Of Rights  (For Education & Social Justice)

  1. The right to a free public education shall not be denied or abridged on account of race, gender, disability, ethnicity,religion, poverty, sexual orientation, or place of residence. To secure the right to a free public education, other rights must be secured, namely:
  2. Students and youth shall have the right to safe and secure public school facilities of equal quality regardless of wealth,poverty, or place of residence.
  3. Students and youth shall have the right to free college education.
  4. Students and youth shall have the right to study curriculum that acknowledges and affirms the on-going struggle of oppressed peoples for equality and justice, and that addresses the real, material, and cultural needs of their communities.
  5. Students and youth shall be secure form arbitrary police searches and seizures and from arbitrary arrests and detentions without warrants.
  6. Students and youth shall have the right to establish systems of restorative justice in schools and communities, shall not be excluded from educational opportunities except by a jury of their peers, and shall not be charged for crimes as adults until the age of 18.
  7. Students and youth shall have the right to safe and secure housing.
  8. Students and youth have the right to healthy, high quality food regardless of wealth, poverty, or place of residence.
  9. Students and youth shall have the right to free health and dental care, including high quality public health and preventive care.
  10. Students and youth shall have the right to free public transportation for purposes of education, employment, family and community needs, or recreation.
  11. Students and youth shall have the right to employment to support themselves while they are in school and college.
  12. Students and youth with children of their own shall have the right to free day care for their children.
  13. Students and youth shall have the right to physical activity and recreation of high quality regardless of their wealth, poverty, or place of residence.
  14. Students and youth shall have the right to participation in arts, music, dance, drama, poetry, and technology of high quality regardless of wealth, poverty, or place of residence.


                            Those who listen to the enumerated views of these young people, believe them to be grounds for an oppressive society and thus oppose them - will be considered "Anti-Social Justice".

                            Those who understand that REGARDLESS of the fact that these policies will never be adopted AND if they ever are they would bankrupt a system as it shows that you can't stand in a bucket and lift yourself up by tying a string to the handle - understand that the CONSCIOUSNESS of these youth and their eventual BALLOTS can be captured if you don't tell them "No" but instead set them out against the first group of people above - are the ones that profit at a time when they should have their access to these human resources abridged so that no more damage can by done.

                            I will only make reference to the words of Republican Mitt Romney that OFFENDED so many Black Progressives because these are the "talk of the town".

                            It is my opinion that Mitt Romney was inaccurate with regard to his reference to "GIFTS Given" By President Obama.  His words lead to the notion that some material transaction of value from the government coffers were provided.   This was not the case.

                            President Obama's "GIFT" to the Progressive Fundamentalist Joint-Venture is that his presence in power, to them, paves the road through which the progressive secularist notions of "Social Justice" will be arrived at.   Obama's biggest gift was HOPE.

                            Unfortunately this "Hope" is largely untethered to the real world conditions WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY.

                            Again I must say - these are "Bayard Rustin's Grand Children".   The children of the people who bought into the notion that the Black Community will be healed through VOTING FOR OUR SALVATION.  

                            My observations that "Progressivism Is Inorganic" (it is a protest meme that can't stand by itself) is evidenced by the fact that despite achieving the front end goals that it set the Black community upon (Place favorable people into power over all of the seats in your community in order to implement PROGRESSIVE PUBLIC POLICIES) - these young children, who's parents have clearly imprinted upon their consciousness, have no perspective of this past success and thus they don't have the propensity to ask this same movement "WHERE IS MY MONEY THAT 3 GENERATIONS OF MY FAMILY HAVE GIVEN TO YOU?".

                            As you listen to the audio report and read the "Bill Of Rights" you must ask one question:  "Is There Any Perception Of WHO The ESTABLISHMENT POWER is?"

                            With these children from Metro Atlanta and one from Baltimore - can we agree that they have been educated by systems that are dominated by people of the choosing of their parents?

                            Now you would assume that this is a "Ozzie and Harriett" meets "The 60's Children" in which the children are rebelling.

                            You would be wrong.   The present administration of the school systems ARE the result of "The 60's Children" and Civil Rights Movement".   As "The Occupation" showed us - the 1960's Civil Rights Pharisees placed some "Dr Scholl's Foot Pads" in their shoes and too to the streets to support "The Occupation" - as long as they did not protest against the GOVERNMENT ESTABLISHMENT where these "Favorable People" now sit.

                            Thus, with this list above, it is critical that we ask:  
                            1. WHO ARE THEY ULTIMATELY PROTESTING AGAINST?  (But the people who fed them their Progressive consciousness"

                            The grand irony of the Social Justice movement in that it attempts to affix itself in "The Schools" and "The Church" is that it purports to focus upon "The Least Of These" - yet as it takes a firm grip on the "Human Resources Development Institutions And Cultural Directives" - it proves itself incompetent at creating "The Un-Least Of These".

                            It tells itself that "Education Is The Great Equalizer" - but when it becomes the "Establishment Power" that is failing to develop the young people it must practice "Establishment Power Repudiation" - finding some external right-wing threat that is:

                            • Denying it the Social Justice Financial Resources to enable it to provide quality education
                            • Right-Wing Regulatory agents that use the guise of poor academic results to strip "Favorable People From Power"
                            • School Choice Schemes that seek to break up the power of public school systems, channeling public money into service contracts for corporations 
                            • School Curriculum that is sculpted or blocked by external forces

                            Lump all of these points together - along with the "Why do you talk about our failing schools when you failed your schools in Massachussetts" - that got Mayor Nutter wild applause from poor Black people in West Philly when he pointed to Mitt Romney's governorship over the #1 rated state school system in the nation - and you begin to understand where we stand as a Black community:

                            THE EDUCATION SYSTEM FOR BLACK PEOPLE does NOT have the primary interest of EDUCATING AND DEVELOPING BLACK PEOPLE!!!! 

                            The combination of a government mandate for "free at the point of service" education and a flow of money translates into:
                            • A chance for the Adults to indict their enemies over the failure to educate Black children
                            • A chance for the Adults to channel this stream of money into favorable corporations
                            • A chance for the Adults to gain safe employment and seniority 
                            • A chance for the Adults to generate a new generation of young people with the "Right" consciousness - in line with their own

                            Sadly, the void in "Black Community Governance" allows this to go on.
                            As the recent fight over the "Georgia State Charter School Ballot Initiative" showed that the forces that dominate the school establishment have no plans what so ever to bow in accountability to the Black Community.  Instead they understand that by standing up a RIGHT-WING ENEMY as the THREAT TO "BLACK PEOPLE IN POWER" the prevailing present Black consciousness will believe that a RIGHT-WING RACIST who detests a BLACK PERSON IN POWER - must take precedence over the more rational question of: "WHERE IS OUR MONEY, 50 YEARS AFTER COLLECTING OUR VALUABLES, WITH THE PROMISES OF SOCIAL JUSTICE"?

                            The truth is that no Black person can blame the "Black Racial Services Machine" for their usurpation of the "Black Struggle" for their own agenda.  It is the Black Rank & File that failed to establish rules for engagement between their "street level" interests and those they have yielded their voice to in the 'American Political Domain' - where the Right-Wing is made into the enemy that is responsible for denying "Social Justice".

                            Until they learn to apply a "Time Line" and a "Position Measuring Tool" with their FRIENDS as they do their enemies - the lack of effective transaction in the education of our people will be of value to those who don't want to develop an effective  "Black Community Governance Culture"

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