Thursday, November 15, 2012

France's Anti-Austerity Leader - How His Critics And The Arguments They Use Sound Similar To The Forces In America

France growing more unhappy with new leader

How is France a "Black Community issue"?

Do not focus on the "transactions".
Read the article and then build a model of the arguments used inside and then apply these arguments to what you are likely to hear in the United States.

The key point that I don't understand is the argument in which AUSTERITY CUTS are either:

  1. Blamed for the present pain
  2. Blamed because - after 1 to 2 years of implementation - they have FAILED to provide the promised economic uplift.
Chalk this up to the mandate to take a "Time Line" and a "GEO-positioning tool" with you prior to entering a debate.

Europe - The Previous "Reference Point For What America Could Only One Day Hope To Be".

If you can't affix your debate opponent to a specific set of beliefs and promises that he has committed to - it is a waste of time debating.   REGARDLESS of the ESTABLISHMENT POWER he now occupies - the #1 goal of such a person will be to obfuscate and "repudiate" his POWER to be held accountable for the results that are at hand.

It should be an uncontested fact that various European nations already have the "Social Justice Infrastructure" that the American Progressive Fundamentalists are attempting to hoist upon America.  The promise of FAIRNESS as the guiding principle - trumping all other considerations is their operating mandate.

You have until November 15th 2012 to watch the full 1 hour episode of this video.

The key words that impacted me the most came from: Jacob Mchangama (Paraphrased)

  • Europe made POLITICAL choices at the time when it needed to make ECONOMIC choices
This morning I listened to a C-SPAN presentation from various economists affiliated with "Economists For Peace & Security".

When they insert the notions of "FAIRNESS" and "Income Inequality" into an economic debate you should understand how this is the same line of thinking that got Europe where it is.

My counter argument - made not just to debate them but to force 'The Least Of These" to consider what they are doing a bit more carefully is to place the arguments that I have been making for quite some time above what they have been listening to.    Instead of "FAIRNESS" and the assessment of the United States as an "unfair economy" - those who aspire a higher standard of living should adopt "ORGANIC DEVELOPMENT" - which the focus being on making absolute gains through the ORGANIZATIONS that they keep voting people into power to control.

Today we have long bypassed the rhetoric from forces like Bayard Rustin who claimed a "chicken in every pot" IF the voting bloc stayed together to make a run on behalf of the "progressive party".  

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