Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Elmo Is A Down Low Pedophile??? - The World Is Going To Hell When You Can't Even Leave Your Child Alone With A Sesame Street Character / UPS Halts All Donations To The Boy Scouts

Editorial Note:
Earlier this year I saw a documentary on Kevin Clash and his matriculation from a local puppeteer who made a visit to NYC and then linked up with "The Children's Television Workshop" and then Jim Henson and onward to do Sesame Street.  He was handed the Elmo character and then "took it and ran with it".

He is a married father with at least one daughter.  
He invites young people who are aspiring puppeteers, as he once was, into his studio so that they can be inspired to pursue their dreams - just as he was influenced by his elders.

There is no excusing what Mr Clash is accused of doing - having a relationship with a 16 year old male - KNOWING THE SENSITIVE POSITION that he is in - with relation to young people.

This is a fatal breach of trust.

I was proud of Mr Clash for rising through the ranks as he expressed his talents.
I am disappointed with Mr Clash that he "went there" as he did.  (He does not deny the relationship with the teenaged boy.  He only denies that it took place while the kid was below the age of consent.)

Sadly - as the two "Dung Producing Party Animals" were focusing upon the government funding to PBS AND they battled over:
  • Susan E Komen Foundation funding Planned Parenthood
  • The Catholic Church's Pedophile Scandal As Evidence Of Systematic Corruption In "Male Dominated Organizations"
  • The Boy Scouts failure to report alleged Pedophilia - another "Male Dominated Organization" 

This news about a relationship which has breached the ethics of an organization that should be held up with impeachable integrity will be interesting to watch as it is digested by the bitter partisans.

UPS (Package Service) Announces A Halt To The Boy Scouts Due To "Discriminatory Policies"

I will start making donations to the Boy Scouts to affirm their century long commitment to developing character in young men.

There is something seriously wrong with the character and priorities in this society.

The forces that are imparting increasing domination over our society call the Boy Scouts "discriminatory" yet no one calls them out on their INCOMPETENCE at:
  • Developing young males into MEN
  • Transferring their "Marriage Equality" talking point that was crafted to make an INDICTMENT into an increase in HETEROSEXUAL COUPLES who are going through the motions of a "married couple" to submit themselves to each other under the institution of marriage - so they TOO CAN OBTAIN THE "SOCIAL JUSTICE BENEFITS" OF A MARRIED COUPLE
  • Instead their grand scheme is to make "societal membership" at the individual level" the key qualifier - so then IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT your marital status is - "The State" is granting the same "Secular Progressive Social Justice" to everyone
When they get called upon their SCHEME (See Tavis Smiley on "Democracy Now") instead of DENYING it they:
  1. Point to all of the Americans who are dependent
  2. All of the "White folks" who are dependents
In their talking points they never tell you how their march toward Social Justice has a track record in DEVELOPING "THE LEAST OF THESE" into the "UN-LEAST OF THESE" - as the measure of their success in the eyes of "Their Jesus".

NOT ONLY Is America Going The Way Of The "MODERN GREECE & Rome (Italy)" Economically, Our Society And Culture Is Adopted More Of The Practices Of "Ancient Greece" (And Rome) Before Their Grand Collapse.



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