Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Economic Self-Interest Vs "Means Tested" Qualifications

Do Not Assume Any Bias On This First Artifact

This is the cellular wireless pricing program that I received from a grocery store that was in a "Black" community.

I saw that the pricing was more favorable than the present prepaid plan that I have for my young son.  I was plotting on switching out his phone to take advantage of it.

I got the brochure but did not notice the fine print:  "You May Qualify For Access Wireless IF You Participate In Programs Such as Food Stamps Or Medicaid"

When I went to the web page and saw the words "You May Qualify" I wondered why a cellphone company would make you "qualify" when they all are so desperate to steal each other's customers.  I did not notice the qualifications until I typed in my zipcode and saw the page above.

This must be the company that sets up the tents "around da hood" with the "Free Phones" signs.

I took a picture of one of them in the "Pittsburgh Community" several weeks ago. (Metropolitan Ave and University Dr).

I am neutral on this program.
I do not know if there is a financial relationship between "Access Wireless" and the federal government (or state Medicaid Programs).  If their goal is to sell "group buckets of minutes" to "Social Justice Program" participants at a discounted rate - I don't have a problem with it.

If the government is paying this company to provide individuals with a service for use in their private consumption this may cross the line but I have bigger issues with the $16T debt and the federal government's fraudulent economic and accounting scheme to worry that some poor people might be getting a discount.

At The Same Grocery Store I Notice That The $1 Cans Of Peaches Had The "WIC" Pricing And I Bought 10 Of Them

The fact that I purchased the store brand $1 peaches labeled "WIC Approved" instead of the popular brand that was $1.29 or $1.39 does not make me a willing participant in the "We Are All Socialist Now" grand outing attempt.

The lower price - which was not subsidized by the government made me purchase more than I would have otherwise purchased had the price been $1.29 per can.

The store did not have a "Cash Price" and a "SNAP Price"

This Is The Economic Threat That People Should Be Focused Upon

"Daddy why are you taking pictures of these women?  What if I told mommy?"

(Damn I got a little playa hater with me.  I'd better keep that in mind)

"When you go to the computer in the kitchen what web page do you usually see me on?"
"Booker Rising"
"OK.  Well just as you go to your 'Brain Pop' web site we adults have our web sites that we debate how Black people spend their money.   You've been to Jamaica and saw that some people don't live as good as you do.  Well many of the people in India are even more poor than that.

You know your little friend Sabina in your school (the Indian girl).  Well she has long hair that is thick.   Have you ever seen your sister's hair get 'split ends'?  "

"Yeah I have heard of that before"

"Well some Black women add chemicals to their hair and they put hot irons on their hair and damage it.  They like the hair that Indian women have because it is thicker and longer"

"There is another Indian girl named Desani (?).  She has long hair too"

"Well your friends have it better than most of the Indian girls back in India.  They have places where these girls can go to shave their heads to sell their hair.   They get paid $2.

Then the workers wash the hair, comb it and then package it up.   By that time that hair is worth $5 per package.

Then they ship it to the United States.   The Koreans buy the hair and then sell it in shops like this one."

"Yeah I know what a weave is"

"If these packs cost $40 a piece and you need 20 of them to - how much money does it cost?"


"No boy! Think before you answer.  You don't concentrate enough."

"Oh wait"

"The 4 is in the 10s column and the 2 is also in the 10s column.  So if strip away the zeroes and just do 4 times 2 you get what?"

"8.   Oh yeah.  I meant to say $800.  I thought you were saying $400 instead of forty".

When I post these pictures on the Internet I am trying to show people who always claim that Black people are poor because of RACISM that the bigger problem is that too many people spend money trying to make themselves feel good immediately rather than investing their money to build up something that will make them happy in the long run".

(All of this was a preemptive strike to prevent him from using any money that he receives for Christmas to purchase some new Lego kit rather than saving it for later in the year.)


The same material that frustrates plumbers in India that need to clear out the clogged drains of the people who are fortunate to have indoor plumbing can be BRANDED in a form akin to "XO Cognac" with a sparse amount of push back from the forces in the Black Press who are exploiting the same angle to enter into the unguarded "Conscious Nucleus" and thus they all play the "Don't Hate The Player - Hate The Game" that is used at the expense of ORGANIC  Black Community Economic Development.

The task is NOT TO protest against the Koreans.  
There is a need to "tighten up" the consciousness of the brain wave activity that is flowing beneath the sewn in Remi Hair.

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