Sunday, November 25, 2012

Don't Trust Blax History Service As A Legitimate Source Of History As We Are Solely Out For Profit And Manipulation: A Street Pirate Of Today Has Broken The Plate Glass Window Of William Monroe Trotter's 'The Guardian - Equal Rights League" Offices

In Boston (2009 w/ Patrick and Obama in power) - "The Guardian" suspends publication - sites its inability to raise capital through a bond sale to "White Wall Street Bankers" as the reason for its collapse

Blax News Fake Quoting Service:  Quote from the present day ownership on the last day of operation:

"Though we are saddened by this loss of a great oracle for quality journalism aimed at the Black community as we lift up the honor of Progressivism and fight against the Right-wing enemy, our base of customers should not see this as a loss but a transition.

Gone is the communication of 'social justice' for Black people using the vehicle of the printed page which came at the cost of so many trees that were cut down.  You do know that trees ingest green house gases.   The purchase of our paper and ink was one of the largest expense items in our budget.  We didn't have to pay our employees much as they were both 'connected with the cause' and unlikely to file a discrimination lawsuit against a progressive -owned business and then have to suffer the wrath of the community organizers for the offense of seeking to shut down a Black owned business that was not owned by a follower of Booker T Washington.

We ask that all of our subscribers transition over to the newer media for Black progressive news syndication - the pseudo-Black news and opinion web sites.   They have been taking away our journalistic talent for years and it is time for us to yield to their manifest destiny.

Even though we were independently owned and thus were not compelled to stray from our progressive fundamentalist calling - I trust the corporate media conglomerates that sign the paychecks of this new brand of Black progressive journalists.   As long as News Corp or the Koch Brothers do not start their own Black news web site - the Grio, the Root and AOL Blacks are worthy replacements for our beloved paper.

Our spiritual founder William Monroe Trotter would be proud that these news oracles - along with various Black Progressive blog sites have kept up his tradition of "Keep Your Enemy On Trial So You Don't Have To Indict Your Friends.".

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