Thursday, November 22, 2012

Documentary Series: The Real Human Rights Violations That The US Civil Rights Pharisees Drew The UN Election Monitors Away From - Former 1st Lady Of Ivory Coast Indicted For Post Election Violence, Legitimate Rapes And Murders


The only way to counter the (fraudulent) "Soft Tissue Injury Of Historical Racism  - that no X-Ray, MRI or CT Scan can note physical evidence of and thus it is left up to the VICTIM to agree to let go of his primary weapon: his  UNILATERAL INDICTMENT against his IDEOLOGICAL ENEMY is to highlight the  OPPORTUNITY COSTS suffered within the Diaspora which is left UNMANAGED / UNMITIGATED / UNATTENDED and BENIGN NEGLECTED as he agrees to focus his "Community Development Consciousness" in the present scheme in alliance with his "Political Defense Attorney Allies".  By showing that he is committing GREATER LONG TERM DAMAGE to his Permanent Interests as TIME PASSES BY but he squanders his "BLACK COMMUNITY GOVERNANCE CULTURE" for the marginal benefits that his  hoped for Salvation Via Social Justice  in the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" in the context of America will ever grant to him.

Today's challenge for the "Black American" is to go beyond the defined list of what a Black Person In Good Standing "SHOULD DO" / "SHOULD SUPPORT" over to:

What Must A "Conscious Negro Put A Halt To - Despite Its Popularity Among THE MAJORITY OF NEGROES Because He Understands That They Will NEVER Again See The VALUABLES That They Have Invested In The Confidence Scheme.

In The Ivory Coast - West Africa

Former First Lady Is Indicted By The International Court For The Post Election Violences, Rapes And Murder


African Nations must focus on getting the UNITED NATIONS and the INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURT - the "hell out of" their lands.

NOT by attacking the UN/ICC but BUILDING UP COMPETENT INSTITUTIONS WITHIN THEIR OWN RANKS and then DISMISSING these foreign invaders because THEY ARE NO LONGER NEEDED to keep the fundamental PEACE. 

The mistake would be to seek a "faux unity" by fighting the foreigners.  This does not produce the grounds for "Organic Competency"

From The LampBlack Yellow Journalist Press - Keep Your Enemy On Trial So You Don't Have To Indict Your Friend

The SUPERIOR Response That Right-Wing INSULTS Of The Commander In Chief Of The US Imperialist Military Power Creates In The Minds Of Black Progressives - Justifying Their Claims Of An Existential Threat To Black People And The Need For Congregational Unity

Constructive Feedback University

The ONLY "Ninja Who Got Himself Kilt" In 2012 On The Grounds Of A Campaign Headquarters Site Was The Negro Who Got Kilt In Atlanta On Auburn Avenue, Directly Across The Street From The "Obama / John Lewis Reelection Headquarters"

The "Black Conscious Attention Filibuster" That Produces The HATEFUL RESULTS That Would Be Called A CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATION If THE WHITE FOLKS Did Them

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  • Within The Black Community Blog - July 2012 - "Ninja Got Himself Kilt In Atlanta, Right Across From The Obama/Lewis Campaign Headquarters" 
    • The Atlanta Voice LOST ITS VOICE In Reporting THIS Civil Rights Violation - It Had Too Much Riding On The Election To Create An Indictment Of The Voting Through "Social Justice Salvation" Scheme and none of their readers would have believed that if the Black murder victim had made it through the doors of the Obama headquarters that the Street Pirate Murderer would have agreed to not shoot him out of respect. 

If you use the "Pan And Zoom" function of Google Maps to turn this view around to the restaurant across the street - you will see the sidewalk where "A Ninja Got Kilt" earlier this year.
Any blood that was spilled was cleaned up, long before the annual celebration of the "1906 Atlanta Race Riots" that the Civil Rights Pharisees Of Metro Atlanta, Inc commemorate each year.

With the successful "pressure washing of the blood" off of the sidewalk - this will be the LAST THOUGHT given to the Ninja Who Got Himself Kilt, beyond the memories of his loved ones who feel the void.

Today this building still has "Obama Campaign" markings in the windows.
After the short term lease is up at the end of the year - the building will be stripped down back to the "For Lease" status that is seen in this Google Maps picture from prior to the campaign.

This building will be just like the majority of the other buildings on this strip are today:  "Waiting For A PRODUCTIVE BUSINESS" to occupy them as they provide desired services to their base of customers  in exchange for revenues from which they will pay their employees.

Do Not Voice What The Right-Wing Says About "Black People Should Be Thankful" About Living In America Rather Than Africa.  

Instead Make Note Of The Diasporatic Challenges That Exist Around The Globe And Then Note That NOTHING About The CONSUMERIZATION Of BLACK CONSCIOUSNESS Per The "False Religion Of Black Americanism" Will EVER Establish A Culture That Will Provide A SYSTEMATIC RESPONSE To They Problems Globally - Let Alone Domestically In The USA

Despite The Fact That The USA And 5 African Colonizers Performed An International Coup In A Sovereign African Nation - Only NOW Are We Talking About "Libya" Because Of An Attack Which Killed 3 CIA Operatives And As The Result Of A "3 AM Booty Call - Answered By A US General".   No one was "Intellectually Curious Enough" to make the Commander In Chief PROVE That He Ran A "Humanitarian Mission" Rather Than Him Telling His Base What Was Needed To Prevent Them From Holding An "Anti-War Protest" Like They Used To Do.

What far too many people (White and Black) assign to "racial limitations", genetics or IQ is PURELY one of SYSTEMATIC UNDERCUTTING OF "BLACK COMMUNITY INSTITUTIONS" as the necessary GOVERNANCE CULTURE is undercut for short term, marginal quests for POWER and MONETARY RESOURCES.

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