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Dekalb County GA Police Shoot And Kill Man Inside Of A Police Cruiser - We Must Wait To See If The "Civil Rights Pharisees" Will Come Off Of Thanksgiving Break And "Work With" Their Friends In Dekalb Or Will Protest, Demanding A Federal Investigation

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Please go beyond the TRANSACTION of this one incident.   
A knife wielding man is running from the police.  He accosts every person in the community as he seeks to carjack their vehicle to make his get away.    (I assume) He jumps into a vacant police car to make his get away.    The police corner him and demand that he puts down the knife and exit the car.  They taze him twice and then shoot him after the tazer does not work to immobilize him.

I was not there.  I have no legal power.

My argument is one of EQUAL PROTECTION - as applied by the pattern of behavior exercised BY those who claim to seek "Equal Protection Under the Law".

As a resident of Metro-Atlanta a unique vantage point of how the presence of "Favorable People In Power" alter the actions of "The Civil Rights Pharisees".

The convergence of their agenda tests their character.

  1. Their pursuit of JUSTICE for the faceless "Ninja Who Got Himself Kilt By The Cops"
  2. Is confronted with the handling by the "Kingdom That They Have Built Up" - as Favorable People In Power that the Pharisees promised would rendered better outcomes for the Black Community
LET ME BE CLEAR!!   There will ALWAYS be "Police Involved Shootings".   I am not judging the "Black Racial Services Machine" that dominates Dekalb County Georgia (of which "The Civil Rights Pharisees" are a part of the machine) - based upon the demand that they zero out the "Police Involved Shootings".  This would be akin to expecting that there will be no murders or rapes in a given area.

My analysis of the Civil Rights Pharisees is focused on their handling of the convergence above.   

The "foe and friend" in power defines their reaction.
The protest rallies and "television time" is their strategic weapon.

  • With an enemy in power - they rile up the troops on "Black Wing Grievance Talk Radio" to do a series of protests marches in front of City Hall and the Police Headquarters until JUSTICE is granted - often in the form of the "head of the Police Chief" being delivered to them.
  • With friends in power - they have a community rally that allows the masses to vent BUT it does not translate into the same "Time To Clean House"-type serial protest that is the case with the above.  
    • What people don't see is the behind the scenes negotiations in the spirit of "We Can WORK With Them" 
Recall several years ago when the driver ran over a Prince Georges County Maryland Sheriff's deputy.  Upon arrest the criminal defendant was beaten up by coworkers as he was in the PGC jail.  After public outrage and calls for "Justice" - we saw the local NAACP doing a JOINT PRESS CONFERENCE with their friends in power over the government of PGC.

Let me be clear - I DO NOT view the NAACP as an "official institution".  I support their right to define their own agenda and interests and carry it out as they please.    

I reserve the right to ANALYZE their antics - and determine the ramifications of them upon the "GOVERNANCE CULTURE" within the Black Community.

The Dekalb  County NAACP (And Civil Rights Pharisees Of Metro Atlanta, Inc") MUST DECIDE If JUSTICE Is More Important Than Having To Double Down On Their Difficulty In Administration Of Their Seating Chart At The Next "NAACP Self-Awards And Fund Raising Banquet" As They Risk Placing "Their FRIENDS IN ELECTIVE OFFICES" At The Same Banquet Table As The COMMUNITY ACTIVISTS That Were Compelled To Protest Against Them" In The Name Of SOCIAL JUSTICE. 

That which is permissible in the context of the Black community as a mere constituency in a larger system that is "denying justice", transforms into a corruption of "justice" itself when IT uses these indictments to get into POWER, yet they ultimately perform the very same selective pursuits of justice.

Ironically - the Black community still suffers because the "uninteresting", "run of the mill - Ninja Who Got Himself Kilt" - by another Black man are the attacks that fall between the cracks.  

While we are told about the conspiratorial actions of the officials in the justice system - when a community terrorized by the threat of a "Street Pirate" are compelled to enforce the "Stop Snitching" rules, despite the fact that a "Street Pirate" is a 100% Equal Human Being - the resulting low "Homicide Closure Rates" that they produce is NOT seen as a "Civil Rights Violation" upon the Black Community.

Thus my indictment of the "Civil Rights Pharisee" is that they are ideologues and opportunists who seek to make INDICTMENTS against their enemies in "The System" with the intention of gaining POWER.   The Dark Matter conjoined twin in the matter is their inability to keep the Black community safe from the "violent consciousness" that was allowed to fester inside of the protected turf.  

The solution is not: "Well why don't YOU (meaning me) go out and do the protests that you demand the NAACP do?".
I am not asking the NAACP to do or stop doing anything.

My goal is to inspect the veracity of this and other operatives that operate within the "Civil Rights Industry".  In as much as they are allowed to do "Self-Branding" the results that remain within our community are the unfortunate result.


Larry Walker said...

I guess stealing a car is now worthy of death without a trial. If you attempt to steal a police car, you get shot. Was the guy armed? Were the officer's lives in danger?

Constructive Feedback said...

Brother Walker:


(I was hoping that one of the local news broadcasts would have posted the video of their televised report)
There are eye witnesses that saw the man evading the police on foot. He held a knife up toward a woman and demanded her keys. She did not have her keys and he ran off.

Some how he got into a police car (I assume attempting to steal it). The cops cornered him and demanded that he drop the knife and get out.

After tazing him twice and this not working - they shot him and he was killed.

MY ARGUMENT (AND BEEF) with the Civil Rights Pharisees is that THEY ARE NOT CONSISTENT.

While it is their standard procedure to attempt to get the Police Chief fired when a "Civil Rights Violation" happens on his watch - the truth is that they ONLY FIRE the officials that don't "Work With Them".

This creates the UNEQUAL JUSTICE UNDER THE LAW that I speak of on this blog.