Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Corn Bread & Universoul Circus Report": The Leaders Of "The Least Of These" In The Pittsburgh Community Of Atlanta Can't Stop The Street Pirates From Assaulting People So They Focus On Painting Over A Painted Mural So They Are Not OFFENDED

CBS Atlanta 46

I can understand why some people might have been "offended" by the first mural in Southeast Atlanta featuring a nude woman that was right outside of a Mosque and Church.

The notion that the people in the Pittsburgh Community of Atlanta are more OFFENDED by a "demonic looking fish" than they are over the "Demon Spirits" that sell drugs, prostitution and fenced materials in their community is preposterous.

Why didn't someone at "Living Walls" think about hiring some of the unemployed people in the community as assistants to produce the mural?   This would have been a happy medium.

Instead we saw the elected bureaucrats arguing that the artists did not go through the correct process to have the content of the mural approved by the OFFICIALS.

I would be impressed if they would force the graffiti artists to ALSO go through the official process prior to "tagging" any large surface made of cement in the same area with their "art work".

ONCE AGAIN - when an "Establishment Power" proves to be INCOMPETENT at DEVELOPING THE PEOPLE within their ranks  - in the circle of impunity that they work within they cherry pick INDICTMENTS that can rile the people up into a "congregation" and produce "VICTORIES" that the masses of people within "The church" feel that they have WON and are MAKING PROGRESS.

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