Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Continued Devilment By Street Pirates...Right Around The Corner From "World Changers Ministries" - If "Old National Highway" Secedes From College Park GA The City Would Not Be The Most Violent In Metro Atlanta

About 10 years ago I had a talk with my former insurance agent who had an office on Old National Highway.

Back then the plan was to change the name of the street to make it more appealing and to put a cement barrier in the middle to reduce the number of "left hand turn" accidents that are (likely) a daily occurrence.

While he was agreeable with the name change, despite the cost to update his stationary, he believed that by forcing people to drive past his office and then come back around would suppress his business.

I asked him "if you saw a $100 bill on the sidewalk on the other side of the street - would you still go to the 'official' turn lane, turn around and then get the money?"

The point that I was making was - If you are distributing VALUE to your customers then the minor inconvenience for the sake of traffic safety will be a non-issue.
Heaven forbid that another Korean owned "Indian hair store" open up on the strip and started dangling "free locks of Remy hair" from their flag pole - they would trigger a traffic jam.

The larger point about Old National Highway is that all of the cosmetic changes that have been proposed are akin to hoisting "Civil Rights Heroes" atop the street signs in Atlanta.  Its not that the name change is a bad idea.  The RESULTANT OUTCOMES that people SELL in order to prompt the aggrieved people to go along with the scheme is what I find problematic.

Instead of SELLING the people, those with influence should hang the name of "Dr Joseph E Lowery" and then tell the people " WITH THIS NAME HANGING HERE - WE ARE NOT GOING TO ALLOW ANY FOOLISHNESS ON THIS GRAND THOROUGHFARE.  If you do - we are going to turn our backs and not provide protection to you as concerned neighbors beat you down like the police officers used to do before John Lewis began 'Protecting Black People' ".

Unfortunately, the way it works, the Street Pirates will merely march their victim, by gun point off of the newly renamed "Old National Highway" and off to a side street like "Godby Road" and then commit their "Godless acts" against their fellow citizen.

The point is that these MONUMENTS TO NOTHINGNESS are merely a form of IDOLATRY.  Instead of filling our young people's heads with AFFIRMATIONS but also LIMITS - there has bene a grand "Sales Job" and Obfuscation as to the source of their present state of downtroddenness.   

In as much as the "False Religion Of Black Americanism" has queued EVERYTHING about the "Present Prevailing Black Consciousness" into affairs of the AMERICAN POLITICAL DOMAIN - when it comes time for this body of thought to PRODUCE ORGANIC OUTCOMES, within the BLACK COMMUNITY - we see that the DEMON SPIRIT that infected those who hated us due to RACE - is an"Equal Opportunity Possessor" - not wanting to run awry of the blessed US Attorney General and his army of lawyers in the "Civil Rights Division" who will SUE this DEMON SPIRIT if it refused to enter into the SOULS OF BLACK FOLKS......on Old National Highway and any other place that it can travel to - now that the gallon of gas has fallen down to $3.15.

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