Sunday, November 04, 2012

Civil Rights Pharisee Rev Joseph E Lowery Caught On Mic Doing The "Creecy Cadence"

Civil Rights Pharisee Rev Joseph Lowery - "When I Said 'All White People Are Going To Hell' - My Words Were Taken Out Of Context - I Told You About Listening To Those White Devils On Fox News"

I have been watching the antics of "The Civil Rights Pharisees Of Metro Atlanta" for more than 25 years.
I have seen Rev Joseph E Lowery speak live and in person no less than 10 times.
I even attended a "Poor People's Campaign" meeting in the "Atlanta Life Insurance Co" building and sat at the same conference table with the man several years ago.

I do not "hate" Rev Joseph Lowery, despite my (seemingly) intense focus upon him.
The man is a gregarious man in person with a pleasant disposition about him.

Rev Joseph E Lower is also an "IDEOLOGICAL BIGOT".
Just because someone is agreeable with you doesn't not mean that he is open minded and free of bias and bigotry.

With all due respect - I would never allow Rev Joseph E Lowery to run any organization that had the CENTRAL MISSION of DEVELOPING ORGANIC COMPETENCIES WITHIN BLACK PEOPLE.  As a "bishop emeritus" of the "False Religion Of Black Americanism" his believe in "BLACK PEOPLE AS THE LEAST OF THESE" permeates his viewpoint with the goal of using "Progressive Public Policy" as the justification for his "crusade" against his White Right-Wing Christian "brothers in Christ".

The problem is - after 20 years of trying to convince "White folks to drop their right wing foolishness and come over to HIS BIG TENT in the Democratic Party" - he has lost sight of the boundaries between:

  • Politics / Ideology
  • Christianity 
  • "Black Community Consciousness"
In his world (and with most "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers" - THIS IS THE 'HOLY TRINITY" of "The False Religion Of Black Americanism".  

Joseph Lowery Got Caught Doing "Creecy's Cadence"

The background of "Creecy's Cadence" is the interview that the late Rev Creecy's, brief president of the SCLC before his untimely death, did on "Black Wing Grievance Talk Radio Station" WAOK.  

In the spring of 2011 Dr Creecy talked with the "Black Wing Talk Radio host" about the THREAT to Black people that was in the form of a LYNCHING DEATH of a Black man in Mississippi from the December prior.

Creecy's Cadence appeared in the form of the levitation over HUNDREDS of Black Carcasses that line the landscape from Metro Atlanta down to Jackson Mississippi in order to bring focus to the SUPERIOR MURDER SCENE because it was thought to have been community by SUPERIOR people with a SUPERIOR INTENT - the RACIAL HATRED OF BLACK PEOPLE.

Sadly and shamefully - there is no Black man who is qualified to kill a Black man to death in the same way.

Rev Joseph E. Lowery merely GOT CAUGHT telling his CONGREGATION what they wanted to hear so that "The SPIRIT of the 'False Religion of Black Americanism' " would possibly provoke one of them to speak in tongues as they convulsed upon the floor, the designated Confidence Man in the audience would then call out - interpreting the "Words of THEIR Jesus" which gives them direction on which right-wing devil to run an OCCUPATION against next. 

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