Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Blax News: "Republicans Who Are Black" Demand Voting Rights Act Protected Districts To Defend Them Against Ideological Bigotry

"Dr King was a Republican and if he was alive today to see what has happened to his eldest son and to all of the Black Republican seeking to get into Congress - he would be outraged. 

Therefore - if the NAACP can first oppose and now support "Stand Your Ground Laws", changing their mind because first they had a killer who they didn't support in Sanford Florida - which is right up the road from me - but now they have several Black people who have killed others and now they support the law - we at the Black Republicans Association can change our mind too.

I announce our support for the "Voting Rights Act, Section 5 " which gives a wink to gerrymandered districts that allowed all of the Black Democrats to get reelected against Republicans.   The high yella girl in California that lost, went down against a fellow Democrat so she doesn't count as a Black Republican, but we would take her in to the party if she decided to join.

Since we see that all of the Black Republicans running for office that lost in 2012,  ran in majority White districts and lost to a Democrat - we are calling not for "Racial Gerrymandered districts", like the Black Democrats are calling for.   Our people can't win in those districts.  

We need Ideologically Gerrymandered districts, coupled with enough White Conservatives that will agree to give a Black person a break.  

We know how the White Conservatives don't like "Affirmative Action".   So instead we call our proposal "Subcontrary Acquiescence" 

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