Monday, November 26, 2012

Blax News Reports: Homicide At The Wal-Mart In Dekalb County - Unlike The Dekalb County Board, Wal-Mart Does Not Have Enough "Friends Of The Civil Rights Pharisees Of Metro Atlanta, Inc" To Avoid A Protest Action For "Social Justice"

"It wasn't none of my money in the register".
Derrick "Fight The Power" Boazman, WAOK - Employee of CBS Radio

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On the one hand Wal-Mart had better be thankful that the Security Guard that is accused of registering the lethal choke hold and the 2 Wal-Mart employees that confronted the late thief who was seen stealing 2 BlueRay players at the Lithionia Georgia Wal-Mart were low-waged workers.   None of them will receive a virtual promotion to that of a Sworn Officer Of The Law - like George Zimmerman of Sandford Florida received in the death of Travyon Martin.

At the same time - the name "Wal-Mart" - which is engaged in mass action by forces that seek "Living Wages" on behalf of the store employees.  This same movement desires to unionize the workers at Wal-Mart.

(Note:  A caller on Black Wing Grievance Talk Radio is asking if a WHITE SHOPPER went to a BLACK WAL-MART that THE 3 BLACK EMPLOYEES [assuming they are Black] would choke and kill him as they did?)

Why So Many Stores Close In Certain Communities

I have to "BIG PICTURE" what I am listening to and focus on the MODEL rather than the TRANSACTION.

The truth is that CLAIMS OF OPPRESSION are the #1 JUSTIFICATION for the NEGRO to agree to compromise his own and his community integrity in pursuit of the claims of JUSTICE - that is, in truth, merely "A Conspiracy Of Corruption" among two fellow travelers.

As I think about the viewpoints that were put forth on "Black Wing Grievance Talk Radio" today regarding the callers who said that they would look the other way if they saw a shoplifter at a corporate owned stores - I can name at least 5 grocery stores in "Black Communities" in cities that I have lived in that SHOULD have been solvent but instead were forced to close due to the conspiracy between shoplifters and their friends who were cashiers that allowed them to steal.

"THEY don't won't miss the money" AND" THEY are exploiting me by underpaying me" are the two self-chum justifications heard justifying this conspiracy.

When I listen to the ECONOMIC THEORIES on "Black Wing Grievance Talk Radio" I always redirect it to the day in which they slip up and open their own BANK or their own "House Of Umoja Super Store" and then apply these theories to a commercial venture of THEIR OWN.

Normally I would wonder:

  1. Would they walk out on a mortgage loan that a community owned bank had granted them "last chance credit" upon - at a non-Subprime rate?
  2. Would they (as customers) PAY dramatically higher prices so that the employees in THEIR store could make a living wage of $16 per hour?

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