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BLAX News: NAACP Of Georgia Has No Plans To Sue Fulton County Georgia For Election Irregularities, Continuing Their Tradition Of Not Suing Or Protesting Against Their Friends Upon "Mission Accomplishment"

All of the counties in Georgia have successfully completed the processing of their provision ballots except one.

If you listen to "Black Wing Grievance Talk Radio" on the issue of VOTING - the right that has long been denied to Black people - the one warning that they have for their congregation is "Beware Of The PROVISIONAL BALLOT".

In their view - if your "Equal Black Ballot" is not deposited anonymously into the pile with the rest of them but instead are placed in this "special stack" - the PEOPLE WHO DON'T REALLY WANT YOUR KIND VOTING IN THE FIRST PLACE - get an opportunity to exert mischief upon your right to apply your voice into the public square.


As a long time resident of Metro-Atlanta I have learned that the "huff and the puff" of the Civil Rights Pharisees and the "Embedded Confidence Men" on the radio IS NOT targeted at "The Would Be Klansman" in the STATE OFFICE.   The ones that dominate the entire "red state".
"Don't be fooled into believing that ATLANTA is the rest of the state of Georgia", they say.   "Drive too far outside of Atlanta and you will think that the Civil War has not ended".

These are their favorite talking points used to keep the CONGREGATION huddled tightly so that the can steal the warmth that is coming from their bodies.  They don't mind reminding their audience that the "last time Black people were huddled" - "WE WERE PACKED TIGHTLY ON A SLAVE SHIP on our way to a cotton patch in Georgia.   This before they got the Mexicans to work the land.  Now they are tired of the Mexicans and want you back working the fields as Prison labor".

All of this "huff and puff" works on the front end.
When you look at the truth, however, you start to see that some Black people in some "Mission Accomplished Communities INSIDE of Atlanta actually live with the same fear from Street Pirates that the confidence men on the radio like to depict as an exclusive attribute of less familiar place on the outside.   What you soon see is that they mask their INCOMPETENCE AT KEEPING BLACK PEOPLE SAFE IN THEIR OWN COMMUNITIES by always having their minds affixed to that "Klansman sitting on a perch", outside of the comfort of the lands that "King And Maynard Jackson" had carved out for their protection.

For Black people living today in "Mission Accomplished Lands", however, the feel of an INCOMPETENT GOVERNMENT WORKER misfiling your payment for a traffic ticket, causing you to get arrested for a suspended licence FEELS THE SAME when a BLACK worker does it due to a dysfunctional system as it did in the past when a WHITE worker did it because she felt that you as a Black person failed to give her due respect when you looked directly in to her eyes rather than bowing your head.

This same narrative that you hear on "Black Wing Grievance Talk Radio" all day long carries over to the "Civil Rights Pharisees" and their propensity to focus their legislative efforts.  

Even though I have posted several stories about Black people being impacted by government services from Fulton County, Dekalb County or Clayton County - the NAACP and other 'Civil Rights Pharisees' that hold sway in metro Atlanta - DO NOT SUE THEIR FRIENDS THAT THEY PUT INTO POWER.  

Indeed you may see one faction of the "Civil Rights Pharisees" fighting EACH OTHER in court (ie: the SCLC) or even suing with the claim of "Voting Fraud" (ie: one faction of the Georgia NAACP making such a claim against another faction).   YOU DO NOT see the NAACP suing any of their FRIENDS IN ELECTED OFFICES.   These lawsuits are reserved for places where their IDEOLOGICAL ENEMIES retain power (Gwinnett County, Fayette County, Cobb County, Hall County).

(As I type this message I am watching Andrew Young on the local PBS station, announcing "As If We Were Ghosts" - the story of Black Athletes during the time of JIM CROW, the legacy of discrimination against the Black athletes.
"Time is of the essence.  Many of these INSTITUTIONS and PEOPLE are passing away.  So we are thankful that Georgia Public Broadcasting is making a special effort to tell this important part of our history.......) 
I don't begrudge these people from wanting to publish a history that was singed into their psyche.  My only grievance is when they attempt to FILIBUSTER the present conscious attention of Black people TODAY in governance of our community affairs by using this past.  Today a Black person has greater odds at being assaulted by a person with that same demon of HATRED that was cultivated in him in his own community as the leadership was focused on THIS PAST than he does receiving a beat down from these historical villains.     They know that their actions will trigger an NAACP protest march, unlike the Street Pirate in who threw the same number of blows upside a Black person's head on Rev Joseph E Boone Blvd.

Fulton County Georgia - When Your Voice / Your Vote

After years of listening to the standard reference which says:  "The WHITE FOLKS IN POWER make sure that White Areas have the most abundant resources for voting while THE BLACKS are made to suffer from long lines, hoping that we will be discouraged. But I tell you what, Mr Charlie, you can make me wait if you want to be I am going to endure one minute longer than YOU are willing to block me from the court house door..............."  we now see that their rhetoric is still in place EVEN AS a FAVORABLE PERSON IS IN POWER.

Beyond their rhetoric, however, the PROBLEMS AND INCOMPETENCE ENDURES - in Fulton County.

From the article:

Fulton officials acknowledged that as many as 11,000 voters cast paper ballots in Tuesday’s election, an untold number of them unnecessarily. By comparison, Gwinnett County had about 1,500.
Because of the large number of paper ballots, Fulton is still days away from a final tally in Tuesday’s presidential election.

“I’m very concerned about the people that voted provisional and making sure their votes get counted,” she said. “But I’m also concerned about the people who went there and tried their best and were unable to vote in this election.”


Elections board Chairman Roderick Edmond told reporters that, in a county the size of Fulton, elections mistakes are bound to happen. He praised the work of Mitchell, who came into the interim director’s position just six weeks ago.
Edmond said he welcomed an investigation by the secretary of state’s office.
“There were errors,” he said, “but it wasn’t significant errors. It wasn’t a debacle like it was four years ago.”

The article tells the perspective of:

  • The Frustrated Voter
  • An Election Advocacy Group
  • The Fulton County Elections Director 
  • An Elections Board member giving his blessing
  • The Georgia "Secretary Of State" that is watching 

What you must understand IS - when it comes to the "Civil Rights Pharisees Of Metro Atlanta, Inc" - they DON'T TRUST the "Secretary Of State's AGENDA" per his interest in the affairs of Fulton County - more than they don't trust what is going on in Fulton County.

The Secretary Of State is a Republican and a part of the "RED STATE ENEMY" that don't like to see the 'TYPE OF PEOPLE' who now hold the most significant seats of power in Fulton County IN POWER.

Even though the voters expression frustration in Southwest Atlanta had no idea WHO was charged with making sure that he had an easier time of voting but they fell short - the Political Tribalism that is in place in metro Atlanta and Georgia definitely shapes the responses from the Civil Rights Pharisees.

They are reading this same article with the intent of defining "WHO IS ON OUR SIDE" and "WHO IS ON THEIR'S".   If you are on "our side" then you have no intention of stealing the Black vote - thus these problems are merely administrative in nature.   A far greater "benefit of the doubt" is afforded.

In as much as it is true that the "Civil Rights Pharisees" and the "Embedded Confidence Men" in the media PROFIT from KEEPING THEIR ENEMY ON TRIAL but also seek to reduce the among of SELF-GENERATED SELF INDICTMENTS against the MACHINE they helped place into power - they are not likely to do a massive public rant about the problems with Fulton County.

Their actions are ALWAYS confined by their knowledge:  If we bark too loud against OUR FRIENDS IN POWER.........................the WHITE RIGHT WING at the state level will see an opportunity to push our friends out of power BECAUSE of the opening that we afforded them when they recorded our words of criticism against them.    
(You would like to believe that it is ME who is maliciously over-simplifying the issues.  But this is exactly how things work.)

I applaud the role of the "mainstream media" in the Atlanta market. 
They play a greater role in providing CONSISTENT "muckraking" in defense of the constituents than those forces that are tainted by SELF-INTEREST and SELF-PRESERVATION.

In as much as they operate off of EXTERNAL INDICTMENTS in support of their CONGREGATIONAL UNITY agenda against their "State-level enemies" - the unfortunate consequence of this scheme is that BLACK PEOPLE often are forced to "carry the residual water" that results from the machine's unwillingness to do public battle against their FRIENDS IN POWER.

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