Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Blax News: MSNBC's Rachel Maddow Changes - Asks 'What Does It Take To Fire A Favorable Progressive In Power In A Mission Accomplished City Where Black People's Interests Are Being Harmed?

From Mediaite
Sometimes it takes the application of the "Dark Matter Analysis" of a person along with the application of sarcasm to see how ideological bias and protectionism works.

I told you several times before that MSNBC's Rachel Maddow made a trip into Detroit Michigan to report upon the threatened closure of a school for pregnant girls - attended by Black females.

Since her target was the "Right Wing" at the state level - who's austerity cuts who were the target - Ms Maddow was forced to walk gingerly through the situation with Detroit.
Instead of making the case that this was a take over of the "Largest Black Run City Outside Of Africa" - as we heard from the Black Progressive revolutionaries - she first had to note that her ideological soulmate on "Current TV" that services the progressive base - former Michigan Jennifer Granholm was responsible for sending the "Emergency Manager" over the school system in Detroit.

With this shared liability out of the way - Ms Maddow then did what I find fundamentally dishonest - even when we expand to look at the "Fiscal Cliff" in the USA and austerity cuts in Europe.

They can't talk about the longitudinal problem - which is the LACK OF ORGANIC DEVELOPMENT among the people who their ideology makes into CONSUMERS why vie for "Social Justice".  Instead they prefer to take a narrow view of the situation and then make an indictment for those who have the audacity to seek to reduce the expanding credit card balance.

In the mind of a Progressive Fundamentalist - the point of HEARTLESSNESS is seen NOT in those who:

  • Sell the promises of future "Social Justice" to the Least Of These IF they invest their CONSCIOUS LOYALTIES into a "Permanent Struggle"
  • Convince them to invest their BALLOTS into the cause
  • Take over all of the rungs of POWER inside of a political domain and begin to execute a "Bayard Rustin - Progressive Public Policy Everywhere" strategy
  • Despite their views of "People Over Profits" - WHEN THEY ARE ALL ALONE BY THEMSELVES - their CAPITALISTIC EXPLOITERS vanquished or departed - they are placed face to face with the truth of the INORAGANICISM of their theories.
  • Instead of inspecting their basic assumptions which harvested their confidence - within their domain - the congregation agrees to FIGHT AGAINST AN EXTERNAL RIGHT-WING FORCE, thus remaining united.
(If only it stopped there folks)

Bring in the NAACP.   They and their strategist Joe "Black Eagle" Madison that NEVER SAW THE COLLAPSE COMING - have clearly been observing the protection racket of their ideological soulmate Rachel Maddow - along with the "Recruited and Paid Blacks" on MSNBC and The Grio.com.

Detroit City Council Partisan Histogram 

They all understand that if a Right-Wing local government had:
  • Pummeled the tax base and viability of a city with a large Black population
  • Had left the school system proving to be an injury to the Black student base, imprinting the track that the Black community 30 years from now will travel
  • Had cut the property tax valuation to a point where the ecosystem could not sustain the level of services that the city first promised the state when it was granted an operating charter.......................................................
Rachel Maddow and the rest of MSNBC would set up a permanent remote from that city - so that they can do a nightly rundown of how THE RIGHT WING AND THEIR HATRED HAD MATERIALLY HARMED BLACK PEOPLE.

Rachael Maddow did not do this.

As a result the Detroit chapter of the NAACP AFFIRMED her antics with an award for her work to "Keep The Right Wing State Republicans In CHECK" unable to apply their RACISM to "Run The People That The BLACK VOTERS OF DETROIT HAD PUT INTO POWER - OUT OF OFFICE".

Fear not people.
I don't sweat this stuff.

I use these examples of "insider trading" - by going beyond what the Embedded Black Fox Confidence Men do to exploit the "Black Rank & File".   

Instead I LOOK INTO THE CONGREGATION and make note of the few people who walk out of the CHURCH in protest.

The Type Of Black Folks That The Progressive Joint Venture Likes The Most - A Complicit Black That Has Yielded Her "Black Community GOVERNANCE Cultural Consciousness" In Stead Choosing To Play The The "Malcolm X Political Football Game"

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