Thursday, November 22, 2012

Blax News: After Successfully Keeping Their State Red - Mississippi Begins Finger Print Scanning Of Poor Children At Government Run Day Care

NPR All Things Considered: Fingerprint Scans Create Unease For Poor Parents In Mississippi

Beyond the fact that Philadelphia PA proves more deadly for Black people today than does Philly MS - there is little chance that the state that was the heart of oppression for Black people will ever be able to shake this negative image.

This right-wing state, smarting from the loss of a national election and suffering push back in their attempts to suppress Black adults of voting age by using "Photo Voter ID" has now turned to something even more despicable:   Denying Black Children Entry Into Government Run Daycare And Thus Not Even Allowing Them To Have Access To "The Candy" That They Used To "Take" From The Mouths Of Babes.

Is there no shame to Republicans in their treatment of Black people?

The Republicans are seeking to shake up the old metrics.
We knew that the Republicans look at the population of Black and Hispanic people in the 3rd grade in order to project the demand for prisons 10 years into the future.  From this they make their land speculation.

Now they are going backward 5 years and are working to build up a finger print database of Black children.   The truth is that their agenda is to make sure that there will be no search of the Police Criminal Database that comes back as: "No Record Found".  
The wealthy White suburban children won't have their finger prints in a government database and they will be assumed to have no criminal record.
The poor Black children whose names were captured when they had the audacity to seek out preschool education so that Mississippi 2042 would be very different than Mississippi 1942 were effectively "hand cuffed and finger printed" as a result.

Is there any shame for Republicans?

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