Sunday, November 11, 2012

Beware Of The "Republicans Who Are Black"

From The Booker Rising Blog
When you don't know WHO "your enemy" is then your prescription and solutions will be misaligned.

Even though I have and will continue to fire shots at the "Black Progressive Fundamentalist" invasive species that has entered into the "Black Community Consciousness Nucleus" and is draining "the host" of its vital nutrients that would allow it to take a more dispassionate view about where "the body" currently stands and why its outcomes has been far short of expectations - it remains that I am focused upon CORRUPTION - the attempt to DIVERT BLACK PEOPLE'S ATTENTION AWAY and into the "Political Channel" as a means for salvation.

Though I don't attempt to qualify the "Black Conservative" credentials of a "Republican who is Black" NOR DO I care to define an exclusive club within which I stand - the best way to note the distinction between ME and THEY is to sift through the "Transactions De Jure" and note what each of us are advocating as a SOLUTION to the problems within the Black community.

Indeed there might be a common base of "values" that we all talk about.  Hell - you can find the most "Progressive Fundamentalist" Black Democrat who can tell you about his "values".  

It is the expression and enforcement of these VALUES that prove to define our key disagreements.
They want Black people to JOIN THE REPUBLICAN PARTY as the apparatus of "Their Struggle" to counter the forces of Progressivism that have taken over within the Black community.

While they are prone to show you the election night results and then show you the lingering problems that remain within the Black Community - the same problems that I am inclined to show as well - (despite some people who continue to lie upon my agenda) YOU DO NOT SEE ME ADVOCATING A POLITICAL SALVATION to our problems.

The gravitational pull of Black people INTO POLITICS and the subsequent (fraudulent) JUSTIFICATION of the forbearance that is provided to the Establishment Machine that has TAKEN OUR VALUABLES - because the RIGHT-WING ENEMY STILL LURKS outside of the door is the serial damage to the BLACK COMMUNITY GOVERNANCE CULTURE that is the CORRUPTION that I speak of.

I do not come from a perspective of naivete.   Politics is a system of "organized lying" that is legal in the process of forging COALITIONS.  PERIOD!!!!

There is no federal judge that will ever come along and force a politician to STOP LYING.
It ultimately resides within the character and continence of the RANK & FILE.

If the "Republican Who Is Black" CANNOT SEE that all of the key institutions within Black America are CONVERGE around THEIR TRUTH that the "Right-Wing is the ENEMY OF BLACK AMERICA" but they invest their valuables with the consequence of being fearful that by asking an AUDITING OF WHERE THEIR PAST CONTRIBUTIONS HAVE WENT - then the "Black Rank and File" DESERVES to keep being used and the "Black Republican" deserves to remain as the "Omega Wolf" - reviled for "Sleeping With The Enemy".

You Don't Get To "There From Here" Doing What You Are Doing

I have been through countless discussions with Black people (and a few White) in which I told them "I am not voting for anyone for President.  I am WATCHING BLACK PEOPLE so think of me as a journalist who seeks to retain his emotions from the fray  of battle."

I credit two wise souls that come to mind as they asked the question that no one else asked - but which I thought through well beforehand.   (My wife and children say that I talk to myself all of the time.  In truth I am going through the debates and rebuttals that my opponents are likely to throw out".  )

The question:  "Tell me any other election that YOU DID NOT VOTE REGISTER A VOTE FOR THE PRESIDENT and WHY you have just started when OBAMA was one of the candidates?".

You win the prize.
This is an excellent question that is meant to "draw out my 'fraud'. "
Unfortunately - I am one step ahead of you and more serious to boot.

My reply:
"NEVER BEFORE have I seen every single Black Community INSTITUTION compromise themselves and their integrity IN SUPPORT OF what THEY SELL OTHER BLACK PEOPLE as a "BLACK FIGURE" when in truth he is a US GOVERNMENT FIGURE!!!!!!!!!. "    

"As a result we see those who use to call out and condemn US GOVERNMENT ACTIONS - foreign and domestic - instead functioning as the PROXY VOICE FOR 'the Obama Administration' while they functionally DEFEND AMERICAN IMPERIALISM and necessary SPIKE the unmanaged, unmitigated problems that remain in the Black community 50 YEARS AFTER collecting our BALLOTS".

How does such a person respond to that?

  • It blows away all of the "Koch Brothers" taunts that I receive via e-mail feeds from a N'Cobra member who when asked about the "Bombing Of Libya" told me about the DAMNED KOCH BROTHERS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • It (should logically) make those who have been relaying Media Matter's Twitter Feeds on "Political Racial Insults" feel CHEAP and FRAUDULENT
  • It should make the "Black Flight Progressive" who had "The Steve Harvey Morning Show" on as I got into her car as she told me that she purchased an "American car" after years of owning foreign luxury cars "BECAUSE OUR PRESIDENT asked us to Purchase American because GM is alive".  (This is a true story folks)
When you allow YOUR NUCLEUS to be compromised - and not by IMPERIALIST COLONIZERS but by EMBEDDED CONFIDENCE MEN who know how you think and know the GRIEVANCES that can provoke you into an existential RACIALLY DEFENSIVE POSTURE - what exactly do you have left to look forward to, per your self-consciousness as YOU have become the "Spook By The Door" INSIDE OF OF YOUR OWN PERMANENT INTERESTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The best thing that one can do (that's me) is to sit back and ALLOW THIS PSYCHOSIS to run its natural course.   Just as the new "James Bond Movie" said - "When left alone in a barrel all by themselves - THEY WILL BEGIN TO FEED ON THEMSELVES".

Can anyone else tell me how this fraudulent scheme is going to play out?

Ironically the Marxist is going to be proven correct about the ultimate collapse of capitalism.  The point that the Marxist misses is that EVEN HE will jump into the game of "Marxism" - becoming a "Marxist at the retail distribution level but a WHOLESALE CAPITALIST" when it comes to feeding the nutrients to the "Goose That Is Laying The Social Justice Eggs".    In truth they are running a grand LAUNDERING OPERATION. Their moral superiority is only used to INDICT THEIR ENEMY into DISARMAMENT. 

In as much as the "Republican Who Is Black" is NOT calling for an EMOTIONAL REMOVAL from this system of government - acknowledging that we still need to vote to define the system of procurement to define who will pick up the trash each week from our curbs - HE IS ULTIMATELY NO DIFFERENT than his Progressive-Fundamentalist adversary.  He just doesn't have enough of "The Blacks" in his loyal coalition . 


Anonymous said...

Watch this video , What the Democrats don't want you to know about their unclean hands and racism , using , holding down black communities just for their votes . Watch and then pass it on plz :

Constructive Feedback said...



Do YOU see any evidence, what so ever, that the BLACK MASSES are placed into an existential RACIALLY DEFENSIVE POSTURE in reference to partaking the company of the Democratic Party or the Progressive Fundamentalist Joint Venture?

Your arguments sound like "MLK Was A Republican" or "Lincoln The Republican Freed The Slaves".

IF my condemnation of "Democrats who are Black" is that they seek to filibuster Black Conscious attention away from the results that they have amassed as the establishment in the Black community - please think forward and tell me what you figure I would believe about the OTHER TEAM in the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" who wants to tell me that "The Democratic Party is the Party of Slavery"?

Since MY ARGUMENT is that a 20 year old Black male was born in 1992 and thus has the 99% of his life experiences based upon his interactions with the world TODAY - the HISTORICAL REFERENCES TO RACISM used to trigger a response at the hands of a REPUBLICAN is just as fraudulent as those used by a DEMOCRAT.

Your problem is that you are "selling something" and you need a "Black Consumer" to buy into it as you over come the negative marketing from the Embedded Confidence Men against your party.

MY POSITION is that Black people must have an INVESTOR MINDSET.

With only but the exceptional case of racially motivated assault going unpunished by THE LAW those who can RECONNECT THE BLACK CONSCIOUSNESS back to a FUNCTIONAL CULTURE and then put forth a plan which shows every individual the part that they play in the UPLIFT TO THE DESIRED OUTCOMES - while SHIELDING THE COMMUNITY FROM EXTERNAL MANIPULATION FROM AMERICAN POLITICS - these are the winners in my book.