Friday, November 02, 2012

Audio Report: AFRICA - A Land Mass That The USA And Any Other Power Can Do What The Hell They Want To Do Without Coordinating With Any Of The Token Governments In Power

NPR - Morning Edition - U.S. Offers New Details Of Deadly Libya Attack

Subtitle:  If Only "Tell Me More Would Steal My 'News Stitching' Technique"

In my mind the post powerful story that I have ever heard on NPR, the one that sticks with me even today is found when I type in the following search item into the NPR web site:  "Coco Story Bricks"

The reason why this story from 2003 still is in my mind IS NOT because I take any particular pleasure in running down poor Black people.
While I "heard" the story............I LISTENED to how the BLACK MALE - "Father Of Her Children" was "Flora And Fauna" in the story.   We heard references to him but he was IRRELEVANT in the residential decision making as to where Coco and his children would ultimately reside - outside of the Cabrini Green Housing Project in Chicago.

This Black male was functionally emasculated in the story about Coco's journey out of the environment where she was consciously comfortable and into a working class environment where she was amazed to see the parking lot clear out during the day as her neighbors went to work.

While the Black male that bestowed her with children was a non-function in her life - when she began having difficulty with her landlord over her living habits - her FEMALE FRIENDS from back along the way came in to give their opinions on what she should do with that landlord who was hating on her.  

There is no doubt that most people peering into the situation would claim that the ENVIRONMENT OF BENIGN NEGLECT is what sculpted that Black male to his irrelevant status.  They would then seek to go after "The System", seeking to inject more "social justice" into the ecosystem so that his cause might be propped up per their engineering.

When I listened to a report today about the events following the "terrorist attack" on the US Consulate / CIA Compound in Libya on September 11, 2012 - While the US military narrator was giving a blow by blow account of the events that transpired and made sure to note that no one in the chain of command was derelict, regardless of what Fox News said - I was listening out for ANY "PERMISSION" that the United States Military "needed" to enter Libya sovereign air space before engaging on a "Rescue Mission".   This following the "Humanitarian Mission" that took place back in 2011.

If there is one thing that I wish some people who are seeking to "understand' me would UNDER-DAMNED-STAND - what they allow - in the context of their US DOMESTIC gun fight between the two "Dung Producing Party Animals" is that TRANSACTION after TRANSACTION - their ideological bigotry (on both sides) establish a precedent in what is permitted which is in violation of their previous positions.

There is no power in NATO or Asia - that feels the need to subordinate its agenda in Africa to the sovereign national governments that dot the landscape there.
Of course it is even more unfortunate that most of these governments lack the power and or are too corrupt to do anything beyond submitting to the whims of these foreign powers.

If you tune in right now to and listen to "The Friday Night Drum" - you will certainly hear a reference to the FBI's "COINTELPRO" from "back in the day".   Unfortunately they don't seem to be able to relate their advocacy around this matter from the distant past with what is going on TODAY.

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