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Attorney General Eric Holder's Award And The Targeted Ouster Of Rep Allen West Prove That We Are In A Post Civil Rights Era And We Now Have (In Balance) "Systematic Political Racism Chasing"

The acceptance of this truth should be accepted with a measure of accomplishment.

Instead we have the very same spirit that seeks to strip an "Ex-Felon" of his rights for life, long beyond having "paid his debt to society, while keeping a permanent tight leash upon his neck to ensure that he is shown to have "slipped up" and has not changed.

While the above situation is said to be evidence of a system that has not changed - it is merely a product of natural  human "group behavior".

Another part of 'group behavior" is the inability of a group to SEE ITSELF in the actions of the other group that it sees as its enemy.

When the group is increasingly defined by its ideological attributes and it sees that a component of its coalition can lay the claim as an "Oppressed Minority", the strategic "Thought Leaders" of this group understand that they can use the condition of this "Least Of These" group to gain advantage for its larger ideological interests largely by using the same "Keep Your Enemy On Trial" technique that is used against the felon.

Neither the felon nor the "Right-Wing" need to be of high moral character or charitable fellows for notions of justice to be assigned to them.   Surely few Defense Attorneys would be able to "sleep at night" is they were to judge their defendant by the merits of his action, absent some commitment to the notions of "justice".

But none of this argument will change a bigoted heart.

This is why I must introduce an OPPORTUNITY COST suffered by the Black Community which must force those of us who KNOW BETTER to drown out the old voices that promote the "tired past" NOT for the benefit of the Black Community in the way of ORGANIC COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT via the INSTITUTIONS that they seek to control but instead for blatant promotion of their political/ ideological and partisan interests - knowing that they have laid down the ground work in the way of conscious associations among other Black people to have their nefarious intentions affirmed.

We have achieved the state of development in America where NO BLACK PERSON WAS MURDERED OR ASSAULTED FOR VOTING IN THE 2012 ELECTIONS.

Just as those who had power in the past refused to accept change that would threaten their establishment power - those have achieved a bit of power in the arrangement that replaced that system, likewise, are resistant to accept a new reality that forces them to respond to public demands.

In this case the demands of the Black community have been purposely mischanneled away from the expectation that this new establishment will be the ESTABLISHMENT POWER that provides "Social Justice" or faces the consequences 

More Than The Fact That The  Progressive Fundamentalist Base Is Pleased At What "The Umpire" Looked At And Called A Strike - Their Support For Him Is Due To What He CHOSE NOT TO SEE And Then Bring The Full Force Of The Federal Government Upon Resting Actions That WOULD BE CALLED "A Civil Rights Violation Against Black People" - But For The Assailant OR Establishment Machine That Would Have To Be Indicted IF Holder And Thomas Perez Over The Civil Rights Division Were Not Officials That The Civil Rights Pharisees Could "Work With".

NBC's The  Attorney General Eric Holder To Stay On For A Second Term

After Many Long Decades Of Having US Attorney Generals Ignore The Demands For Equal Protection Under The Law For Black Americans - As They Refused To Meet With Civil Rights Leaders......................... 

The NAACP Awarded Attorney General Eric Holder - for his work to run interference against the requirement for "Photo Voter ID" FOR ALL AMERICANS.

The Civil Rights Pharisees and their White Progressive Allies alleged that by asking EVERYONE to show Photo ID upon voting the INFERIORITIES RESIDENT WITHIN BLACK PEOPLE in possessing ID would be exposed, leading to VOTER SUPPRESSION and a POLL TAX.

Despite the fact that Detroit and other Mission Accomplished Cities have an abundance of classical CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATIONS:

  • Systematic Murder Of Black People
  • Systematic Failure Of School Systems
  • Systematic Derailment Of Black Community Economic Growth...................
Those who believe that they have the EXCLUSIVE POWER to define what is a CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATION and what passes free and clear - due to the INTERNAL INDICTMENT that such a classification would create - understand that they need not prioritize their actions upon the truth that is WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY.

The notion of "Civil Rights Struggle" in 2012 is nearly 100% POLITICAL - without any bearing to:
  • Black people murdered on the streets - Streets patrolled by forces that are commanded by Favorable People
  • Black people being entrapped in failing schools - School Systems that are controlled by Favorable People
  • Black people's talents being under-utilized - in local economies who's policies have been set by Favorable People in power
  • The access of Black people to quality health care - as a function of a community's ability to align its Academic, Financial and Self-Governance into a cohesive policy that VALUES THEMSELVES as they demand OTHERS to value them
The "Allied News Media" was also awarded by the NAACP as Rachel Maddow agreed to do muckraking in Detroit but never looked at the present establishment in the city as a source of "The Problem" that creates suffering among Black people.

As long as Ms Maddow and MSNBC keeps their focus upon the State Republicans - they will earn enough NAACp Loyalty Points to earn a Springarn Medal.

From 1964 - Back In The Day

Rep Allen West (Republican Florida) Was Targeted For Elimination Out Of The US House Of Representatives NOT BECAUSE HE IS BLACK But Because He Is A Hyper Partisan Republican Adversary And Was Affiliated With The Tea Party - A Coalition That Most Black Progressives Saw As A Political Threat To THEIR Machine


Using The "Dark Matter Analysis Technique" - The fact that most Black Progressive Democrats will argue that "Black People Are Not Racially Biased" In Their Voting As They Make The Case That They Would NEVER Vote For Allen West Or Herman Cain - AND The Fact That Their White Allies In The Media Are NOT Going To Bring Up These Two As Evidence That It Was IDEOLOGY And NOT RACISM That Had Them Focus Activism Against Him AND The Fact That Right-Wing Republicans Lament The Loss Of A Black Man In Their Coalition .......................


  • If A Black Man Can Be Legitimately Targeted By Political Activism To Remove Him Out Of Office As A Republican, Thus Decreasing The "BLACK REPRESENTATION IN CONGRESS" - Can We Also Conclude That As The Racially Gerrymandered Districts Around The Nation Are Retired - And Black Candidates Are Forced To Appeal To A More IDEOLOGICALLY DIVERSE Electorate - This Is Also NOT A CASE OF "RACISM" As Black (Progressive) Representation Is Decreased?


Look at the CONDITION OF THE BLACK COMMUNITIES in the present scheme and ask if you see a viable INSTITUTIONAL GOVERNANCE CULTURE being established as evidenced by the ORGANIC COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT within.

Then ask WHY the Civil Rights Pharisees are pushing for Black Students to leave their "Community Schools" in the name of "Sharing Of Poverty" into districts that are controlled by this RACIST ADVERSARY?

They need for you to retain your FAITH in their "OVERLAY SCHEME".  All the while you have lost YOUR FAITH in the FULL EQUALITY OF BLACK PEOPLE and our ability to govern our selves in line with larger Permanent Interests.

The same POLITICAL PARTIES that have hijacked THE GOVERNMENT have also inserted themselves between the BLACK COMMUNTIY CONSIOUSNESS and our INDIVIDUAL AWARENESS of Truth and Falsehood. 

How "Back In The Day" Thinking Has Material Costs Upon The Intergenerational Wealth Building Ability Among Black Americans

The Productive Value Of "The King Compound" In Atlanta Continues To Decline

The buildings that once served a VALUABLE COMMUNITY AND COMMERCIAL FUNCTION - Back In The Day are now THEMSELVES Venerated Temples Of Yesteryear.

November 16 2012 Edition
Add the venerable "Butler Street YMCA" to the inventory of buildings in "The King Compound" - the Sweet Auburn area of Atlanta that once served as the center of "Black Commerce and Social Life" during the days of Jim Crow Segregation.

The ironic twist is that the very same buildings that were built up out of the Earth to house these commercial and community activities of the past, today struggle to remain economically viable as the thorns of UNMITIGATED RACISM have been lifted from the Black community by any objective, dispassionate appraisal.

As Georgia State University is honored as the #1 university in the nation for graduating Black people is in need of new land to expand its mission - the Civil Rights Pharisees Of Metro Atlanta, Inc will have a harder time justifying their "warehoused history", beyond its utility in giving them "Street Cred" for political indictment against their right-wing enemy.   Their ability to show evidence of producing "ORGANIC COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT" for Black people, using these underutilized resources is only kept alive by those who seek to honor them for their past work.

The definitive cost to the Black Community for these "leaders" not resigning while they are still alive is that the community must suffer the cost of carrying along these inefficient, unproductive inventory of real estate and people who occupy seats of influence.

Historically Black Colleges And Universities Are Suffering An Existential Threat - Despite The Commercial On The Michael Baisden Show thanking President Obama for raising Pell Grants

This analysis is going to take a very different direction than what you are expecting (a partisan slam against Obama. NOPE)

Lets instead key in upon the concept of the INTERESTS OF BLACK PEOPLE and how ONE PERCEIVED "INTEREST" - the Marketing Of Obama and the associated "Appreciation" causes a compromise in the larger INTERESTS OF BLACK PEOPLE:  "The Desire To Have 'Our' Educational Institutions Remain Open And Vibrant" - able to survive the present economic turmoil.

The "Dark Matter" twin brothers of those who wish to "Blame Obama For Everything" (as the "Man On The Street" interview from the Atlanta Voice" "Your Voice" section noted was the case from his enemies) - is what we here.

Even though the increase in Pell Grants was said to be the reason why "a young Black male" who did the voice over in a commercial on the Michael Baisden Show that I heard a few months ago attributed President Obama as the reason why he was the first in his family to attend college - those forces who are unable to note the distinction between "OBAMA'S BEST INTERESTS" and the "BLACK COMMUNITY'S LONG TERM INTERESTS" have no intention of enforcing the PROPORTIONAL INTEGRITY that is in front of them.

Indeed increasing the number of Pell Grants issued might be a good think.   The marketing of this as "A Grand Salvation", however, is not reflected in the "actuals" of the situation with the HBCUs today.  (I won't even bring up the question of if there are a sufficient number of Black students in college today to indicate that Black America's fortunes, 30 years from now, will have a stronger set of pillars to provide the PROFESSIONAL SERVICES that we need for uplift to a desired standard of living).

This inability to limit the PROPAGANDA MARKETING to Black people is yet another point of damage that the "False Religion Of Black Americanism" induces.  The POLITICAL AGENDA trumps the TRUTH about our community's condition.

The truth is - IF the Black community sees that the continued presence of HBCUs is of UNIQUE VALUE then this is proven NOT BY the Federal Government being made to RECOGNIZE this VALUE via legislative fiat.

It is the PEOPLE and their ability to direct their fiscal resources and the "human resource" in the form of their college bound students to this PRIORITY focus that will be the ultimate provide this proof of value.

The "Nationalization Of The Struggle" is the reason for the dissonance.

Just as with the "Gifted Progressive Children" heard on the radio the other day - ANYONE in a legislative capacity that dares to suggest that the HBCUs must be more self sufficient to prove their value their targeted audience will be said to be an opponent to HBCUs.

I maintain that increased dependence upon government entities that are piling up massive debts might get you by today but it surely will create a larger collapse once the 'Too Big To Fail" American government blows up the bubble upon its fiat currency and budget.

All of this brings us full circle.

Is there a better way to show the VALUE OF BLACK PEOPLE by having BLACK PEOPLE leverage the INSTITUTIONS that are within our community to deliver the SERVICES that we demand as evidence of EQUALITY?

If the educational system is an "Employment / Contracting" program but is ultimately disconnected from the greater need to produce "Professional Service Agents" who will service the demands for quality health care (for example) - then what good is it to have Favorable People In Power?

We are told that the sight of "Someone Who Looks Like Us" will motivate those coming behind us to DREAM HIGHER.

I maintain that the failure to define and protect the "INSTITUTIONAL GOVERNANCE CULTURE" - in the institutions that "FINISH" our people produces a greater dibilitiating force than the inducement of seeing a person with power will draw a young person in, keeping him on track.



The one that I am voicing IS. 

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