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As Sherrilyn Ifill Assumes The Helm Of The NAACP LDF "The" Interviews "Itself" And Then Ebony Syndicates The Interview All Without Noticing That George Soros Has Infiltrated Yet Another "Black Progressive Institution"

Just to show that I am not chasing after "these people" as part of some nefarious plot, but instead, to prove the point that they are practicing "insider trading" within the institutions that many accept as "the Black Community" - I will detail how I happened upon the "Sherrilyn Ifill - The Nation's Next Civil Rights Leader".

I saw the new cover of Ebony Magazine featuring "Real House Wives Loves TI Hustling Hip Hop In Atlanta" star - NeNe Leaks .  I was doing a post on my sister blog "Surveillance On The Embedded Confidence Men" regarding how the previous outrage of these Black female reality shows don't seem to bother Ebony Magazine.  I went to "" to grab the picture of the November 2012 front cover. had a popup ad which announced a shopping cart of their picture archive.

I then noted the irony that they CELEBRATED the "Black History" of the first Black mayor of Gary Indiana - but could not bring themselves to discuss the PRESENT CONDITION of Gary Indiana.

In their world "Black Advancement" is shown by "Favorable Progressives In Power" in the rungs of government and corporations rather than an index upon the "vital statistics" of the Black community that is represented.  The same people who "gave their valuables" in support of the establishment power.

If I told you that this picture of Gary IN mayor Richard Hatcher - along with Jesse Jackson Jr is akin to the present day Detroit Michigan in which Professional Progressive Political Preachers Jackson and Sharpton are seen DEFENDING the "Voting Rights" of the "Black voters" who chose the "Favorable People In Power" and who argue that their POWER should not be usurped by the STATE - per the actions of the "State Republicans" who are trying to "Strip power from the popular choice of Black Voters"?

Couple this with an article that I read on the Chicago Tribune in which they listed the "void in the Black leadership" and its balance of "senior citizens" with the exodus of Jesse Jackson Jr but did not bother to make an indictment as to the ineffectiveness in the machine at creating the "UN-least of these".

When The Media's Drive For "Racial Representation" / Diversity Becomes A Protection Racket For Fraud And Incompetence In The "Governance Culture" Of The Black Community

Recall a few years ago when the City of Chicago was negotiating its redistricting process.  "The Blacks" and "The Hispanics" debated the number of "Black" and "Hispanic" districts that would be created.  It sounded similar to the negotiations that might take place in a modern Super Max prison where "Your Race Is Your Gang".

As I read the Chicago Tribune story which enumerated "The Blacks" in leadership positions and their relative ages as compared to Jackson Jr - AT NO POINT did they focus in on the CONDITION OF "THE BLACKS" in Chicago and how the "Favorable People In Power" are now occupying the seats of power that the Civil Rights Movement used to protest against.

IF these seats were once powerful enough to OPPRESS Black people - where is the "Intellectual Curiosity" among these press agents that dare to question if the current conditions of large swaths of the Black community is a function of the PRESENT PEOPLE IN POWER?

The failure to ask these questions produce the "Mission Accomplishment" phenomenon which manifests itself as "The Nationalization Of Social Justice" along with the "Keep Your Enemy On Trial So You Don't Have To Indict Your Friends".

It seems that we are asked to be PROUD about the pictures of "The Black Firsts" - as represented by Mayor Hatcher, Archer, Goode or Stokes - rather than making skeptical analysis about the present state of affairs - after "Handing In So Much Of The Black Community's Valuables" to the cause.

The NAACP Legal Defense Fund IS NOT INTERESTED In Focusing Upon The Main Vectors By Which, In 2012....

  • A Ninja Gets Himself Kilt Today
  • A Young Black Student Has His Potential Diverted From Transformation Into A "Professional Service Provider" For The Community Via Education
  • The Primary Forces Suppressing Black Economic Development

Today I give my charitable donations to educational pursuits and can't be bothered with the "civil rights game" as it is more about selective ideological indictment for political opportunism.

The fact that Sherrily Ifill (and many other Progressive Fundamentalists) are able to move between (so called) Black Community Protection/Development institutions and those like "The Open Society Foundation" which has no interest in developing the BLACK GOVERNANCE CULTURE within our community IS THE SCANDAL.

Unfortunately Washington Post Co's "The" nor NBC's "The" have any interest in inspecting these close knit relationships to determine if any REGULATORY CAPTURE has been achieved that compromise the interests of the Black Community in support of the advancement of "Progressive Fundamentalism".

I plan to do noting to prevent these organizations to discontinue their use of the label "Civil Rights".
Instead I plan to look from the perspective of "Within The Black Community" and make note of the results seen within that have the very same suppressive results that are present with those acts that ARE labeled as 'Civil Rights violations" but for the presence of:
  • A White Assailant
  • A Police/ Prison Authority
  • A Corporation
  • A Right-Wing Political Figure
Today -the inability of forces like the NAACP LDF and Prof Sherrilyn Ifill and the Pseudo-Black news and opinion aggregation web sites to agree to apply the "civil rights violation" label upon those systematic assaults upon Black people that would tend to produce a SELF-INDICTMENT is in fact the challenge of the next interval in time, the key road block in the bilateral acceptance of BLACK EQUALITY.

 Unlike those who would have you to believe that the Koch Brothers are "the devil incarnate" - my question about Open Society/ George Soros has to do with the fact that they seem to be expanding their power base in areas which have already seen a "Progressive Mission Accomplishment" upon the key "Human Resource Development Institutions" within the Black community - but instead of people getting FIRED FOR FAILING TO DEVELOP OUR PEOPLE - they always seem to be afforded endless opportunity to "rinse and repeat" but they increasingly count on the power of the "Progressive Fundamentalist Joint Venture" in order to achieve the NATIONALIZED social justice outcomes - after they got the people's "valuables" based on the promise of more localized reforms - only to reset the goal posts toward some greater accomplishment against their right wing enemy.

The fact that people like Professor Ifill write articles that "Keep Their Enemy On Trial So They Don't Have To Indict Their Friends" - is the key enabler that allows these forces to remain in power despite failing to come through for the Black community.

The REAL challenge to Prof Ifill in her interactions with these Progressive Fundamentalist groups (both inside and outside of the Black Community's domain) is for her to PROVE that she is able to separate her and their IDEOLOGICAL interests in pursuit of POWER in the government versus protecting the interests of the Black community - from usurpation upon "endless journeys" that don't lead to our people's DEVELOPMENT.

In all honesty I do not believe that Prof Ifill can define one "Black Permanent Interest" that is not a "Progressive Interest", let alone if a Progressive is capable of creating conditions where a "civil rights violation" is produced because of the take over of seats of POWER by the failure to deliver, with the audacity shown by coming back and asking for more money to fund the next round in "the struggle".

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