Monday, November 12, 2012

As The BBC Suffers Through A Crisis Of "Leadership & Journalistic Integrity" - The PBP (Paid Black Press) Stands Tall Because Their Integrity Is Only Based Upon Feeding Black Progressives What They Want To Hear

Though it was uncomfortable - The BBC was forced to REPORT ON ITSELF as a means of making amends of its "Failed Organizational Leadership" and violation of its "Journalstic Integrity Standards" in protection of one of its own.

The PBP rides high - knowing that it is part of a larger solar system upon which it provides protective cover.
INTEGRITY Standards are defined by POPULAR DEMAND.
LEADERSHIP is defined by those who are most experienced at keeping large congregations of people UNITED in struggle.

They confuse 'LEADERSHIP' with GOVERNANCE, their incompetence thus requiring them to hire more Press Agenda to run the "Black Community Conscious Attention Filibuster"

See where the "Cast Iron Stove called the Kettle A Ninja"

Do you see this article right here?
It says that FOX NEWS LIE TO ITS BASE - telling the Right Wing what they want to hear.

When I read these type of arguments from Progressive Fundamentalists my initial amazement is then grounded by the fact that this is actually progress for my argument.
You see at least they are coming forth and admitting that a MEDIA ORGANIZATION (Fox New) and a loosely coupled array of news sources CAN INDEED conspire to erect a platform of thoughts, assumptions and arguments that are NOT IN LINE WITH THE REAL WORLD.

But as you listen to the Left Wing Press Sources - as I do and you hear:

  • The Influence Of Money In Politics - but they only drop the names - Koch Brothers, Sheldon Aldelson and a few others - but NEVER a Progressive Operative
  • When they talk about "The Southern Strategy - based on hatred and fear has been defeated'  but they never talk about the "Urban Strategy" that takes Twitter Feeds from the "Southern Strategy" an in effort to get "The Least Of These" to NOT cast judgement upon the establishment power that they invested in with the hopes of salvation - but stay focused on the struggle for "Social Justice" as they only need to defeat the Right-Wing to obtain it..............
...........the fact that these Leftist operatives feel emboldened to talk about the RIGHT WING COORDINATION but no one on their panel will dare to talk about THEMSELVES ----- it gives my "Dark Matter Analysis Technique" more credence.

"The Dark Matter Analysis Technic" is not a "Gotcah" tool.
Instead it is an attempt to model the influences upon Black Community Institutions.

We can rightfully assume that an object "free flying" through space will follow a certain trajectory.  
This course and heading will only change if it is molested by OTHER FORCES.
When the "eye" of the most powerful telescopes can't see a visible mass who's gravitational pull is impacting the object in question - "Dark Matter" is the scientific label given to this force that bears down - but is not seen.   

IF you think that you will EVER get TRANSPARENT SELF-ANALYSIS out of the "Progressive Joint Venture" or the "Black Racial Services Machine" which is their arm into the Black community - you may as well sign up for the "Automatic Black Consciousness Payment Plan" through 2035.

The point that most can't see is that POLITICS IS FRAUDULENT and that both "Dunk Producing Party Animals" have the goal of POWER.

Just as Malcolm X noted the same - despite what Na-Nehisi Coates wants you to believe with his Photoshop work - he made special mention to the "White Progressive Cheshire Fox Ally".

The one thing that the Republican Party cannot claim to have is a "Spook By The Door" vantage point WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY CONSCIOUSNESS NUCLEUS - plotting on what is called "The Black Agenda" when in truth it is ONLY a "Progressive Fundamentalist Agenda" - just as George S Schuyler stated more than 70 years ago.

There is not going to be an employee from the Washington Post, The Trotter Group, The New York Times, The Chicago Sun Times, NBC News, TV One, NABJ or Johnson Publishing that ever looks at the coordinated array of forces that conspired together to CREATE A "NEWS MESSAGE" that was channeled to THEIR BASE.     It did not OFFEND the base - it AFFIRMED WHAT IT BELIEVED.

The evidence of its TRUTH is an ELECTION WON!!!

Since this election happened - all past elections that were WON at the local/county and state level - that left THE LEAST OF THESE GRIEVING were - as the Progressive Press had said:  EVIDENCE OF MORE STRUGGLE NECESSARY - do not hold us accountable locally - the RIGHT WING still has national power that has checked out "Social Justice scheme".

The Destruction Of The Black Community Governance Competency 

If the documentary "Europe's Debt: America's Problem?"  made the case that Europe is currently in a sling because it essentially made "POLITICAL choices" instead of "ECONOMIC choices" (ie: Social Justice Over Profit And Fiscal Balance) - is there any chance that those people who were using Europe as a reference guide almost 4 years ago in the run up to the health care debate would augment their arguments - truing them up with reality?

The truth is - the claim "Obama saved the auto industry!!!!!"  is one of those "European arguments".  This from the same person who was attacking Bush at $490 billion in deficit has ironically been silent on Obama at $1,200+ billion while singing praise over a $49.5 bailout to a private corporation.

At this time in our clearing of unchecked racial hostilities the forces that influence the Black community are driving POPULISM and POWER BY ATTRITION over sound government and good fiscal stewardship.  

WHO among us will suffer more than the poor as we all matriculate through this interval of time and augment our CONSUMER RIGHTS rather than our ORGANIC COMPETENCIES?  

Is there a bigger LIAR to behold than the forces that compelled 'The Least Of These' to place "favorable people into power" - over the HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTIONS only to encamp themselves into power , proclaiming that the external right-wing regulator is opposed to "Black faces in power" - while never having to account for the number of "Black faces" that would have been EMPOWERED had they respected the institutional integrity in the first place?

Sadly this course is going to continue UNTIL a critical inflection point happens: When The White Progressive Cheshire Fox Ally LOSES HIS WHITE PRIVILEGE and he no longer has the "White Right-Wing" to hide behind.

It is NOT the "White Progressive Cheshire Fox Ally' that will be made to suffer - Once he shows his true fact - "The Blacks" who have not built up sufficient competencies within the community institutions of which I speak will find themselves desperate but unable to maintain the standard of living that was obtained via the FIAT ECONOMY.

The ironic point at which the believers of "The False Religion Of Black Americanism" face today is to REFUSE TO HAND OVER MORE VALUABLES........................UNTIL the "Embedded Confidence Man DEVELOPS" Them.   This from "The Least Of These' into the "Un-Least Of These".

The sad truth is that until the "Least Of These" can define what the "DEVELOP ME OR ELSE" 
really is - they will eventually come back around and make yet another deposit into the "Social Justice Offering Plate". 

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