Monday, November 19, 2012

A Person With An Incorrect Basis For Criticizing Obama's Relation To The Black Community's Development Merely Affirms The Beliefs Of Those Who Live Vicariously Through Him

(From Booker Rising blog)

If a person argues that President Obama has failed to produce jobs for Black people and then makes the case that this is the basis by which the Black community should have voted against President Obama in the 2012 elections - does this person have a chance against the "Black Racial Services Machine" AND the architecture that I have identified in the "Bayard Rustin Black Community Salvation Scheme"?

If we see that today's "Mission Accomplished City" was once the container of the "Black Progressive" political struggle that today has a more nationalized focus - BUT just as "no one got fired for failing Black people" at this periphery of power"....................what are the chances that this same constellation of machine elements are going to pull the plug now that it has built up such a perceived amount of POWER?

What if liberals DO COMPLAIN during and after Obama - BUT they point to the fact that the "right-wing" stood in their way OR that only 8 years after the damage that Bush did OR EVEN 200 years of unchecked capitalism can't be undone in 8 or 12 years???


What we have here is a basic disconnection between the grand desires of Black people and the proper means to achieve these ends.   If someone who believes that their economic status and access to health care services are to be achieved via legislative and executive fiat without centrally focusing on DEVELOPING THEIR PEOPLE through the institutions that they control - how do you "fight" against them by promoting a POLITICAL alternative that says that they are not going to offer up these "social justice entitlements" via the channels that are being taken over via the power of attrition?

Using The "Black Struggle" To Make Their Way Up Into Power Over The American Institutions

When someone successfully explains to me how the Black Racial Services Machine who, 50 years ago told the Black Community that we would achieve quality education in our schools by placing "Favorable People Into Power" over our schools, but upon achieving the front end support from the Black community but failing to produce the promised results are now making a run at power that is even further away from the Black Community - I would love to see it.

I have no confidence in the American Political System as an agent for DEVELOPMENT of Black people because it is too easy to string Black people along - based upon our unmet grievances, all the while destroying the "Governance Culture" that our community is bereft of.

When a self proclaimed "Black Republican" - not all are "conservatives" and many are just "Anti-Democrats" can't see the dynamics of the ORGANIZATIONAL scheming that is going on at the expense of Black people and see they way into making a sound argument - they deserve to not be taken seriously as an alternative.

Those who "Took Our Valuables" as they got the seats of power - have no intention to stand accountable for the "Establishment Power" that they presently have.

If the forces that used to occupy these seats of power had the POWER to suppress Black people from a quality education or "justice justice" then why is it that they who presently occupy these seats of power, with the affirmation of the Black community are given to believe that their ANTICS can't be similarly suppressive of Black community Development?

The answer is clear:  When you are the "Historian" who can define the narrative - you also have the benefit of defining the enemy.

Throw  in a corrupt Black Press that has no intention of DEFENDING the interests of the Black Community because they can't see that what is POPULAR with Black people is not always what is IN THE INTERESTS OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT.  If they were more honest then they would have no problem applying the scientific method by which they force themselves to place "Progressivism On Trial", making it prove that it can indeed develop Black people.

When Black Republican voices lacks the conscious awareness to see that they SHOULD NOT be pointing to the GOVERNMENT FAILURES to deliver as promised but instead to define the PERMANENT INTERESTS and then force their Progressive adversary to PROVE that they are doing more than just USING BLACK PEOPLE - then - again - they prove that they and their party is not a worthy vessel to capture the "Black Struggle".

You Cannot Debate The Black Progressive Fundamentalist In The "American Political Domain" - You Must Use The "Development Of Black People" As The Index To Measure EVERYONE'S Veracity And Then Ask Why They Keep Drawing Us Into The "Malcolm X Political Football Game" At The Expense Of The "Organic Competency Development" Though The "Development Of A Governance Culture" In The Institutions Within Our Communities

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