Tuesday, November 06, 2012

A Conversation With My East African Friend Today Has Refocused Me

At a time when I am "sick and tired of being sick and tired" about this "Silly Season" of American Politics - I had a refreshing conversation with a friend and professional colleague from East Africa.

Discussions with foreigners (particularly "Real" Africans) gives me a broader perspective about the world, beyond the myopic vision limited to "America".

The notion that a 45 minute conversation in which THE AMERICAN ELECTION was mentioned in passing - especially when talking to a Black person is a rare event, indeed.

He told me about how most foreigners view America as their "heaven".  The entertainment media being the primary agent that shapes this vision.

Even if they are angered by the actions of the US government or military - the image that they have about living in America based upon a "Hollywood movie or television show" casts a stronger imprint in their minds.

At the same time (and I quote) "when a person who has gone to bed not having anything to eat" comes to America his life experience of hardship in his home nation makes him more focused to appreciate his new life in America, avoiding living frivolously.

My friend told me how he stress to the other foreigners at his church of the need for them to obtain a solid education.  in America.  After 2 or 4 years of investment in improving themselves they can move beyond the menial jobs that they are limited to without applicable skills.

While many of them know that they will eventually return home in due time, these skills obtained while in America will allow them to come back home with VALUABLE SKILLS that they can apply directly to the bottom line.

I then told him about the little girl in Ethiopia that I saw on Ethiopia Television (on m Roku box).  After a community building got serviced with lighting that was powered by a solar cell - she was seen at night - sitting on the dirt, propped up against the building READING a book.  Clearly there was more appreciation for something small like one light bulb in the middle of the night.  The grand cultural change is that the same children that used to have to go to bed at sundown because there was no lighting, which limited their time for at home study were now able to extend their intellectual and academic development thanks to something that the average American takes for granted.

At Least He Has A Place To Go

While his east African nation lacks the stability, justice and economic leverage that America has - it is also true that there's is not a "Too Big To Fail - Fiat Economy" that would take down hundreds of millions of people if the fiat currency and $16 trillion debt serves as a "chicken coming home to roost" that the masses were not prepared for during their political tribal war.

I underscored my belief that "when the music stops playing" and the bill comes due - those groups of people who squandered their DEVELOPMENT TIME on FOOLISHNESS and now find themselves without the skills and competencies necessary to retain some semblance of their previous standard of living will be the first to perish or "Sell Their Souls" to continue living the life of abstraction.

The Lack Of Discipline And Focus Among The African American Consciousness

With the void in world view (and in my view - the selling of "Mystical Magical Africa" for political opportunism and claims of reparation ) the American Black doesn't adequately appreciate what he has access to in the way of resources and enforced rights.

The grand potential to leverage all that is present in this country due to political stability, enforced rights and abundant resources gets squandered, in his view because so many of our people want a comfortable "Now" rather than applying sufficient vision to sacrifice now and achieve the larger goals in the future.

Of course - I then noted how the past promise of the "take over" of our public schools by placing "favorable people into power" has been cycled through but, absent an enforcement mechanism that promotes accountability - a new "grand plan" is now been enacted by the same players from the past.

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