Sunday, July 15, 2012

WaPo Owned "The" Relay's Comcast's "The" Question Asking: What Black People Can Do To Address The Street Pirate Infestation In The Black Community


Please follow the model that I have identified on "Black Community Resource Governance"

A) A Systematic and Perplexing Problem is identified WITHIN the Black Community
B) As an Embedded Confidence Man group makes note of the pain of the grievances suffered by our people they convene to develop a scheme to address the problem
C) They stand before the Congregation, telling the masses about a QUID PRO QUO strategy which requires them to do "X" in order to receive the benefit of "Z".  
D) Since so many of them have a "Humanities" or "Religion" background they understand about human and group behavior.  They identify an EXTERNAL protagonist that can forge "Congregational Unity" among the masses.   Even if 50% of the congregation should be forced to stand before the masses and repent - the Embedded Confidence Men understand the POWER of NON-JUDGMENTALISM.   If EVERYONE is a victim, having been caught up in a SYSTEM that did not imagine Black people as equal human beings then they can develop a "STRUGGLE MOTION" in which no one's toes are stepped upon, causing "self-pain" in the ingrown toenail.
E) The Struggle Motion is executed, achieving rates of BLACK UNITY that is satisfying to the masses.
F) After the cycle by which the "Black Community Development Consciousness" is fused into the AMERICAN POLITICAL DOMAIN - the vital statistics streaming from the Black community does not change
G) After a bit of naval gazing - the Embedded Confidence men hear the sweet sounds of "Black Grievances" and they work out a plan to "Rinse And Repeat"
H) Return To Step A.

Why is it so hard for some people to say "The Black Community is now living in the SOLUTION SET that we had influenced our people to construct several decades ago.  WE FAILED.   While we believe that we can provide guidance in this NEXT INTERVAL OF TIME, we wish to yield our power, influence and UNCHECKED MICROPHONE to a larger set of operating principles that are clearly needed but which has not been identified in our past self-serving antics.  WE NEED HELP.    Not the DEMANDING type of help but the DISARMED HELP that is in line with the WEAKNESS that we have trafficked our people in for the sake of opportunism."

No one ever gets fired for failing the Black community while being a Progressive.
After all of the theatrics of "Hoodie Marches", "Jena LA" and "Respect My Vote" dies down the emperor of the "Black Progressive Struggle For Social Justice" has her worst fears recognized as she is "Returned To The Strip Club" - standing naked without any clothes.

I told you before: "Progressivism is inorganic".  It requires a "Struggle De Jour" to get the masses riled up, believing that they are making progress.  Van Jones is the new Bayard Rustin leading the way.

 Still we must note from the article that Tamika Malloy sees the GOVERNMENT as a central player in the scheme.  

From Tamika Mallory, National Action Network
In September of 2011, I penned an open letter to New York’s Gov. Andrew Cuomo imploring him to take some sort of action to combat violence.  And through the years, I have addressed the issue repeatedly, whether working with grassroots organizations or meeting with family members of victims, or speaking on the dilemma on panels or right here in my weekly blog.  I have been open and candid about my own personal loss to gun violence and the need for all of us to take action immediately if we care at all about our future.  But I refuse to believe that the rise in violence in New York and elsewhere is happening on its own without contributing factors.

We all know that when the Government steps in with their law enforcement angle as they identify the Street Pirates who are attacking law abiding Black people - the National Action Network will be the first ones out of the gate damning and condemning the government law enforcement agents as they do what their group had previously demanded that they do.

If you notice - the Embedded Confidence Men and Civil Rights Pharisees always remain UNSCATHED, regardless of the condition of the Black community that they lord over.

The only way to address this situation is for the Black Rank And  File to produce more prescriptive directives toward those who seek to receive the investments of their "family jewels".

While the radio hosts on WVON told of a future in which the Black unemployment rate would be 4% - the people who are listening in to their rhetoric need to demand a more directed plan by which "The 14.4 percent" is has 10.4 percentage points shaved off of it.

Instead of being taken by "Congregational Unity In Struggle" it is critical that they become more discerning about the schemes that are placed before them.

Is there any other PROOF of the FAILURE OF THE PREVAILING BLACK CONSCIOUSNESS than to have a situation in which the FRUIT OF YOUR HARVEST is seen as the PRIME KILLERS OF YOUR OWN?

While listening to Prof Cornel West on "CSPAN Book TV" this weekend promote Trayvon Martin's killer to the level of a police man and WHITE SUPREMACY - I wondered why the various murderers of Black people who have burned, shot in the face and discarded Black people in trash bags have never promoted into SUPERIOR threats as such.

The agents that have been USING the Black community for decades are now forced to stand and account for their long term usurpation.

The COST to the Black community for going along with this scheme is the heightened rate of "Ninjas Who Got Themselves Kilt" - beyond our population proportions.

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