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Occupy Philadelphia Lacks The (Transparency To Publicly Acknowledge Their) Awareness Of The Legacy Of Education In Philadelphia To Adequately Protect The Interests Of The Children From The Embedded Confidence Men

From The Occupy Philly web site:

The Dissolution Of A School District

Monday April 23rd, 2012, Philadelphia School District “Chief Recovery Officer” Thomas Knudsen presided over a small press conference to address the city’s newest plans to combat the $218 million deficit for the coming year. During the conference, Knudsen laid out the city’s five year plan for the “modernization” of the deteriorating public school system. This will entail closing forty public schools in the next year, and an additional six schools every year after until 2017. Consequently, charter schools will account for forty percent of Philadelphia students within these five years. The city’s remaining schools will be converted into “achievement networks,” and could potentially become privately owned. With massive layoffs imminent, the school system  will inevitably be thrust into a period of upheaval, and as one City Paper journalist questioned most simply, “Is this just triage?”
For decades, Philadelphians have maintained that the city has failed to provide a strong and equitable education for all of its citizens. Over forty percent of students drop out before graduation, and half of our city’s working-age adults are functionally illiterate.In the face of such a staggering educational crisis, many Philadelphians are skeptical that the city’s plans to continue closing of dozens of more public schools will help. “It’s a shame to see the students hurt as a result of the irresponsible actions of a few administrators. Public education should be an inherent right for these kids. This is a disappointing day for Philadelphia,” said Ian Gildea, Temple University freshman.


My words nor my sarcastic antics successfully convey the sentiments that are inside my mind when I read accounts such as the one above from "Occupy Philly".   Just as a "Street Pirate" who sees that the world is stacked against him and plans to offer him no opportunity and thus he lashed out - SO is the case with me as I watch the SYSTEMATIC FRAUD that presents itself as "urban governance" - after decades of assembling POWER under the auspices that TODAY (the "future" from the past) would be a brighter day, only to come upon this "glorious future" do they continue selling THE FUTURE once again.

The embedded confidence men understand that today's youth are not aware of the sales job that was done upon their parents.   For some strange reason, however, the more "Ozzie And Harriett" themed conservative lies which said "You can get pregnant by kissing" are seen as greater lies than what the Embedded Confidence Men who "kissed the Black community - while standing up", in the pretext of obtaining our votes and our family jewels on the hopes that TODAY would bring us a fortune - as long as we stayed united and voted for Progressive Public Policy.

Even though they successfully fought to keep "Abstinence Only Education"  out of the Philadelphia Public Schools - these forces have no intention what so ever to place a prophylactic around the bodies of the groups of vulnerable children in Philly that fall prey to the latest legislative scheme that is done in their name in close coordination with the "Black Racial Services Machine" that controls Philadelphia.   Their main task is to keep the "State Republicans" from uncerimoniously pushing "Black leadership" out of power, nullifying THE VOTE of the people who made their choice in leadership over their institutions.

Point blank - the "Occupy Movement" is a bunch of "Young White Liberal Cheshire Foxes".  They know that the leadership of the Philadelphia Public Schools are off limits.   Any hint that the conditions of the schools and the services is a consequence of the present leadership and the interplay of "racism chasing" (as a defensive mechanism), greed and incompetence won't be publicly vetted because such a charge would cast "The Occupation" as a RACIST movement.  A young version of the State Republicans that seek to push "The Blacks" out of power.

Around the nation various "Occupations" have teamed up with "Civil Rights Pharisee" organizations.  By limiting their indictments against common enemies (da banks and corporations) this careful alliance has been allowed to continue, with the initial conflicts having been resolved.

I can't claim to be as intimately familiar with Philly politics as I am with Atlanta's.  The Occupation was originally housed in a lot that is adjacent to Philadelphia City Hall.  There was a confrontation as the city sought to move them because construction was to begin on that plot of land.  I am not certain if Mayor Nutter has been a target of Occupation attacks as had Atlanta Mayor Reed when he shut down Woodruff Park in Atlanta.

In assessing the OCCUPATION'S assessment of the state of affairs for the Philadelphia Public School System - I am made to believe that they plan to take a "Nationalized Social Justice" position on the conditions of the school.  This is a sign of a national lack of priority on education more than it is the consequence of a long series of public policy choices that caused an exodus of massive numbers of middle class families from the city (of all races).

My general problem with "The Occupation" is that their ideology compels them to centrally focus on "safe victims", functionally producing an "Establishment Power Repudiation" exercise on the occasion that a potential ally is in power and thus is not "at fault" for the present circumstances.  Both factions work together to "expand the police tape beyond the crime scene", blaming national forces for the local results.

The Struggle For Quality Education As A Multi-Generational Lure For POWER
In this post I am going to tie together 3 points that I have been making about key issues in the public debate:

  1. TODAY'S State Of Education In Philadelphia - And Other Mission Accomplished Cities Is An Instantiation Of YESTERDAY'S Promise Of Better Time Ahead IF "We" Promoted Favorable People Into Power
  2. The "Occupation Movement" - Either Purposefully Due To Ideological Bigotry, Or Inadvertently Due To Their Relative Youth - Appear Ill-Equipped To See That Their Elderly Advisers Were Sitting In Their Place 30 Years Ago.  The FAVORABLE PEOPLE THAT THEY CONSPIRED TO PLACE INTO POWER Are The Ones Who Failed To Produce OPPORTUNITY In The Local Places That You Grieve Over Today.  Your Desire To Protest Against The Mega Banks And Corporations Is Merely An Off-Shoot Of Your Unwillingness To Go Against Your Allies For No Other Reason Than Their Ideological Congruence And Support For Your Present Efforts
  3. President Obama's Recent Executive Order On Education Is Nothing More Than An Appeasement Of Those Machine Forces In Power That Have Failed To Exact The Promised Educational Reforms In Their Home Districts.   They Will Use The Photo Op With The President To Convince The Masses That He CARES About Education For "The Least Of These" More Than Their Community MACHINE Has Proven COMPETENT To Actually Deliver It
Rep Chaka Fattah: I originally instructed my staff to post the text of the President's educational reform initiative in its entirety on my home page.   This would allow me to personally attest that we have a GREAT LEADER IN THE WHITE HOUSE, who is committed to providing quality education to people who live in inner cities around America.

After a few days after I assumed that my page count would increase 10 fold but did not, I turned to the report done by Occupy Philadelphia which showed that 50% of the working class people in Philadelphia are FUNCTIONALLY ILLITERATE and I then understood the reasons for the low take rate.

I asked my friend Mayor Nutter to do a 3 minute audio summary of President Obama's fabulous executive order, that I am 100% confidence will lead to improvement in education and that 10 years from now we wills till be talking about how wonderful it is.

Mayor Nutter did one better than I assumed.  He provided the HTML code to his YouTube video in which he pleased a large group of constituents in West Philly by talking about how Mitt Romney had destroyed the educational system of Massachusetts in one term as governor.

Mayor Nutter is to be applauded for his knowledge of my constituents.  In my time spent in Washington DC, away from them, I may have lost my intimate knowledge of their character and consciousness.
Instead of giving them something to read - TELL THEM WHAT THEY WANT TO HEAR.
They might get pissed off if you hand them something to read and ask that they do it aloud using the "Human Microphone" that "The Occupation Movement" uses.  It would bring back haunting memories of when they had to stand in front of the class during the 7th grade and read aloud. 

If You Do Not Control The Tools That Allow You To Control Your Observation Of The Coordinates At Which You Presently Reside - YOU Will Surely Be Lulled In By The Propaganda Images

The wise among you will note that the section header above is merely a permutation of "Those Who Don't Know Their History Are Doomed To Repeat It".

The use of this phrase within the Black community has a Slave Owning Klansman in mind.    Most people who hold the prevailing political consciousness can't bring themselves to see that this "Corporate History" needs to be kept for INTERNAL forces that seek your confidence as well as the EXTERNAL forces seeking to run you off.   In fact the INTERNAL forces are a greater threat because they will work to have you believe that all that they are doing is for your benefit and demand that you THANK them for all that they have done. 

They use the brutal history to remind you that they picked you up at a strip club and can send you back if you don't appreciate them.   Most of them are more wise than Steve J (Of "Love & Hip Hop In Atlanta"), they'll remind you about when you called them when a White police officer beat you up and they helped you to heal physically and emotionally.

The 2nd Congressional District Of Philadelphia
As my VP says:  "YOUR Finger Prints Are All Over This One"

In the cross section between American Politics and Racial Struggle - POLITICS will always win out when a people fail to retain organizational integrity within their ranks - keeping political theatrics at bay.

I am forced to admit that IF I WERE IN POWER IN THE US GOVERNMENT as Rep Chaka Fahtah is and my MAIN GOAL was to retain the favor of the people who have sent me into power - I WOULD GIVE THEM EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANT - just as he is doing now.

The PEOPLE haven't fired Rep Fahtah of the US House, any of their state representatives, any city official or school board official for the failures in the Philadelphia Public Schools.  THE STATE TOOK THE SYSTEM OVER after the system had systematically failed to lift itself up to a minimum standard that was mandated.  

With the consciousness of the people proven to be more happy to hear their IDEOLOGY and notions of how things should be done as verbalized through their elected officials what is the CONSEQUENCE suffered by Rep Fatah - or any other person in the Presidential Photo Op for pushing yet another piece of paper out?

IF I were Rep Fatah - I would ask President Obama to sign the same sheet of paper next week with a set of Democrats that are in tight races and need to have a stronger turn out from Black voters to be invited to the picture session.  At least such an action will achieve a material benefit in line with his interests.

Say Rep Fahtah - are you aware that the Progressives are attacking the "Microsoft School Of The Future" in Philadelphia that was your crowning achievement of educational reform as evidence of CORPORATE PROFITEERING IN EDUCATION?  

The School District Of Philadelphia - USING The Aspirations & Hopes Of Black People As A Lure For Forward Political Power And Historical Amnesia 

I will not go into detail about how the educational activists told Black people in the 1980's that: "With people in power who love our Black children and care about the Black community.........things will improve".  Any rational person would accept that we have run through the cycle as they have defined in and yet the community has not received the promises that it was sold on, provoking it to yield its valuables into the offering plate because they believed it.

Based on the antics seen by the mayor back in April 2012 - I am clear that while the elected leadership is more interested in telling the people what they want to hear by keeping news of their ideological enemy dangled in front of them - it is THE PEOPLE and their present consciousness about themselves that is THE PROBLEM.   The leadership can only ever get away with what THEY allow them to.

I heard far too many cheers of affirmation for the mayor's redirection up to Massachusetts for me to pretend that he is the root of the problem.

As we see yet another "WE Are In The White House Moment", pictured above, noting that it will be yet another tick mark used in a future book on "Obama and Black America" - which enumerates the extensive list of "Blacks who visited the White House" while Obama was in office - as PROOF that Obama had Black people's interests constantly on their mind - this future author will make more use of the "White House Visitor's log" than he will an actual tour of the communities in Black America as his reference.


In as much as the people, in their present consciousness, show that they prefer to be INSPIRED via "Motion and Pictures" and NOT be UPSET by statistics - as they believe that this negative data points about their condition, when used as an INDICTMENT of their actions rather than an indictment of THE SYSTEM which has failed to help them - they will always provide an abundant harvest for those who tell them what they want to hear and divert blame upon a carrot that is always one inch beyond their grasp.

As I try to rationalize the subject of public education I see that the onus of "The Struggle" is what allows certain forces to retain their power regardless of their track record.

For the Black community the two most powerful forces that drive this "Struggle" are:

  • Perceptions Of RACISM due to - 
    • An unwillingness to integrate or share in a certain perceived quality standard that Whites have
    • A desire to segregate as a means of denying quality services and funding to Blacks
    • Curriculum that inferiorizes the contributions of Blacks or superiorizes Whites in history
    • Disciplinary codes that target Black people for expulsion or "tracking" into remedial classes
  • Political Power & Control Over The Public School Enterprise
    • Appointment of "Favorable People Into Power"
    • The use of the government employment system as a reliable Jobs Program
    • Minority contracting as a means of economic and employment opportunity
  • BOTH of the above are rolled together as the MACHINE vies to retain control from the threat of their ENEMY - who has a desire to "Profitize" the operations of the school system, affording the "INTENT to Educate Black Children to become a PROFIT CENTER.
They too often can't see that they have a profit center of their own.  It is just held at a different bank than that of their White enemy. 

In my assessment -those in this struggle are loathed to enforce - ACCOUNTABILITY - over the results because they were so intricately involved in the run up to power and control.  As such the call out of the results that fell short of plan would be a necessary self indictment.

President Obama sits in Washington DC - far, far away from the event that sets off the school day - the closing of the classroom door by the school teacher as she initiates the agenda to impart the knowledge stored in her head into the minds of the children as they are shown the practical application of this knowledge.

President Barack Obama represents "NATIONALIZED SOCIAL JUSTICE HOPES" for educational progress.

The forces who took power back in the day with the promise that they would deliver benefit can now save face by keeping "The Blacks" excited that they have a friend in the White House who cares about their education.

IT DOESN'T MATTER whether or not EDUCATION WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY EVER ACTUALLY IMPROVES.  They are not focused on EFFECTIVE RESULTS.  They are only focused upon PLEASING the PRESENT PREVAILING BLACK CONSCIOUSNESS with the "good news" that they are friends and not hostile critics.

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