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Man Murdered In Atlanta On Auburn Ave - Right Across The Street From Rep John Lewis/ President Obama (Black) Atlanta Campaign Headquarters

Murder At 100 Auburn Avenue

(Some of you all believe that I am full of "self-hate" and that I am making this all up.  INSTEAD I am WATCHING THIS B.S. and can't believe that more Black people can't bring themselves to see the gross irony that is going on around them and more "CREDIBLE" people are not standing up against those who are responsible for perpetuating this CONSCIOUSNESS WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY.)

I am going to take a different angle on this report about a (presumably a Black) man, murdered on Auburn Avenue, right near the new Caribbean restaurant below the "Royal Peacock" ballroom.   The last time I went to this restaurant was over the Memorial Day weekend as the place was packed as it was selling "mango ice cream" during the Caribbean Day Parade.

John Lewis / Obama Campaign Headquarters,
Right Across The Street From The Murder Scene
I know that the rebuilt building across from the restaurant is John Lewis' campaign headquarters that also functions as the "President Obama Black Campaign Headquarters" because I drove back into the area the next weekend to take pictures of "The King Compound" as part of another blog post (Georgia State University acquiring more land in the area), only to happen upon a massive "Obama 2012 Campaign Rally" / Voter Registration drive that was spilling out of the John Lewis office.   This is no doubt the center of the Black voter mobilization effort in Metro Atlanta.

I wonder if the larger Black community would ever come to the point of seeing that with so many problems that are flooding around the key pillars of what has been built up as the promise for our "Community Salvation" - that SOME FORCE is attempting to tell the Black community that it has latched onto the wrong priorities, that the very points of comfort that the machine that represents the community has sought out to achieve after walking us down this present pathway will be LOST TO THEM if they continue?

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MY AGENDA is not to "Attack Obama".
I am focused upon the forces that would prefer that you look past what is going on on the streets as we all agree to LIVE VICARIOUSLY THROUGH OBAMA and invest our "Black Community Development Consciousness" into VOTE and then VOTING STRAIGHT TICKET.
They always seem to win at what they compel you to do for the development of the community.
You always seem to lose, stuck all alone with Street Pirates that are the product of a failed engagement and development model.


Those who raise up "Black LYNCHING" victims as a means of showing the violent consciousness in other communities will see THIS latest act of violence on their home turf as an embarrassment that must be swept under the rug.   Their goal, as always, is to save face but NEVER to challenge the status quo WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY.

Let me string together a few facts that I have recently noted:

  1. The Civil Rights Pharisees Of Atlanta, Inc plans to hold a commemoration of the 1946 Lynching at Moores Ford Bridge.  This same group also holds an annual commemoration of the "1906 Atlanta Race Riots".  These riots took place right on Auburn Avenue - where this shooting took place tonight
  2. Auburn Avenue is in the "King Compound" - the areas of hallowed ground around the "King Center For Non-Violent Social Change (and Social Justice)".  The threat to this land (per the "Keepers Of The Flame") appears to be their fears that the nearby Georgia State University will seek to employ more of this land (and/or buildings) for use in their student education/housing/entertainment.   The group that functions as "The Auburn Avenue Historical Preservation Society" (Not claiming that this is their actual name) focuses more on attempting to preserve what THEY BELIEVE the ancestors would have wanted for the land, rather than noting that THIS LAND got its lofty reputation as BUSINESS ACTIVITY made it the center of commerce.  Like a "Trust Fund Baby" seeking to find his purpose and fill the big shoes of her ancestors - they are more into protection of RITUALS rather than taking what they were given and running with them to build things bigger and better.
  3. About 4 years ago as he tried to steer his organization through a raging internal storm, the new president of the SCLC told of his grand expansion plans to "have an SCLC chapter on every continent" - I told him (and Rev Warnock of Ebeneezer Baptist Church) that they would be better served to focus upon teaching "non-violent social change" in the "Old Fourth Ward" area that is a mere walking distance away from their grand cathedrals rather than spending the airfare, trying to teach other people's a strategy that they haven't managed to get working AT HOME.
  4. In listening to "Black Wing Talk Radio" today - the issue of the Batman Movie Shooting in Colorado served as an important opportunity for SOME Black people to affirm their "Non-White White Supremacist" feelings inside of them.  The notion that America defends and protects the "White shooter"/serial killer as an exception, while it sees the Black person who kills is acting "instinctively Black".  All of this talk was nothing more than the RATIONALIZATIONS that take place in their minds.  It seemed that they needed the Colorado Killer to do his deed so that their own minds could be satisfied, more than this crazed gun man needed to do what he did out of vengeance.
  5. Today at 7pm a Black man who is a two time murderer was granted a stay of execution by the Georgia Supreme Court.   The change in the mode of death from a "3 drug cocktail" to a "single drug" was a violation of procedure.   Any such change required a 30 day public notice and public hearings.   This man was sent to jail for killing his girl friend.  While incarcerated he killed a fellow inmate using a board with nails protruding from it.   An ANTI-DEATH PENALTY RALLY was held in downtown Atlanta today by those who oppose "State Sponsored Executions" but who are beside themselves in attempting to figure out a way to stop "Street Pirate Sponsored Executions".    They can't accept that the KILLER OF TWO HUMANS - did not mandate a 30 day waiting period before he MURDERED.  He doesn't GIVE A DAMN about HUMAN LIVES - he operates on instinct.  He is purported to have an IQ of 70.  

Anti-Death Penalty Protest In Atlanta Today
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