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As Philly PA Takes On The Character Of Philly MS - Female Black Policeman Escapes To The South To Avoid Sexual Harassment On The Job

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The news that a Black female police officer in Philadelphia felt more comfortable in going "down South" rather than remaining in Philadelphia would normally force people to reindex their assumptions about how "racial threats" factor into the larger picture of the threat matrix that Black people face today.

I do not know if Chief Inspector Jerrold Bates is a Black man or not.
I do know that Officer Johnson did not bring up RACE as a factor in her employment harassment claims.

What is true, however, is that IF Officer Johnson teamed with a group of other females in the department with the intention of purging the present police command staff as a pretext for creating an environment that is safe for women - the forces in Philadelphia who would see this as an attack upon a Black Administration and leadership would either directly oppose her efforts or stay silent.

The "free radicals" that present themselves as being "Unbought Unsold" in their pursuit of JUSTICE always seem to become more pragmatic when they see that holding such a disposition might tarnish the reputation of the "favorable person in power".   Such indictments are best used to injure the ENEMY when he is in power.

Unfortunately for those who pursue justice in Philly - "The Enemy" can't get elected into any city wide offices as the previous "Occupations" have run them out of power.

Is Police Captain Jerrold Bates The New Frank Rizzo With The Addition Of A Sexual Addiction?
We Can Deduce That The High Crime Areas That He Has Targeted In This Sting Were Black Communities.
If He Is Ultimately Using The Same Tactics As Rizzo - WHY Did It Take A Sexual Harassment Allegation To
Stain His Reputation Rather Than It Being Stained By The Black Community Activists Who Abhorred When Rizzo Did This Type Of "Policing Of The Blacks"? 

At Least Frank Rizzo Didn't Sexually Molest Black People

To many Black people in Philadelphia - Former Police Chief and Mayor Frank Rizzo is a "Bull Conner" of their own.

If you were born before 1980 then your knowledge of him comes from his tenure in office where he was known as a "tough cop".

If you were born after 1980 when he was no longer in power - your angst is likely triggered from the folklore around Mumia "Killa Mu" Jamal and how Rizzo reacted after one of his officers, Officer Faulkner, was killed by Jamal.

Frank Rizzo's tenure in power in the police department and as mayor is indelibly tied to his relationship with the Black community in Philadelphia.  The matters of Black community policing, integration of the police force, the race riots of the 1960's, Mumia Abu Jamal and MOVE - all form this linkage.

The best lesson that we can learn from the use of the name "Frank Rizzo" as applied to the common vernacular on the streets today is that despite the fact that  "a legend" that all Black people in a community can refer to in a common refrain (positively or negatively) eventually fades from power.  The people need to update their assessments of the PRESENT DAY THREATS to their person and be willing to push back upon those forces who would prefer to evade responsibility for their present acts by having YOU LIVE VICARIOUSLY through old heroes or to share their own hatred and resentment for a force who is safely encased in a casket, unable to haunt the Black community any longer.

Frank Rizzo - Wikipedia entry

"The Blacks" And "The Police" In Philadelphia Today
Despite "favorable people in power" over the city government and police administration the tensions between "The Black" and "The Police" remain high.

Police Chief Charles Ramsey brought the policy of "Stop And Frisk" to Philadelphia.  Despite their awareness of this as a problematic policy the "Black Racial Services Machine", happy to see a Black man in power, did not promote this policy as grounds to oppose Ramsey's appointment by Mayor Nutter.

Though There Are Approximately 154 Black People Represented In The YTD Body Count In Philadelphia As Of July 29
....................At Least There Are Fewer People That Have Been Murdered Than In 2007 - When BUSH Was In Office.
This Must Be Viewed As PROGRESS For The Community And Not A Disturbing Trend

Claims of race-based policing and harassment of law abiding Black males continue.    Earlier this week a Cambodian man was shot in the head and killed by the Police.

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