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What If Radio Talk Show Host Mo Ivory, A Trained Attorney Was Representing The Black Community In A Product Warranty Lawsuit For Failure To Delver Upon The Promised Goods And Services? Would She Argue As She Presently Does As A Colored Commentator In The "Malcolm X Political Football Game" At The Ultimately Expense Of Black People?

There is no one person that better represents the duel headed picture below than does Mo Ivory, "Black-Wing Grievance Talk Radio Show" host, WAOK Atlanta - 10am to 1pm.

When I hear a Black person say "We Democrats" (or "We Republicans) - at least for me - it clouds everything else that I expect to hear out of their mouths.  They have transformed themselves into the character of their party and such a fact contaminates their thinking more often than not.

In as much as it is true that there is lack of "Institutional Integrity Enforcement" WITHIN the Black community ..............
this also means that such a person is allowed to skew their partisan views in support of their prioritization of "The American Political Domain" above the protection of the "Black Community's Permanent Interests".

Most people get this next part wrong.
The proper way to rebut a person who debates as does Mo Ivory does is NOT to argue that the Republican Party is not the characterization as they claim it is.   Sadly "Republicans who are Black" are as corrupted as are the more popular and prevailing "Democrat who is Black".   In both cases they represent the present "Integrated Consciousness" of Black people into the American Political Domain.  

Today "Blackness" is more frequently use as Malcolm X noted, with the Republicans fusing their White conservative base with points that piss most Black people off and the Democrats utilizing "The Blacks" in their camp to lead the RACIAL INDICTMENTS that ensure that regardless of how much power they have over "The Blacks" where we live - the Democratic Party will be the recipient of the investments of "Our Black Community Development Consciousness and Hopes".

On the "Redding News Review" a "Black Conservative Democrat" said last night "If the Republican Party were to purge the RACISTS from their party................more Blacks would join the Republican Party".    While I personally believe that there is not a POLITICAL solution to Black America's problem - such a person has no knowledge of the history of Fannie Lou Hamer.   She entered a den of racists in the "Democratic National Convention" in 1964 because her knowledge that the Black people of Mississippi needed representation more than she concerned herself with the attacks upon her person, largely because of her race.   With the abundance of investments today into "Mission Accomplished City Machines" by Black people - we must conclude that the present failure to develop our people as promised is less of a damning conclusion than is the thought of making company among RACISTS who don't want Black people in their party.

My observations show, however, this caller is a candidate to be a "Black Flight Progressive" who moves away from the injury that he suffers in "Mission Accomplished Zones", only to move next door to a Republican in a more conservative suburban area, as a means of obtaining his Black family's "Permanent Interests" while leveraging the "Civil Rights Protections" that he thanks the Democrats for and thus he continues voting in such a manner.   Indeed "The Black Flight Progressive" is the most "cognitively disconnected" ideologue of all.

How To Debate Mo Ivory And Other "Progressive-Fundamentalist Who Are Democrats Who Are Black" - A Working Example
(Take notes Republican Fred because you too are clueless about how your own party loyalty ensnares you in your debates with all of the Black-Wing Grievance Talk Radio hosts you engage with and they laugh at you as a result.  And so do I. )

The best way to understand Mo Ivory and the juxtaposition of her "Democratic Party"/Progressive-Fundamentalist Loyalties with her "Black Community Permanent Interests" is to move away from her job as a Black-Wing Talk Radio host and instead focus on her training as a lawyer.

Mo Ivory Represents "The Black Community's Interests" In A Class Action Lawsuit Against Major Appliance Vendors.

(Note: I hope that Highland Appliance is out of business in total.  I found this picture on the Internet and have no intention to impugn the actual company.  At least this one location appears to be out of business.).

Scores of Black consumers who were in the market for major appliances (refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, dish washers and kitchen stoves) were compelled by an aggressive marketing program to come into the "Highland Appliance" chain.

Highland Appliance has stores that are located in every "Mission Accomplished City" in America that has one common profile - a high concentration of Black-Americans.   There is no detectable class or income based profile of the chain's placement of their stores.  They have detected a common thread that exists in Black Americans, regardless of these distinctions within the larger population of Black people.

In a documented pattern of behavior by Highland Appliance - each of the of the buyers of their major appliances, sold through their retail channel, were "up-sold" with extended warranties that were collected and executed by Highland Appliance and not the manufacturers.    These warranties averaged approximately 10% of the total purchase price.

These warranties promised additional coverage that was to provide protection between 5 years and 10 years above the manufacturer's warranty that came with appliance, typically ending after 3 years.

Highland Appliance provided their sales men a 25% take on all dollars collected from these extended warranties, providing them with a compelling financial incentive to push this extended warranty on all of their customers.    Many buyers told the class action attorney who collected research that they were badgered by the sales person, including using "group shunning" techniques such as being called "stupid", "unpatriotic" or standing against the interests of their own family - as they were knowingly setting up a situation where in a few short years that prized refrigerator would break down, spoiling the families food and exposing their loved ones to salmonella, bacteria, mold and mildew as they consumed rancid food in this 'unprotected' major appliance.

Lives Up To But Is Implicitly Needs THE CUSTOMER To Agree To ENFORCE HIS OWN CLAIM Based Upon What He Has PURCHASED, Expecting To Enjoy The Benefits Of His Purchase.
The CUSTOMER Must Have The Consciousness Of Mind That HIS OWN FINANCIAL INTERESTS Are
SUPERIOR To The Interests Of The COMPANY And Their Affiliated Staff That He Is Emotionally Attached To
The Claim:
In assessing the population of people who purchased these extended warranties the following facts were noted:

  1. The entire population of consumers that made a major purchase from Highland Appliances was 70% White and 15% Black - regardless of their choice to add the extended warranty
  2. While 40% of White consumers purchased the extended warranty,   96% percent of "The Blacks" were compelled to make the purchase
  3. In studying Highland Appliances marketing budget and strategy - we found that "The Blacks" were targeted with "targeted advertising" through "Urban Radio stations" and "Black newspapers" with special ads that emphasized a connection between "their Racial loyalties" and the purchase of the Extended Loyalties
  4. Black sales people where hired and then prompted to engage Black consumers as they came through the doors of Highland Appliance.
    1. Both the management and the "Paid Black" sales man understood that such a sales person is able to make use of the special connection that Black people have with each other per their history and "Struggle" in America to run an emotional "bait and switch" scheme by which the Black sales person could use their knowledge about the sensitivities and sensibilities of Black people to translate into a higher rate of sales success.
    2. We are not suggesting that such "pairing" is illegal.  It is done all of the time.  Female marketing executives, for example, are intrinsically more qualified to apply their first hand experience as to favorable fragrances and color schemes that appeal to the female consumer.  
    3. The issue is that with the Extended Warranty the sales staff conspired with the owners of "Highland Appliances" to push their interests in the Extended Warranty sales - to the benefit of the chain and the Embedded Black Fox Confidence Man's sales person's personal interests - above the interests of the Black Consumer - as we will detail shortly.

Transaction Upon The Benefits In "The Extended Warranty"
In our research - we found a consistent pattern of fraudulent behavior by Highland Appliance as those who held extended warranties attempted to make good on their coverage.   Since there was a higher proportion of Black customers holding these warranties - we must conclude that there was a "racist" intent upon the entire scheme.

Five years out from their purchase, their major appliances paid for, free and clear, once the product malfunctioned, the consumers with the extended warranties attempted to have Highland Appliance make good on their extended warranty coverage.

As these consumers brought their appliances back to Highland Appliance seeking repair or replacement - in line with the PROMISES itemized in the Extended Warranty Plan - a number of "bait and switch" schemes were observed in the conduct of "Highland Appliance":

  1. Upon seeing Black customers with the brightly colored "Extended Warranty" folder coming through the door - again - a Black sales associate was procured to engage them - prior to them reaching the "Da Man" the warranty and repairs counter.  These folders had the image of a smiling Black family with the words "We Gotcha --- Covered" printed on the front.
  2. Highland maintained a FINANCIAL INCENTIVE for the Black sales associates to hold down the grievances of the Black consumers by representing a good face for the company - using a set of prescribed schemes.  The #1 scheme deployed was to use their racial connectivity with the customer to pretend that they empathize with the consumer when, in truth, their goal was to obtain a new purchase out of the Black consumer, having them to move beyond consideration of their "Return On Investment" of their previous purchase, the quality of the manufacture, and more importantly, the EXTENDED WARRANTY Plan scheme - which has been profitable due to the low number of times that it needed to be executed upon in support of "The Black" customers.
    1. The more money paid out in extended warranties - the lower the percentage that the Black sales people were to be paid off of the top from the initial sale of these extended warranties.
    2. In the ad purchase - the Black Press news papers and radio stations received ad revenues via the "spend" made by Highland Appliance, a threat to the profitability of the warranty program also threatened the financial interests of the media venue and its compensated "talent". 
    3. The Negro Confidence Man Who Is In
      Cahoots With The
      "White Corporate Owners"
      That Pay Him.  He Is Useful Because
      He Understands How "The Blacks"
      Think And Can Give Them The Psychological
      Affirmation That They Desire While
      Reaching Into Their Pockets 
    4. The investigative arms of the respective Black Press platforms had a vested interest in "spiking" all "court of public opinion" criticism against Highland Appliance and more specifically its Extended Warranty program.

The Indictment
The Black sales staff systematically worked to compel the Black customers to purchase a new major appliance rather than take Highland Appliance to task in FOLLOWING THROUGH with the promises that were purchased with the investments made by the Black customers with the assumptions that their claims would be honored.

A number of different "Confidence Schemes" were noted in our research - including a customer wearing a wire to record the conduct.

  1. Sales Man A:  "This years model of the "GE Space Saver 2012" is far more efficient than the 7 year old model that you purchased.   I recall selling you that refrigerator back then.   Though you did not get the 13 years that you had expected out of your purchase..................JUST IMAGINE IF YOU HAD PURCHASED THE "Haier XT GOP"  that I warned you against!!!   That thing would have broken down after just 3 years.  YOU GOT 4 MORE YEARS out of that GE unit that I told you about.    I know that you are angry that it is not working now - but look at how many improvements the new "GE Space Saver 2012" has.   Don't you owe it to your children to get the water filtering and colder ice that this new unit produces?:
  2. Sales Man B:   "Your washer/dryer set was sold to you by a salesman that no longer works here.  I personally warned the management that he was not working hard for the interests of our customers,  He was getting them to compromise their interests for the sake of saving money.   I knew that you would be back sooner than later.  I was actually listening in as he was selling to you 4 years ago.   Why don't you take a look at what we have on the sales floor rather than going back to the warranty counter?    My job is on the line.  I have a Black wife and 3 Black kids who would benefit if you make a new purchase using me.   See Bradley over there?  Yeah - the White guy over there - well you how how racism works in this society.   We have White people coming in and saying straight to my face - "We came here to work with BRADLEY".      It gets so bad some times that you have 3 or 4 White customers sitting on top of the washers and dryers, waiting for Bradley to finish up with his other White customers and not wanting to deal with me.   You know exactly that this ain't nothing but racism.     This is why if I do not get you to make this purchase from me - THEY WIN.   They are going to purge one more Black sales man from the store - getting to their ultimate goal - an all White sales force that looks just like the "Tea And Me Appliances" right down the street.   The way these White folks running the place has it set up -  I take you over to the Warranty counter that looks bad on me.   But if you help me out and purchase this new washer/dryer set right here - I TELL YOU WHAT - I will not only give you free delivery - I will have our delivery men to carry out your broken unit - down your stairs and take it away for you"
    1. NOTE - Of all of the consumers who agreed to this deal - the broken units had 50% residual value left upon them.  After a simple repair - Highland Appliances sold these units - for profit - via their "used appliance" sales channel.  

That Ultimately Protects Our
and Usurpation -  EXTERNAL AND
Apply Mo Ivory To The Above Scenario
The two sales men above are guilty of:
  1. Making use of a negative external reference to compel desired behavior, as a means of evading accountability for their prior actions and promises
  2. Compelling the subject to connect with the salesman's "Struggle" as they yield their own interests as it is fused to his interests as he "Sells Them The Future". 

I don't need to tell you that IF there was such an elaborate scheme being run by a "Highland Appliance" and that BLACK PEOPLE were documented as the primary "goats" who had their PERMANENT INTERESTS of  "Economic Prosperity" (as seen by keeping more of your money in your pocket) Mo Ivory and any other rational Black person - lawyer or not - would stand against this scheme as they seek to protect these interests against the corporate interests.

I, for one, am totally aware that a corporate retailer IS NOT a political party.    Politics, by definition is the goal of getting "your base" to make an investment in your series of promises - BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

My argument then is NOT an indictment against Mo Ivory as an operative in the "American Political Domain" - or as I call it "The Malcolm X Political Football Game".

My argument is that - in as much as she and so many others REPRESENT themselves as promoting the "Black Community Permanent Interests" - a casual observer with the intent of ANALYSIS of their antics rather than compliance - soon sees that:
  • They are always SELLING BLACK PEOPLE FORWARD into the next election with "Keep Your Enemy On Trial So You Don't Have To Indict Your Friends" as the #1 scheme that is deployed
  • When any rational person would conclude that after having achieved the "Mission Accomplished State" a measure of "Establishment Power" should be expected by the "Favorable People In Power" - they are seen MOVING THE GOAL POSTS - making note of EXTERNALITIES that they know that the people will agree is the real problem that caused the failure
    • Racism from external forces that "Want The Black Progressive Government To Fail"
    • Nationalized Social Justice - where the level of civic services that are provided but which is making the local entity insolvent SHOULD BE commissioned to all Americans at the national level and thus WE CAN'T HOLD THE LOCAL AUTHORITIES ACCOUNTABLE - because THE SYSTEM is not yet sculpted in a manner that expresses these "Social Justice Accouterments" to all - regardless of their ability to pay
    • Team members who "gave up the faith" too soon.  They induced doubt and thus criticism, derailing the effort.  A double down on "Congregational Unity" is needed for success. We can't claim that we failed UNTIL there is no more opposition standing in our way

This is not a piece of SLANDER.
I RECORD THESE PEOPLE and their Radio Talk Shows EVERY DAY!!!!  (WAOK and WVON)
I do not get a chance to listen to every segment.  I choose from 30 minute segments that my computer clips their shows into and I listen for interesting topics.

This blog IS NOT a "Media Matters In Black Face", No Oliver Willis or Filled Negro.
My goal is not to get you to curl up in a defensive posture due to an EXTERNAL IDEOLOGICAL THREAT.   My goal is to get more Black people to hold a hand mirror up to their consciousness, become aware of how the stream of FORCES that compete for our "conscious attention" are shifting you off of your ultimate development goals and how the failure to put your SHORT TERM interests (that come from your present consciousness - that has failed you) to the side - in support of a framework for your LONG TERM DEVELOPMENT - which you can only reach when your CONSCIOUSNESS CHANGES.

I contend that Mo Ivory would NEVER allow "Highland Appliances" the pass at the bait and switch exploitation of Black people that SHE engages in DAILY as the "Keep Your Enemy On Trial...." scheme is used to ensure that a FIX for the Black community's problems - with the perspective of an INVESTOR who has an INVESTMENT PORTFOLIO that he is seeking to protect from MISAPPROPRIATION replaces the present TEAMING consciousness that the "Progressive-Fundamentalist Joint-Venture" thinking produces for our people. 

To be clear - Black Wing Talk Radio is an excellent source of "community interest" stories.   
My criticism IS NOT that they are "out of tune" with what is going on WITHIN the Black community.

The problem is that they RUN the "Institutional Integrity" of the Black Community (per their role in the "Black Racial Services Machine").   Since there is no consequence for FAILING BLACK PEOPLE IF YOU ARE A PROGRESSIVE because their recognition of that such transparency work tend to dislodge their free access to "The Black Community Consciousness Nucleus".

If I were a White Executive at a progressive biased media organization - I would DOUBLE the Black voices that are trained upon the Black community, to ensure that this tidal wave of "messaging" remains unchallenged.   The combination of these views being the "de facto" standard within the Black community AND the engineered attachment between the Black community and the chosen team in the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" makes it a sure bet that none of the agents of "fortress protection"  are ever going to call out this rather effective scheme at channeling the "Black Community Development Consciousness (and the associated grievances) into the American Political Domain - for the benefit of the Democrats - no matter how much power they already have over our communities. 

This is not a POLITICAL PROBLEM for Black people.
We are dealing with an issue of PSYCHOLOGICAL WANTS AND NEEDS - that have gone unmet and thus we see DESTRUCTIVE THINGS being done to compensate. 




There is simply TOO MUCH MONEY to be harvested FROM within the Black community to derail this capitalistic scheme that is going on. 

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