Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Conscious Black Man Stuck In The Crossfire Between Two Factions Of Bigots

While my Black Progressive-Fundamentalist fiends that are identified above on the right might protest being lumped with a White group of bigots who's ancestors lynched Black new found White bigoted friends at "Stuff Black People Don't Like" would likely note that they were not responsible for killing any Negroes in the "Juneteenth Shootout" in Houston.  They try their best to keep away from Black folks so they don't have to shoot as as today, unlike previous times, there is jail time associated with the offense of killing a Black man.

As part of my standard "Web Monitoring" exercises I make sure that I cast a wide net so that I can keep abreast of the latest chatter on the web.   It is always interesting to see what the passengers are doing as the ship of state is taking on water.   As I suspected the perpetual combatants are up to their same old entrenchments.  The bullets fired at each other which has breached the hull is  the likely reason why the ship is taking on water.

The common denominator of both of these collections of extremist voices has little to do with their RACE.
They are driving an IDEOLOGY and it is the matter of RACE that is used as a volley ball in their contest.

In both cases - regardless of the story at hand it is the "{Fill In The Blank} That Did It".

For the Progressive-Fundamentalists - WHITE CONSERVATIVE SUPREMACY is the root of the problems.   Even when the White man exits a "Mission Accomplished City" he is motivated to trip up the Favorable Progressive Politicians as he induces economic collapse and then has the audacity to foreclose on the municipal bonds that the city has outstanding. The White banker was mindful that had he not provided the financing in the first place he would have been called a racist for not extending credit to "Negroes", thus causing them to fail.

For the White Conservative-Fundamentalist - the "Ninja" who is put into motion by their White Progressive Cheshire Fox adversary that is guilty of contaminating the proper function of this country as his crime and economic malfeasance has gotten "White America" off course.   Indeed in the past when the Negro "Knew His Place" - the "Great White Way" was an grand boulevard as the "Negro Help" was employed to make sure that every cobblestone was made to shine.

Black people, beholden to this consciousness, will NEVER admit that the balance of the forces that are:

  • Killing Our People On The Streets - in a reenactment of the harvest of "Strange Fruit"
  • Failing to prepare our Black Children to take over as Professional Service Agents
  • Winning the confidence of the Black Community yet failing to deliver Economic Development
...........are NOT the people who they cast a omnipresent, watchful eye upon so they do not molest our people.

Instead the people who operate with an inside vantage point within our "Black Community Consciousness Nucleus" are the one's who are leaving the "back door unlocked" thus we suffer from an "Inside Job"

The "good Conservative White folks" who keep a watch on the Negro as his White Progressive adversary uses him like a marionette character, can't bring himself to see from the "Wealth By Demography" charts that the Negro doesn't have the money nor the power to do as they claim he is guilty of.

Whites Have 22 Times More Wealth Than Black People

They can't bring themselves to see that if we assume that America is 72% White and apply that to the population total of 310,000000 and then multiply that times $110,729 per White person.................the $24,7 trillion in wealth that is captured in "White America" is going to be eclipsed by the size of the national debt some time shortly beyond 2025.

See look even your friends at "New South Conservatives" make the same case.


  • Get More Black People To Focus On Regulating The CONFIDENCE MEN Who Are STEALING "The Black Community Development Consciousness" 
  • Get More White Conservatives To focus On Stopping The Federal Reserve and The Federal And State Governments From Destroying Our National Fiscal Situation (as there just aren't enough Black people receiving money to substantiate your present claims)

And we would be in better shape as a society.


Anonymous said...

It's me again. Nice graphics. You really are a smart guy, but I know you don't need me to tell you that. I'm not being condescending. Please don't take it as such. I guess it's just refreshing fro me to read a lateral thinking mind on this side of the fence. I say that full well knowing that I likely disagree with all of your current politics. I can appreciate the thinking process.


"...yet failing to deliver Economic Development".

This tells me that you haven't yet solved the problem. Your permanently positive economic development will never, ever, ever come from the people that you elect. You can wait 1000 years. It'll never happen. It goes against the laws of political, and by extension financial, power. This holds true for any group.

The fact that black people are awaiting "economic development delivery" is a large reason why it alludes them, and a large reason why they are widely resented by other groups. This is because other groups know the following:

All true and lasting community power and advancement comes from the bottom up, not the top down (elected officials). And I don't mean grassroots political campaigns. I mean cultivating the root of political power within the community.

Ask yourself why Anglo-Saxons, Nordic/Germanic Whites, French Whites, Jews, or North Asians don't need economic development "delivered". Ever. I mean, sure, if someone gives them something, they'll take it and make the best of it. However, on a level playing field, you can put any of these groups anywhere, and they will create their own economic development. Why? How? Solve the problem. Stop waiting to be rescued by a superhero, or some supranational justice league that will come and redistribute all of the wealth in the world.

Unfortunately for their sense of victim-hood, black people keep themselves down in the modern age. This is a shitty realization, as there is no longer a bad guy to blame or kill, but it is also empowering as it means that self-change is all that is necessary. Although, admittedly, for black people it will be an arduous journey, mostly because they are starting with absolutely nothing in place other than having residence in the first world. However, accomplishing anything worthwhile is never, ever easy. Immediate gratification cannot be realized in this instance, but the sooner that you start the sooner that you'll get there.

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]This tells me that you haven't yet solved the problem. [/quote]

Nothing that you have noted is contrary to my observations.

My point is that the Black Community needs to look at the real agenda of those who have us "Struggling" and change into more of an "INVESTOR" orientation, away from the present "Social Justice pursuit".

An investor makes note of his over all goal of growth and protection of his valuable assets and changes his strategy when these prove insufficient to his over all agenda.

When you have a group of "Embedded Confidence Men" standing as a force of influence but ultimately failing to produce development - THE INVESTOR had better rise up and make note of how their own interests are different from these agents and define a firewall OR they must do what I also note:


I note that you did not focus on the issue that I have with SBPDL in which the focus upon Black people clearly comes at the expense of a full vetting of the larger economic problems that this nation has.