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When Dr Claude Anderson Told Bev Smith That The Black Community Should Lynch Criminals To Send A Message - Just Like The LSU Psychologist

Professor From LSU: Black Thugs Who Don't Follow The Law Should Be Put Down
(Subject heard on WAOK, Link from Redding News Review)

If I had an automated voice search software I would ask for it to search my recorded archive of "Black-Wing Grievance Talk Radio".

About 2 years ago Dr Claude Anderson of "Powernomics" fame was on the "Bev Smith Radio Show".

As they were talking about the economic and social order problems within the Black Community - Dr Anderson volunteered to Bev Smith that the Black Community needs to step up to the plate and send a message to the thugs (Street Pirates) by catching one of them in the act and performing a PUBLIC LYNCHING upon him.

(Bloggers Note:  If Someone Can Prove That I AM LYING About What Dr Claude Anderson Said On The Bev Smith Radio Show - I Will Delete The Contents Of Each Of My Blogs And Never Trouble You On The Internet Again.  )

This post is not about the audacious suggestion of having the punishment go far beyond the crime.

This story is a post about the PROPAGANDA PURPOSES of the "Black-Wing Grievance Talk Radio".

I have already noted that NAACP is incompetent at achieving certain "social justice" ends, instead preferring to render indictments over showing "human resource management" among the people who they seek to produce these benefits on behalf of.

Various operatives on Black-Wing Grievance Talk Radio prefer to have their listeners "Congregationally Unified", riled up over the latest THREAT to Black people - than they have any plans, what so ever, to use fact-based information to plot out a legitimate strategy to achieve the ends that they claim to desire:  "SAFE STREETS - WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY".

As agents for commercial radio operations their ultimate job is to generate advertising revenue from their sponsors, for the benefit of the radio conglomerate that they work for.

As I try to apply rationality to their actions - I can come up with no other motivation for their frequent application of antics that fly in the face of provable FACTS - (see the Black Homicide Statistics in an earlier post).

It is clear that they understand that a UNIFIED BLACK CONGREGATION doesn't require disciplined facts to direct its governing priorities.   The power of a "riled up" Black community who is compelled to find someone to TELL THEM WHAT TO DO to relieve these perceptions of heightened racial animus (which comes just in time for the US elections).

I brought up the previous example of the words from Dr Claude Anderson - a highly respected figure in the "Black Activist" circles - not for the purposes of an indictment of Dr Anderson.  My point was to ask you to look at the TALK SHOW HOST OPERATIVE - and how - in this case Bev Smith listened to what was being said,   looked at WHO WAS SAYING IT - and did not react in a manner that showed any outrage.

My agenda is to define a MODEL of these type of reactions so that we can carry it forward to understand how this same effect shows up in so many other areas of "Black Politics".

  • With the solemn will to protect a Favorable Figure...........
  • The words or actions of this agreeable figure are taken in to the mind of the analyst
  • The analyst chooses to weigh the "offensiveness" of these words or actions against his or her larger agenda in which this favorable figure is a vital operative in support of the larger goals
  • Since so much of their discourse is based on INDICTMENTS - as a means of keeping THE ENEMY ON TRIAL - .....................
  • These otherwise offensive words or actions, said by a "Friend" are allowed to pass under the elaborate radar network that has been erected which detect even the slightest insult to the Black Progressive-Fundamentalist sensibilities
  • A THREATENED disruption in the force of CONGREGATIONAL UNITY is averted - as the "Field Editor" of the LampBlacked Yellow Journalist Press - chooses to spike a story that would otherwise cause great discord.

It is simply not possible to take in an aggregation of news feeds (as I do):
  • Newspaper
  • Television
  • Blog
  • Psuedo-News Aggregation Sites
  • Words spoken in person
.....and NOT SEE this well orchestrated scheme that is centrally focused on a victory in the "Malcolm X Political Football Game".

While I dedicate my efforts to listen to Black sources, White Conservative Sources and White Progressive Sources to note that the majority of them are operating in on the same scheme..............................ONLY the "BLACK SOURCES" pretend that they are doing all of this out of the protection and DEVELOPMENT of their RACE.

The lack of INSTITUTIONAL INTEGRITY to defend against contamination is the most disappointing in the one that I have the most vested interest in.

The only results that will ever come from this systematic fraud is that NOTHING WILL CHANGE FOR THE NEGRO.    
The time that we SHOULD BE spending developing HUMAN RESOURCE GOVERNANCE AND DEVELOPMENT competencies - this type of transacted foolishness - which is guaranteed to produce a long line outside of the "Bread And Circuses" distribution center - is being done. 

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