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West Philly - Mitt Romney Faces Push Back In "Obama's Neighborhood" While The Koreans And Indians Dominate The Retail Space

(Editors Note: Dear Cultural Consciousness Archeologists From The Year 2200 and Beyond - PLEASE READ THIS POST As You Try To Understand WHAT DID THE AFRICAN-AMERICAN Do After He Got HIS FREEDOM To End Up With The Consciousness He Was Delivered To You During Your Day)

Remember my "man on the street" review of Lansdowne Avenue in West Philly?  This is my reference to my visit in April in which I drove home from a sports bar after the NBA playoff game around 11pm  The only businesses open at that time were "Chinese Fast Food joints" selling food and beer to Black people.  These businesses were abundantly spread out for the length of this key retail strip through West Philly.

Well this very community is in the news.

Republican presidential candidate Mitt "Willard" Romney chose to make a visit to the "Universal Bluford Charter School".  The school's name is in recognition of Guion Bluford - an American Space Shuttle astronaut who was born in Philadelphia. 

(Let me get the politics out of the way first, prior to getting into the core issues - and ironies)

The name "Mitt (Willard) Romney" heard in West Philly triggered a wave of Democrats to come out to show Romney that he was not welcome in "Obama's Neighborhood".

On the outside of the building various union members lined up outside to protest Romney's visit into Philadelphia - a city where the Democrats outnumber Republicans 6 to 1.  Even the mayor of Philadelphia, Mayor Nutter gave Romney an "F" on education.  Keep in mind folks that the School District Of Philadelphia is under control of a state sponsored school reform board after having been judged as a failing school system.  I would be remiss if I failed to note that Mayor Nutter looked outside of his city which lays so many Black murder victims to rest each year and looked down in Sanford Florida to proclaim that "Trayvon Martin was assassinated"

I have stated my observations previously that the most effective Black "confidence men" leaders are the ones that have mastered the skill of sensing the building grievances from the congregation that they stand before on stage, redirecting their angst outward and then LEVITATING off of the stage and toward the exit door as they lead the masses on a march.  The primary benefit of him in this role is ........the grievance rally NEVER seems to pass by his own office.

Google Search - "Romney Gets An F On Education"

MSNBC - "The Black (Progressive) Agenda - For A Stronger America" had something to say about Romney entering "Obama's Neighborhood".    Despite the fact that Mitt Romney has never been in position to single handedly fail Black people's permanent interests on "Quality Education" - those forces that are in this position gave Romney and "F" on education.

Various Democratic operatives and unions appeared outside of the "Universal Bluford Charter School" at  47th and Master to give "Willard" a piece of their mind.

During a round-table discussion, teachers and local education leaders rejected some of Romney's education prescriptions, including his assertion that class size doesn't matter. Romney also identified two-parent families as one of three keys to educational success, along with good teachers and strong leadership.

Local education leader Abdur-Rahim Islam pushed back, telling Romney that two-parent families are unrealistic in the community. "We will never get to that second part described about having a two-parent situation, parent support, as a key component," Rahim said.
Black voters, who four years ago helped expand the electoral map in places such as  North Carolina and Virginia and lifted Obama to victory in those states, remain solidly behind him. An Associated Press-GfK poll this month found that 90 percent of black people would vote for Obama in November and just 5 percent would support Romney. At the same time, just 3 percent of black people said Romney "understands the problems of people like you" better than Obama does.
"It's nice that he decided this late in his time to see what a city like Philadelphia is about," Nutter said. "I don't know that a one-day experience in the heart of West Philadelphia is enough to get you ready to run the United States of America."
Besides discussing his policies with nearly a dozen local education leaders, Romney also visited with children. He shook hands with a classroom of third-graders and stood virtually motionless for several minutes, bobbing his head ever so slightly at times, as a music class sang and danced for him.
During the discussion, the school's founder, Kenneth Gamble, told Romney that his "major concern is the future and the destiny of African-American people in this country. Because once that problem is solved, I think that all of America will benefit from it." Romney said he agreed.
PHILADELPHIA — Mitt Romney ventured into one of Philadelphia’s poorest neighborhoods on Thursday, visiting a charter school to highlight his education proposals.
West Philadelphia, notorious for its gang and crime problems and rampant poverty, is also home to the Universal Bluford Charter School, one of a network of schools in the city that target inner-city children.

Romney rolled out his education platform for the first time on Wednesday, focusing on school choice and an expansion of charter schools for inner-city youth.
He opted for a charter school that’s run by a Philadelphia-based non-profit and took over a troubled public school. But the charter school is on warning from the state because it hasn’t made academic progress in the first two years of its existence.

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter, a Democrat, held a press conference on the corner, bashing Romney’s record on education while he was governor of Massachusetts.
“I don’t know why this guy’s here,” said Nutter. “[He] has suddenly somehow found West Philadelphia, somehow now wants to talk about education.”
Nutter, speaking in front of a 2012 Obama sign, pushed the message the Romney is out of touch with regular voters.
Romney's campaign bus pulled up early outside the Universal Bluford Charter School on 57th and Media Streets, much to the surprise of most locals. Philadelphia, after all, is a city where Democrats outnumber Republicans more than 6-1.
As word spread that Romney was there to discuss education reform in a closed-door, 90-minute roundtable, neighbors gathered outside the school to protest the visit. And residents had no friendly words for the GOP presidential candidate, especially when they learned he would not venture beyond the well-maintained walls of the school to the surrounding blocks, lined with rundown rowhouses.
"Why is he here?" asked Zulema Canty, 37, one of a few dozen people gathered outside the school. "A few months ago he said he didn't care about the poor, he was more concerned with the middle class. . . . This just seems like some PR thing. And now he's going to go on TV and say he was here, when really he wasn't here."
Supporters of President Obama were also on the scene, part of an effort by Democratic leaders - the unions, City Council members, and other elected officials - to chastise Romney outside the Bluford campaign stop.
By the time Mayor Nutter and District Attorney Seth Williams arrived for a news conference near the school aimed at criticizing Romney's record on education, a crowd of 50 residents and Obama backers were gathered on the sidewalk. Chanting "Obama's neighborhood" and "Down with Romney," the irked neighbors initially booed Nutter and Williams, mistakenly believing they had asked Romney to come to the city.
"I did not invite Mitt Romney to 58th and Media!" Williams told the crowd. Nutter added that he had not, either.
Nutter then criticized Romney for making a trip into the heart of West Philadelphia and choosing not to step outside and speak with voters.
"Instead of getting back on his bus, he should walk the streets," Nutter said. "You want an urban experience, then come out and talk to people."
Universal Bluford, a K-6 school that serves predominantly economically disadvantaged children, is one of five schools run by a nonprofit funded by music mogul Kenny Gamble. The school is in its second year of operating at the Bluford site, which was formerly part of the school district.
"Instead of just talking at the school and getting back on his huge bus, he should come out, he should walk 60th Street, he should talk to folks who are out here that are mad so maybe he could understand how real Americans, those that live here in urban America, the issues that are important to us," Nutter said at a press conference organized by the Obama campaign just outside the school grounds.
"I don't know that a one-day experience in the heart of West Philadelphia is enough to get you ready to run the United States of America," he continued, flanked by District Attorney, Seth Williams.
Nearly 40 people from the community gathered to protest, chanting "four more years" on the school corner holding signs reading "If Mitt Romney Wins, the Kids Lose", and "Obama 2012" re-election campaign posters.
Philadelphia Mayor stood before a podium adorned with Obama re-election signage and slammed Romney's education policy, saying his Massachusetts record is not a "model for the nation," and dubbed him "wrong-way Romney"
Continuing his second day of education focused events, Romney's visit to the charter school in a predominantly African American neighborhood marks the first campaign visit with grammar school kids and one of few where he's ventured into Democrat territory in a plighted urban setting.
Calling the gap in education performance between black and white students "the civil rights issue of our time," Romney said quality teaching and parental involvement were the keys to classroom success.
List Of Charter Schools In Philadelphia
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Romney's Photo Op With Black Kids Who's Parents Are
All Going To Stay The Course
Instead Of Promoting Some Other Alternative As The Primary Initiative For Uplift

 Black Americans warming to Obama MEANS NOTHING in the quest for development of communities like the one I am familiar with in West Philly.

The ironies seen in all of the quotes that I have highlighted points to one thing:  THE PREVAILING BLACK CONSCIOUSNESS TODAY IS CONSUMERISM.

With all due respect - What is POPULAR with Black people in this prevailing consciousness has little relation to what is PROVABLE to develop Black people. 

Philadelphia and other "Mission Accomplished Cities" give all who care to study the situation ample evidence of this disconnection. 

Again - the people choosing to VOTE in another direction would not be evidence of a new found consciousness.

We must understand (as a Philadelphia native) this present condition in West Philly comes after a 40 year run for POWER over our communities.  The rhetoric which said "Once we get favorable people in power who love our Black children and care about the Black community......things will change for the better".  

By all measures this point of reference that I heard more than 25 years ago by educational actor-vists has been achieved and passed by.   Due to the void in governing infrastructure within the Black community there is no "INVESTOR PROTECTION" that would tend to resist struggling some more until the results from the last struggle are reconciled.

Instead we have INCOMPETENCY IN DEVELOPING BLACK PEOPLE that is produced by the Political/Ideological Tribalism that the "Embedded Black Fox Confidence Men" love to promote.
Their hearts were warmed by the Obama loyal Black protesters telling Romney to "Go Somewhere" than they ever have to worry about these same people looking at their present fate, making note of the INVESTMENTS that they have rendered in the growth of the present machine and refusing to take another step forward.

With great pain I note the Korean merchants that will be feeding this crowd of protesters as they return back home after Romney's bus departs to another, less hostile venue.  

The ironic part of it all is that the charter school movement that is in full blossom in Philadelphia is being driven by conscious parents and educational activist like Kenny Gambel BECAUSE the stock PUBLIC SCHOOLS in Philadelphia are failing to educate Black kids!!!

When you move beyond the theatrics that are seen in the crowd (and on the award winning Filled Negro blog) the painful truth about the ironies of the situation - indeed - justify the intoxicants that can be purchased from the Koreans.   Just slide your money through the slot in the bullet proof glass and then they will give you the bottle or six pack of your choice.

The incestuous relationship between:
  1. The Elected Officials who KNOW who they are dealing with - happy for the diversion
  2. The Union operatives and Community Activists who are good at riling people up but who don't ever have to stand by the conditions that they produce when they "WIN"
  3. AND the Black Rank & File - despite suffering in the conditions that THEY ADMIT are problematic - can't see that they are CONSUMERS rather than INVESTORS
This part of West Philly is indeed the "Mission Accomplished" territory that is more like Philadelphia Mississippi than some people would care to admit:

  1.  Ninjas Are Getting Themselves Kilt in a SYSTEM that does not want to change in response to "Dead Black People"
  2. The BIGOTS that dominate the place have shown their incompetence at producing justice - and will ultimately need an external force to envelope the organic results that are produced when they are left to their own devices.

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