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The Neighborhoods Of Philadelphia: The Galápagos Islands For Black Competency Development

I can think of few other scenarios that support my argument that, within the context of the "Present Prevailing Black Consciousness" - the best way for an Embedded Confidence Man/MACHINE who the Black community should be holding accountable for failing to evade such accountability is to feed them the "Bread And Circuses" of something that they feel is SUPERIOR to their own Permanent Interests.

As I watch "you all's" antics - I struggle to understand how you plan to ratchet it all back?  
This is the point where you functionally control a sufficient among of your own community's resources and institutions to the extent that your choice to play this game that you are playing, allowing those who you INVESTED in to redirect your attention, is now a case of your own complicity in the corruption that shows itself as the failure to develop our people.

Has ANYONE EVER seen such an audacious display where a MACHINE simply decides not to talk about their own damage done to the Black community because they know, before they took the podium that 'The Blacks" would rather be entertained by listening to someone else's failures?

Is there much lower that we can go, people?

The video above is of Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter (D-PA) and District Attorney Seth Williams (D-PA).  They are speaking in response to Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney choosing to venture into "Obama's Neighborhood" of West Philadelphia to visit a charter school - basically for a photo-op with Black kids.

Most "Democrats who are Black" will listen to the words from the mayor as he "reads" Mitt Romney's lack of credibility on education policy.  They will be even more pleased that the Black residents in this struggling community were not "fooled" by Romney's campaign stop.

This post is NOT a rebuttal to Mayor Nutter in support of Mitt Romney.  This post is my attempt to call out the OUTRAGE in which the CROWD OF BLACK PEOPLE in a poor, crime ridden community with massive problems with educational services - is so gullible and full of their own bigoted entrenchments that they can be appeased (listen to the lady in the background say "I Like That") by forces who KNOW HOW THEY THINK and who will continue using them BECAUSE they would rather be riled up to believe that their present line of thinking is effective at STRUGGLING for a better end in their community.  In truth - it is this very thinking that put the MACHINE in power while ensuring that the community remained poor and vulnerable.

The Malcolm X Political Football Game

When we leave the analysis of this situation in West Philly - the place where I grew up - at the political jousting match within the "Malcolm X Political Football Game" - we miss the great irony and threat to the governance that this scheme represents.

The primary reason why I am harping on this issue in this particular community is because two months ago I had driven through this very community and noted how stagnant the neighborhoods of Philadelphia were.

Back in 2009 I made a post about the tactics that popular Black political operatives make use of.   Just when they reach conditions in the domain which they govern in which they should be subjected to protests from the Black community - they show the skill of playing the crowd of Black people by taking the stage - promoting an EXTERNAL INDICTMENT that the congregation will find compelling and then levitate off of the stage - leading the congregation of Blacks on a protest rally.

The prevailing consciousness of our people find this scheme attractive and it is the mark of a "good leader".  Those who fail to "move the crowd" will be judged as dull or uninspiring.

The key point that the congregation seems to fail to observe is that this leader who is in office will NEVER lead the protest rally past his own office.  He has a GPS powered smartphone, ensuring that they end up on a route that takes them to the agreed upon enemy's office.

The Neighborhoods Of Philadelphia - The Galapagos Islands
The "Blue Footed Booby"-  A Bird Found In The Galapagos Islands And
In The Neighborhoods Of Philadelphia.
Absent Interactions With Other Species In The Larger World
Certain Key Characteristics That It Possesses
Were Allowed To Fester Without The Threat From External Influences.
As Long As This Bird Is Never Asked To Fly Outside Of The Environment
That Had Protected Its Entrenched Way Of Thinking - It Will Retain
Its Blue Feet And Small Mind.
We Should Be Focusing On The Bird Keepers That Profit On Its Dung
Which Is A Rich Fertilizer Used To Make Gardens Grow. 

My view of Philadelphia is from the vantage point of having grown up there during the 1970s and 1980s.  Beyond my surprise of seeing Black people now live where we used to have to avoid lest we get jumped by "White boys" is the lack of wholesale development among the people (in certain communities).

While the downtown commercial district has seen its share of development AND there are various new strip malls that appeared in nearly every community - this still masks a troubling bit of truth.   The PEOPLE in certain communities are suffering from tremendous stagnation.  The lack of employment opportunities and the failure of the school system to provide sufficient thrust upward makes for tough times for classes of people who previously could make their way.

Me and several of my friends left town once we graduated high school and chose to settle elsewhere.   There are plenty of others who went to college - I know none of them who remained within the city limits - having moved to South Jersey, Delaware and suburbs in the northwest of the city.  Still others who did not matriculate on to college scattered elsewhere throughout the community or the city at large.

The key point that must be stressed is that even run of the mill "Black Progressive" Democratic loyalists - when they had to show confidence in the School District Of Philadelphia where their own children had to "eat their own dog food" chose to depart.   When I coined the term "Black Flight Progressive" - it was significantly based on what I saw happening among my college educated Black friends in Philadelphia (and Atlanta) who voted no confidence in the MACHINE that they were largely responsible for putting into power concerning the education of their own children.

Keep in mind that the city of Philadelphia faced a tremendous amount of "White Flight".   This was called "RACISM" - as "The Whites" chose to exit, allowing the communities that surprise me about their present composition to change as such.   Rest assure that no such analysis will be assigned to the motivations of Black Flight Progressives.

 Former Mayor John Street Attacks Mayor Nutter
John Street's Neighborhood Transformation Initiative helped blighted neighborhoods but, at the same time, Philadelphia's middle class neighborhoods were being decimated by the expansion of Section 8 and the non-regulation of absentee landlords. The resulting exodus to the suburbs of anyone who could afford to leave will be a hard fix, and when firefighters and police, long a stabilizing factor in Philadelphia neighborhoods, are no longer required to live in the city next year, we could see yet another exodus.

My goal is to provide that analysis.


The Black Flight Progressive enjoys the ability to ride the wave.  He remains "down" with the sentiments in the Black Community as he continues to vote for Democrats - even in his new community.  He lives in an area that is dominated by his ideological enemy.  He is a consumer of the environment that his ideological propensities has proven incompetent at developing and sustaining.

The challenge IS NOT FOR HIM TO VOTE REPUBLICAN.   Instead the real challenge is for the "Black Flight Progressive" to go against the "Black Racial Services Machine", forcing them into a structure where they are no longer allowed to use our people for their political schemes, only to leave us UNDER-DEVELOPED despite having taken over many of the key "Human Resource Development Institutions" that they promised would lead to our uplift.

Yet Another Chance To Assess The Character And Integrity Of The Black Press

At this point I work with the assumption that the vast majority of operatives within the Black press would choose to be silent and accept the framing of the conditions for education in Massachusetts that were presented by Mayor Nutter to the satisfaction of the Black crowd who ingested them than they are inclined to provide any sort of rebuttal - for the sake of TRUTH.     In listening to "Black-wing Talk Radio" I have learned that it is far more important to forge "Black congregational unity" than it is for the host who is charged with orchestrating such unity to provide correction IF such correction would force him to go against the grain.

How many times has Rachel Maddow done her "Blue State good / Red State bad" comparisons?  Who would have "thunk" that when the one time in which "the bad guy" is from a liberal northern blue state - THE ENTIRE STATE would need to accept the punch in the scrotum.

The chart above, from the venerable source of news that operates with the highest level of integrity - The Huffington Post - ironically shows that the state of Massachusetts is on of a handful of states that has a "Best In The US" ranking.  Pennsylvania - Mayor Nutter's state, by comparison is rated as "Average" - just like Georgia, Florida and Tennessee.

While, of course, Mayor Nutter should be held accountable for stringing together a list of bullet points that successfully convinced "The Black" that - IRONICALLY - the state of Massachusetts has an educational system as screwed up as the one in Philadelphia that they are familiar with the ultimate blame about the entire series of events must be placed upon the network of forces who PURPORT to have the best interests of the "appeased Blacks in the crowd" in mind.  Those who have presented themselves as the "Protectors Of The Black Community Interests", leveraging their claimed "No Permanent Friends, Only Permanent Interests" should have already written articles scrutinizing the claims of the Mayor Of Philadelphia because their interests in educating THE LEAST OF THESE is ultimately more important than protecting powerful elected men like Nutter, Williams or Obama.

Sadly this is not the case.

From first hand experience I can attest that the "Philadelphia Negro"is in his 4th phase of a struggle for "education and access".
  1. Arrival into the city, largely from the South, received into highly segregated neighborhoods
  2. The Struggle for access into quality educational facilities and political power
  3. The attainment of the desired political power and control over the key institutions
  4. The present grievances over the stagnated economic and educational conditions for Black people 
The story today about "The Philadelphia Negro" is one of SUCCESS in the terms of "The Struggle" that he was compelled to focus upon (placing favorable people into power).  Yet he has frustration over the elusive benefits that he was to personally receive as a result of "The Struggle"
  • Economic Prosperity within the City
  • Safe Communities within the City
  • Quality Educational Environments within the City

During my walking tour of the key shopping districts in West Philly back in 2011 I noticed that the key community level political conflicts were over a new generation of "community activists" seeking to purge the old generation of "elected city councilmen and ward leaders" out of power because they were seen as out of touch, having failed to move the communities forward sufficiently.

In Philadelphia, as is the case in so many other 'Mission Accomplished Cities' what appears to be revolutionary struggles for power, as a new body of thought with energy seeks to take over - must actually be understood as a 100% Democratic Party and Progressive-Fundamentalist battle between cliques.   The "punishment" for failing to develop the Black community is the threat of being replaced by a like-minded person who tells you that "You didn't FIGHT hard enough for the Black Community".   In the past when there were White folks Republicans around in the city (except they were not Republicans - as most Whites in Philly have always been Democrats) this indictment had the sufficient amount of gravitational pull to prompt people into action.

Today Philadelphia has a favorable balance of power and has implemented many of the public policies that were reasonably attainable - to the delight of the activists.  The present constraint is MONEY.  There was "too much social justice left to be done at the end of the money".

The most ironic point about Mayor Nutter's assessment of Mitt Romney's Massachusetts is that Nutter himself had to perform massive cuts and layoffs.  He can claim that his INTENTION was different than the "preemptive efficiency" performed by Romney which cut off certain workers and forced certain costs to be borne by constituents.   I ask - What does INTENTION matter when your eroded financial condition because you evaded such tough management decisions had you to perform the same layoffs?

The state takeover of the Philadelphia Public Schools took place in the context of this type of thinking.  With the results being superior than the intentions - an outside authority with a constitutional manage to educate the children in the state decided to remove the Philadelphia school board due to their incompetence at performing their tasks.

Do not look through the pages of "Black Press" in which they call Mayor Nutter (and the machine that runs Philly) out for this outrage.

I told you before, the Black Press itself practices "Keep Your Enemy On Trial So You Don't Have To Indict Your Friends".     As such they are likely proud of Mayor Nutter for achieving such enthusiastic cheers from the crowd of Black people who congregated around him in this West Philly venue.

I would not be surprised if the Black Press were the ones who provided Mayor Nutter with the opposition research on Massachusetts, leveraging the databases that their corporate owned media venues provide for them.

If you ever want to understand why "The Blacks" within the neighborhoods of Philadelphia are stunted in their economic and academic growth - you must understand the schemes by which they are made pacified, seen protecting "Obama's Turf" instead of THEIR OWN PERMANENT INTERESTS.

Nothing Is Going To Change Until The PEOPLE Within Our Community Change

Until YOU TELL the people that you have invested in what you NEED and WHAT YOU ARE WILLING TO DO to assist in making it happen - reset assure that you are going to find yourself in the same condition - 50, 100, 200 years from now.  

That is UNLESS the ecosystem within which your are isolated from living in the direct consequence of your FRAUD comes to a fiscal collapse and then you will be WISHING that you had built up the system with the necessary integrity to support your long term aspirations.

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