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How Black Traditional Marriage Squares With "The Black (Progressive) Agenda" Presented By MSNBC - Moving Black America Forward To The Polls To Vote For Our Salvation As A Community

I scrambled what was built up to be an on-line battle greater than Pacquiao vs Mayweather with great anticipation.   Christian warrior Sophia Nelson against Christian warrior Michael Eric Dyson, battling on the subject of the radical reinterpretation of traditional marriage.

MSNBC - "The Black (Progressive) Agenda Network - Building A Stronger (Progressive) America" was the promoter of the battle and the primary beneficiary of the purse.

What I watched triggered me to start cursing at the television and then I had to ask "My Jesus" for forgiveness for my actions, with the hopes that I might change my ways in the future.

The Operatives
The Score Card
MSNBC - The Network Of "The Black (Progressive) Agenda"

The Auxilliary to MSNBC - presenting "Black News" in a manner that is favorable to the PRESENT CONSCIOUSNESS of Black People  -but NEVER to challenge the status quo WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY, with the hopes that WE MIGHT CHANGE so that BETTER OUTCOMES might be had among our people.

Instead The and its sister site The (Owned by the Washington Post Co) has its primary purpose to retain the BLACK CONSCIOUSNESS fixated into the 'American Political Domain' as it functions as the Progressive Team in the "Malcolm X Political Football Game".

The greatest coup of The - as the tag line below its logo (below) indicates - is that it is a perfect example of how the "Corporate Media" has been able to co-opt and thus compromise the conscious thinking of Black Americans by hiring "Paid Blacks" to give credibility to an effort that is primarily meant to stream propaganda into the Black community - using Black faces with a favorable ideology to mask their real agenda.

OUR STORIES - committed to the "oral" expression of the operatives assembled by MSNBC and The become detached from any LARGER, COMPELLING goal for the Development of the Black American community and the Global Black Diaspora - and instead is made into mere pass plays in the "Malcolm X Political Football Game"

With the advent of this new, electronically enabled "Black Press" - the fraud and corruption of the "LampBlacked Yellow Journalism Black Press" has never been more sharpened as a tool to manipulate our people into VOTING - when VOTING as a means of salvation for our community - is the worst possible thing per the EMOTIONAL ATTACHMENT that operatives assembled by MSNBC are provided unchecked access to the "Black Community Consciousness Nucleus" - as sanctioned by the Embedded Confidence Men - who have been given OPPORTUNITY but have never asked WHY they prove to be so valuable to the executives at NBC and TO WHAT END they are being asked to serve.

Just As No State Flag Will Ever Hang Above The American Flag,
The MSNBC Logo Is Positioned Higher Than The Logo Of Its Black Progressive Auxiliary 
The "Paid Black Progressive Staff Members" Are Just Happy For The Opportunity To Wage A Fight Against Their Common Conservative Enemy

As Such NO STORY That Ever Appears On The Grio/Root/Voices Will Ever Fundamentally Question The Legitimacy Of Anyone Who Works For These Employers To Represent Themselves As Advancing "The Black Agenda".
The Police Authorities Would Be Called To Remove "The Occupiers" (Just Like Dr Mary Frances Berry Did To The Protesters Outside Of  The Offices Of Pacifica)
When You Know Your Place - You Learn Not To Push Too Hard

If the GOAL was the "Development Of Black People" - we would be DEVELOPED or you'd hear more criticism of those who RECEIVED OUR INVESTMENTS but shortchanged us - coming through the streaming propaganda from The  This is NOT what they were EMPLOYED to do.

Ed Schultz - BFF w/ Chauncey DeVega
In The Context Of A Great Debate Over A Key BLACK COMMUNITY INSTITUTION
The White Progressive Cheshire Fox Is Heard Asking About The Impact Of The Division WITHIN THE NEGRO COMMUNITY....................ON THE PRESIDENT'S POLL NUMBERS
The More SHAMEFUL Part About It Is That He Has Trained His Embedded Black Fox Confidence Men - To Ask The Same Questions About HOW THE NEGRO WILL VOTE ON HIS WAY TO THE BLACK COMMUNITY'S SALVATION - The "Promised Land" That Is Always ONE ELECTION VICTORY AWAY

Ed Schultz - along with MSNBC should be credited.
After studying (as I am doing) "What Makes The Black Political Consciousness Tick" - Mr Schultz has grown to understand that INDEED there "Black people are 100% equal to White people".    In his case - we can be manipulated by the same populism and hatred that White people can be riled up into action with.   With such a consensus "hatred" is transformed into resolve.

Mr Schultz is one of the experts in the tactic of "Keep Your Enemy On Trial So You Don't Have To Indict Your Friends".

He makes frequent use of the "bigoted, hate-filled' rants that his Right-wing, Conservative Wolf brothers are called "Racist" for doing, except he receives cover from those who reserve the right to make RACIAL INDICTMENTS because his hatred is done within the context of "the ends justifying the means".

IF there was a greater commitment to transparency within the Black community then the model that is contained in the statement "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere" would have more Black Progressives calling out the "Ideological Profiling" that is the trademark of Mr Schultz - as they see that ACCURATE MODELING of threats is in the greater long term interests of a well governed Black community than is the feeding of "Self-Chum" to Black people - in line with our present preferences per our present consciousness about ourselves.

Schultz has no intention what so ever to improve the Black community or the Working Class by challenging the assumptions of what this ESTABLISHMENT MACHINE has sold to these groups for more than 90 years.   HE IS the voice of the "Progressive Establishment".   As it takes over an increasing amount of institutions (beyond the "Mission Accomplished Cities" that it already dominates) - Mr Schulz's role is to keep the UNION looking past the results that have been achieved in their strong holds, keeping the masses focused on where the ideological enemy has retreated to and upon their plans to retake the ground that they have lost.

Do not be fooled by the RACIAL diversity.
It is IDEOLOGICAL BIGOTRY that is at play.

More than the compelling account of his testament to "riding on the Black bus" during the Jim Crow segregation era is his plan to pack Negroes today into the bus that he is driving - so more of us will take our eye's off of our PERMANENT INTERESTS that have not been delivered - despite our emotional investments in the team.

The fact that "The Black Agenda" was hosted by Ed Schultz should provide everyone who is watching a sufficient index of how askew the "Black Consciousness" about itself has been co-opted.

Sophia Nelson of The and Jet Magazine - Former Republican who is now a "Prodigal Daughter" that has "come back home" Ms Nelson bases her opposition to Same Sex Marriage on "Jesus".
The main flaw in this line of argument, that she appears not to see, is that those who are on the opposing side of the battle "Have Their Own JESUS".

Regardless of how "Bibled Up" Ms Nelson comes to the debate - her debate adversary will resort to tactics such as:

  • Using the bible to detail instructions from the past that she would find unacceptable to today's standards - and then ask "IF you have COMPROMISED YOURSELF on these instructions.............then WHY do you oppose what I support, but for your BIGOTRY?
  • When pressed - begin talking about what JESUS DID NOT specifically PROHIBIT as grounds for their justification
Finally - Ms Nelson's argument cannot rebut a group of African-Americans who say "FINE - you base your prohibitions based on CHRISTIANITY - I am not a CHRISTIAN.   This racist, oppressive religion was used to justify slavery of the African will have no bonds upon me.   MY religion is Secular Progressivism and 'My Jesus' is just fine with radically transforming the idea of marriage because it expands SOCIAL JUSTICE that has been denied classes of people that your Christianity has oppressed".

Ms Nelson was worried more about Dyson calling her names, and achieving an apology from her dear friend and "Brother In Christ" than she could bring herself to see that Dyson cares more about HIS IDEOLOGY than THEIR FRIENDSHIP lest he would not have called his "sister" a Redneck.   Surely Ms Nelson has learned from what they did to progressive stalwarts - West and Smiley?

Clearly Ms Nelson needs to reappraise the state of her relationship with her dear friend, making note of the bonds that are present that might cause Dyson to yield out of deference to HER interests rather than a "Scorched Earth" policy.

You don't step on a Progressive-Fundamentalist's "religion" without causing him to rile in pain and strike out violently over your offense.

A Black Progressive-Fundamentalist's ideology is akin to the land in Israel - he will fight to "stand his ground", regardless of the loss of the damage to the interests of the Black Community that comes in its wake.

AFTER The Age Of Barack And Michelle Obama - I hope to see Ms Nelson grow in her wisdom to see that the Democratic Party ultimately has the very same goals as the Republican Party that she vacated some years ago BUT has one point of distinction that must be noted:   The Democratic Party has successfully enveloped the "Black Community Development Consciousness" to the point that operatives who pretend to be carrying out the "Black (Progressive) Agenda" are merely defensive linemen in the "Malcolm X Political Football Game".

IF they were indeed working to DEVELOP the Black community they would have FIRED those forces who received the nearly 50 years of investments of "Equal Black Ballots" only to come up far short in their accounting of the return on investment received by the Black Community.

Happiness that the Democrats beat the Republicans IS NOT "Pro-Black".  Ms Nelson only needs to return to our common home town of Philadelphia to see that a Democratic Monopoly does not equal "Advancement Of The Black Permanent Interests".
Instead it usually foretells of the "Black Progressive Passover", the spiking of any core indictments with the intention of running out of office those who have failed Black people.  Instead The Grio and The Root will tell the Black community the consequence of such a dismissal is that the Republicans will return back into power.

Dr Michael Eric Dyson Dr Michael Eric Dyson told of his intentions to vote for President Obama again in the 2012 Elections ...........................back in February 2009 on his radio program - less than one month into Obama's presidency.

As Long As Today's Negroes Are Impressed With My Skills Of Elocution They Won't
Notice My Lack Of Intellectual Consistency And Criticism Against Tupac's Violent, Misogynist  Lyrics Or The Imperialist Actions Of The Sitting Commander In Chief Which Violate The Principles Of Non-Violence And

Instead They Will Be Enchanted By My Eloquent Narrative Which Makes Them Believe
That They Are Still Damaged By Slavery And Thus Nothing That 
Any Black Progressive Elected Official Or Entertainer Does Will Ever Approach 
The Damage That A White Person Who Committed The Same Offense 
When They Had Power.   As An Author Of History Myself - I Merely Need To
Tell Ask My Audience "If These Present Military Actions Of Obama Or The Words Of Hip Hop Are As Offensive As When
White Conservatives Did The Same Thing......... Why Would Conscious Progressives
Still Vote For Such A Person Or Purchase Their Music?   
We Would Be Offended If This Was The Case".  Case Closed.

The essence of the intellectual fraud espoused by Michael Eric Dyson is that all the while he is demanding that WHITE RACISTS put aside their bigotry against President Obama's skin color - it is the IDEOLOGICAL bigots such as Dyson who can't put aside their own bigotry and scrutinize Obama and the large and growing "Progressive Establishment" that has made great gains by attrition over the past 50 years.

The reference from Dyson's book "Can You Hear Me Now" in which he measures the distance between Martin Luther King Jr and President Obama focuses on the "quantum leap in racial progress".    Had Dyson sought to be consistent with his meme of ideological indictments he would make note of the changes in BLACK PEOPLE since that time.

Despite the fact that the Black Racism Chasers seeking to live vicariously through President Obama, casting the questions of his citizenship to that of a young Black male being thrown on the hood of a police cruiser and asked for photo ID and questioned - "Why are you here" - Dyson can't bring himself to admit that Commander In Chief Barack Obama has the full faith of the US Imperialistic Empire - and that he wields the power to order every air strike upon nations of color.

As a gifted elocutionist Dr Dyson understands that his job is to cherry pick the content of his "Free Style Gangsta Rap" which edify the INDICTMENTS that he wishes to make against his ideological enemies.   Likewise he must avoid talking about "his own mamma" in the open mic.  The question of "Would Martin Luther King Jr order drone strikes to advance the interests of the American/Western European Empire" or "Can A Black President Execute A White Supremacist Foreign Policy" is NOT going to receive processing time in Dr Dyson's intellectual CPU.

Dr Dyson is one of the many erudite social progressives who have no intention of allowing "Injustice Everywhere" to derail their domestic 'Social Justice Agenda".  Obama can be forgiven for triggering protests around the world from the people who received American munitions.
There is a greater chance to hear Dyson's voice on the matter IF these protesters burn the BLACK American President in effigy.  They will be called RACISTS for burning a Black man - just like the Klan did back in the day.

All of this brings me to my main indictment against the intellectual musings of Dr Dyson:
When I say "HE" I am speaking of his ideological package of thoughts.

Whereas the entrenched Right-Wing/White Racist establishment in America is to be damned for fielding a governing machine that necessarily inferiorized the concerns of non-White and female and non-Christian interests, allowing a homogeneous brand of establishment power to grow strong at the expense of others - Dr Dyson and the other Progressive-Fundamentalists should be understood as NOT having the "Boil The Ocean" , lack of confinement and naivete that many assume about "Hopeless Progressives".

Instead they are acutely focused upon their prize - ascension to the top of the AMERICAN DOMESTIC RUNGS OF POWER.

The previous talk of:

  • Illegal Wars
  • Torture
  • CIA Molestation of other nation's interests 
  • American Imperialism
are all merely INDICTMENTS used against the IDEOLOGICAL ENEMY when he is in power.

This all proves that Progressivism Is In-Organic.   It is an INDICTMENT based meme - all for the purposes of "Keeping The Enemy On Trial" as inhumane and bigoted so that a more favorable type of bigotry might assume power.

My central criticism about Dr Dyson's opinion on the radical redefinition of traditional marriage is that, in his slick talking he has summarily shifted the STRUGGLE from THE ATTAINMENT OF MATERIAL ADVANTAGE FOR OUR PEOPLE over to perpetual notions of EQUALITY.

In my above example of AMERICAN IMPERIALISM - we see that Dr Dyson (and his ideological soul mates) are indeed NOT students of PEACE AND LOVE.  You will find no Negroes chaining themselves to the rod iron bars that surround the grounds of the White House in opposition to American Imperialism  - while Barack, Michelle, Sasha and Malia have been residents there.

Instead we have an "Occupation" - that Dyson and others are "down with" - as long as it protests AROUND Obama - pretending that he is not centrally marinated into the SYSTEM that they are protesting.   They have convinced themselves into believing that Obama is "The Spook Beside The Door" , "The Inside Man" who has the POSITION and POWER to implement the Progressive reforms that they desire.   Obama, in their view, is Bayard Rustin's dream come true.  The man atop the heap who is going to advance PROGRESSIVE PUBLIC POLICY.

Unlike Rustin's former leader - Dr King - they have no intention what so ever to go against the establishment power for its deeds around the world, necessarily threatening the DOMESTIC SOCIAL JUSTICE strategy in the process.

The primary proof of the cognitive dissonance expressed by Dyson and the Black Progressive-Fundamentalist establishment is that they fail to see that OBAMA IS NOW SITTING IN THE "JOHNSON CHAIR" and that THEY are now sitting in the MARTIN LUTHER KING CHAIR - needing to push back upon the AMERICAN POWER - showing that they cannot be bought.

Today MSNBC has purchased the Black Political Consciousness for projection into the Black Community, providing husbandry service for the Black community understanding of all that is happening around us.  While the average Black person - per our prevailing consciousness sees MSNBC (and Washington Post and NY Times and Huffington Post) as being CONNECTED with the popular views held among Black people - most can't bring themselves to see - that NONE OF THESE BLACK VOICES have any intention of going against the BLACK RACIAL SERVICES MACHINE - which has collected the monopoly balance of our "Black Community Development Consciousness and Hopes' for more than 50 years - only to have us standing where we are at present.
Constructive Feedback Analysis

The Only Way FORWARD

  • What Is The Desired STANDARD OF LIVING That The Black Community Desires?
  • How Many PROFESSIONAL SERVICES AGENTS are necessary to support this standard within our communities - in line with the scale of the demands?
  • What type of FINANCIAL AND ECONOMIC infrastructure is necessary within to support these goals?
  • Of the present HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTIONS (schools, churches, community centers)  within the Black Community - what is the necessary governance and operational requirements for them to serve their proper purpose for the development of our people - with the SCALE and COMPREHENSIVENESS that is needed to achieve this end?
  • What are the SOCIAL and CULTURAL and SPIRITUAL CONSTRUCTS that are necessary for the people who are interested in DEVELOPMENT to adopt, in order to achieve CONGREGATIONAL UPLIFT?
  • Where do BLACK MALE / BLACK FEMALE RELATIONSHIPS fit within the larger context of our BLACK COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT GOALS?   Is our foundation strong enough to handle the load of what we intent to BUILT ATOP OF THIS STRUCTURE - or it is already collapsing due to its asymmetric disorder? 
  • Where are the  INSTITUTIONAL PROHIBITIONS that protect the PEOPLE FROM THEMSELVES as MAJORITY WILL, unbound upon anything other than selfish interests causes the people to feed upon their own Permanent Interests, failing to obtain them?
  • As we shift the dimensions of what is done in the context of AMERICA - can any other DIASPORIC aggregation of Black people adopt this operating order from the Black American and leverage it for their own development OR is the IN-ORGANIC nature of what the American Negro has adopted merely a consequence of his presence WITHIN the "Belly Of The Beast" - incompetent at developing anyone who falls outside?

The last 3 bullet points show the key weakness of Dyson's agenda - which is in fact the "Black Progressive Agenda" of today.

Take away a larger purpose for living and we see an increasingly MARGINAL struggle for "EQUALITY" being promoted as ADVANCEMENT.

Dr Dyson is INCOMPETENT at fielding a strategy in which the Black Community (or "The Least Of These" - race being irrelevant") can be made to grow strong (and equal) with their primary propulsion source being the INSTITUTIONS that they have won control over in their PAST STRUGGLE.

Since Dr Dryon's ultimate agenda is POWER and not DEVELOPMENT - he is not compelled to be bound by any larger measurement of his EFFECTIVENESS, which might force him to ponder the PROPORTIONAL benefit of his "scheme de jour".  Instead the term that I have coined - "The Progressive Base Hit" in which the base can be made to cheer the "3 am Phone call" is most important to people who have such an agenda.

The problem is that they are seen cheering as the ROOF IS ON FIRE.   
With the ironic point that each incremental victory places them into a more entrenched position of the "Establishment Power" - their use of "Establishment Power Repudiation" in which they claim that they do not yet have the POWER to be held accountable for the RESULTS that are presently seen - merely serves as the self-indulgent, circular reference that captures my observation that "Progressivism Is IN-ORGANIC".   It cannot stand alone - without an enemy to lodge protests against - all for the sake of CONGREGATIONAL UNITY IN STRUGGLE.

Absent the consciousness of the ECONOMIC CONSEQUENCE of one's ideology that is based upon notions of "SOCIAL JUSTICE" and the outsourcing of agency outward to the target of one's protests - the boundary that is typically present as a limiting agent is removed - allowing the "Permanent Struggler" to be seen as a hero - as the vines of anarchy and dystopia form at the base of one's feet.

Take away the primary function of the structural integrity of one's conscious culture - allowing the debate on "rights" or "religious dogma" to take its place - and we merely debate the terms by which our slide toward serfdom is transacted.

Without the central mandate for COMPETENCY DEVELOPMENT WITHIN THE PEOPLE - we will be seen walking a constant struggle to be SERVICED as the primary means of achieving the standard of living.  The only question that will remain at a certain point of desperation is "At what point do you reach the line that you are NOT willing to cross, after having compromised yourself?".   

Indeed people are watching your every move.

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